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Arlington Cottages and Townhomes

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Feb 2019: One of the newer properties, but poorly built. Management is not great either as you really have to push for updates. I've been w/ Arlington for over a year and both my units have flooded. I was out of town for a week and reported a water leak before leaving. I get back and my unit is trashed, covered in sheet rock, windows opened and lights left on. Cleaning a unit caked in sheet rock really was the highlight of my night. The work done was also half-baked as I still had to have buckets strategically positioned to catch waterfall. Be sure to keep documentation of any communication you have w/ Arlington. It's been a process having to argue w/ them as communication from front desk and back-office do not align. I had my keys and paperwork delivered to front desk by the 12pm deadline, but incurred penalties b/c it wasn't processed/handed to the Review from Google
Jan 2019: I wish there was a 0 star button. Absolutely terrible place! Will fool you.... do not listen to them. It is sickening Review from Google
Oct 2018: It would take me hours to tell you all the troubles I've had with this place. Management, particularly Rachel, is never available. I don't get return calls. Barely get answered emails. Thank God I saved the the emails I have received, along with receipts and pictures. She wouldn't talk to me but a lawyer will. I will not allow them to continue doing what they do and make my child pay for it. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Would not recommend living here. This is my second year in my apartment. Do not get me wrong, the first year was great! Barely had any problems last year and decided to renew my lease. On the other hand, this year has been a nightmare thus far. We have had ongoing pest problems and have requested roughly 5 times for them to come spray for bugs, yet nothing has been done. Our maintenance request each time says they have been completed but we have sat here all day waiting while nobody shows up. For the past month, our hot water goes out on a weekly basis yet they take several days to show up to fix it, leaving us showing in the cold all weekend or at other people's apartments. Nobody seems to care when we have any problems with our apartment and our monthly bill seems much higher than other apartment complex's in the area. Hopefully they look in Review from Google
Sep 2018: I caution anyone to move into the apartment complex. Not only was the electrical not wired correctly upon move in, the pool, sauna, and other amenities were constantly down for repairs. The staff is rude, and overall not helpful. Many break-ins occurred within the complex. So apartment safety is a concern. If you expect your deposit back - you are dreaming. There is no normal wear and tear. To touch up a bedroom is $110. I have never lived in a state that repairs cost so much. I have lived in several states around the U.S., so I can honestly say - something is amiss. Definitely look to other communities - there are several nicer ones close by. FYI - during game days, you can not get home due to traffic contraflow. So be prepared to have a late night or stay in. Save yourself some aggravation and live somewhere else. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I have lived in Arlington for about 4 weeks now and already have had major issues. First when we moved in our A.C. and garbage disposal was broken. The side with the disposal was also clogged. They did fix our A.C. at a good time but our sink has yet to be fixed. It is clogged with nasty things and almost floods when we run the dishwasher. They emailed us saying they fixed it, but it is still clogged. Also when they came in to our cottage they locked the two downstairs bedrooms. One had my roommates keys in them and she had to go to work. When she called to get her room unlocked they girl at the front desk was extremely rude about it. We have not had any good experiences with Arlington thus far and will probably not be renewing our lease next year. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Consider living anywhere but here. This place is awful. Our wifi goes out every few weeks and we were told to just trip the breaker to improve the connection instead of them fixing the actual problem. We've had things go missing from our apartment and there are no cameras or security anywhere so nothing can be done. A pipe busted on the second floor and leaked into the living room through the ceiling. It was never fixed properly and the watermark in the ceiling was never even addressed by maintenance. A couple months later the pipe busted again and maintenance has still not completely repaired all of the damages. Our dryer doesn't properly ventilate so there is a giant watermark in our kitchen as well. This was brought to maintenance's attention and we've been having a semi-patched up hole in our kitchen for a few weeks. It seems as though the Review from Google
Jun 2018: Its not that hard to please college students yet every time I turn around something is going wrong in my house and the maintenance team is unqualified to properly fix any of it. The pool is their number one selling point but they cant figure out how to keep it clean or a presentable color. The grills are a great commodity but always dirty or broken. The on-site Officer is used as their personal bully and free lance watch dog. He has no legal basis to impede on the lives of the residents he picks on. I have not only heard but seen him with my own eyes, improperly use his "power". Arlington needs to shape up before they lose even more residents or better yet, get intertwined in a legal battle regarding their violation of residents' rights using a BR police officer who does nothing but terrorize. Review from Google
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Jun 2018: Students should be treated with respect and there safety should be the top priority for management.There onsite policemen officer Donald Steele, who has been suspended for racially charged comments, has repeatedly abused his position at Arlington. I can’t understand how they employ a racist who also has a proven track record of using excessive force. I realize the manager is black and that officer Donald Steele is black, but White folks do not have a monopoly on racism. The manager does appear to be smitten by him, but keeping a racist around all those college students and also having the power to arrest is unsafe and just plain wrong!!! If the roles were reversed and he was a white man suspended from the Baton Rouge police force over racial issues he would be instantly fired. I ask the same treatment be given to him. Google “ Donald St Review from Google
May 2018: Nice amenities, I live in a 4 bedroom townhouse and I love it even though the bedrooms are small. However, there is a lack of communication between Arlington and its residents. Also get used to the smell of dog poop outside and construction all over. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I live in a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom townhome at Arlington. The amenities are nice but as a graduate student in STEM I will say that this place is not ideal for studying. It gets pretty noisy in the weekends or on Thursday nights. I've had 2 fights happen outside of my bedroom window happen since I've lived here. This place is geared towards a younger crowd. The kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! The living room is pretty standard but I love the hardwood flooring downstairs! The bedrooms are also VERY small I have a queen sized bed, a dress, and a nightstand and that is ALL I can fit into the bedroom. The bathroom is a tight fit as well but it's okay. I also don't like the fact that there is no community bathroom downstairs for guests if you decide to have anyone over. They must go upstairs into your bedroom to use the restroom. I think the pool and game room Review from Google
Jan 2018: management employees a security guard wether knowingly or not that has been suspended by the baton rouge police department for racist remarks, his name is Donald Steele. Upon hearing of harsh tactics used by Donald Steele, I did a simple google search and discovered he had been suspended for his actions. In these racially charged times i find it unacceptable for management to employ a security guard that also lives onsite with his history. Mr. Steele who is a black man made these racist remarks towards other police offices and was suspended for his actions. In a community that is predominantly caucasian to have a security officer with these type issues is something that needs to change immediately for the safety of the young students. I ask management to do a simple google search to verify my findings. His suspension was reported in seve Review from Google
Jan 2018: Same old storey, numerous break ins and a total lack of respect of us student residents. manager Scottie White constantly treats the residents like inmates rather then with the respect we deserve as very high rent paying adult tenents, she obviously has disarming for students. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Arlington is the worst off campus apartment complex I've stayed at and that's saying a lot considering I used to live at the Cottages (or now Lodges at 777). The gym is never available because the door does not work. I thought it was my key fob so I went to get it replaced and they told me it was just the door that is broken. Well it has been 6 months since I've moved in and the door has yet to be replaced. So I do not even get access to the amenities that I pay so much for. In addition, there are only 2 thermostats in a 4 person unit, which is very problematic. Also, I get charged a crazy, drastically different amount every month for utilities. Oh and finally, I had 3 packages missing. All 3 were delivered to the front office but every time I go in and ask, they say they do not have them. I have contacted UPS since then and found out they wer Review from Google
Dec 2017: Probably one of the worst off campus student housing options in Baton Rouge. Definitely reconsider a more reputable place for yourself or kids. They’ve gone through more than two managers in a single year. They’re hardly ever on the same page as their residents for there are numerous problems with residents getting their cars towed and outrageous interest fee’s on residents’ accounts ($25 every 5 days is charged to your account on charges higher than $100 dollars). Also, work orders take far to long to complete. Managment seems to be friendly, but they’re hardly understanding. They live by the fine print in the lease you sign, so be sure to read it throughly!! Another thing, there has been constant break-in’s and illegal activity occurring in the Arlington Townhomes and Cottages, which managment sweeps under the rug, on pretty muc Review from Google
Nov 2017: Arlington is perfect in regards to the location, the people that live there, and the staff as well! The pool is beautiful, and the staff genuinely cares; they want to see you happy. Maintenance is great, too! Joe came as early as 8 AM one morning when our water heater started acting up just to fix it. Great experience so far, I definitely recommend living here! Review from Google
Jul 2017: The stay was rocky from start to finish, but at no fault to the leasing staff. In the beginning, the apartments had a lot of maintenance issues despite being brand new, but that's expected with every new complex. Once those were handled, the only reason I leave a four star review instead of a five, is the fellow residents and roommates. They do a bad job roommate matching, often pairing you with totally incompatible people. If you come here, bring your own roommates and be ready for hefty costs. On the plus side, free utilities and internet balance the expense. The pool and gym are very well designed and the club house is phenomenal. I've also never seen a more responsive and busy maintenance team, props to them. The biggest mention, however, is the property manager, who despite only just recently arriving, has worked with both me and my girlf Review from Google
Oct 2016: Arlington is definitely the best apartment complex in BR. The only flaw is it is around a mile from campus, but the bus comes every 15-20 min. The pool and club house are amazing as promised and the cottages are sound and Maintenance,when needed, is very efficient. Review from 10/14/16 on Google

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