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Oct 2019: Alright helped my basketball find housing when we couldn’t find any. The staff was amazing and very helpful. I recommend Alight for future residents and any sports teams looking for group housing. 5 stars! Review from Google
Oct 2019: Great hospitality! Great staff! I love the engagement the complex has with the residents! Very clean and quiet and affordable! I would recommend this place to any college student Review from Google
Oct 2019: I’ve been living at this apartment complex for 2 years and I have absolutely no complaints! The staff made the transition from moving off campus into a real apartment super easy for me. What i love best about my apartment is the space, elevated ceiling, and the amazing low price. What I love best about the property is the awesome amenities and the elevators. I plan on staying at Alight for as long as possible! Review from Google
Sep 2019: This complex honestly is a hidden gem for the price and location. To me location is super idea for LSU students being just down the street from campus plus being able to access the interstate is a breeze. My roommate who goes to Southern always talks about how it is so much easier to get to and from the campus since we moved here compared to other complex locations. The building we live in is pretty quiet and clean and the 2 bedroom floorpan is so spacious, we instantly fell in love. The only downside I would give is closet space but that wasn't a deal breaker for me. Loving it so far! Review from Google
Jul 2019: This is a great place to stay, especially for college Students! I only rated a 4 star because the location is not the best area, but there is 24 hour security in case that eases your mind. The workers are professional and the rates here are very convenient, not to mention the longer you stay the more deals you get which decreases your rates! Also, you hv access to a clean gym and computer lab. If you need to have things printed off the office is more than happy to print it for you. I love it here while I’m finishing up graduate school! Review from Google
Jun 2019: Extremely poor management and they lack communication with the residents! You have to harass the front office to get maintenance to come out, and even when they do , they only temporarily fix the problem. They also post absurd charges to your account and won’t bother reversing the charges unless you bring it to their attention. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Extremely poor management and they lack communication with the residents! You have to harass the front office to get maintenance to come out, and even when they do , they only temporarily fix the problem. They also post absurd charges to your account and won’t bother reversing the charges unless you bring it to their attention. Review from Google
May 2019: Nice place to stay, close to campus, & reasonably priced. Review from Google
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Jan 2019: I moved into University Edge in August, and at first it seemed like the perfect place to be until I started having issues that the office had to handle. I had a roommate issue, the office told me and my other roommate that the person would be removed within a week it took almost two months. Then, one of my roommates sublet her room to a person who smokes day and night. I inform the office, the manager himself came to the unit and smelled the substance, they did nothing. I asked that they removed the culprit, they said that they could not remove them at my request, there were protocols to follow. Also I had reported a guy being in the apartment without authorization, another marijuana smoker and the manager removed him, the next week the guy had leased into my unit without any notification. I wanted out of my lease, the manager told me that I c Review from Google
Jan 2019: I really like living here. There was a hiccup when moving in, they placed me in a very dirty, broken apartment with handicap accommodating surfaces, not appropriate for me. However, they immediately showed me a couple other rooms until I felt comfortable, and understood. Also, I lived in University House (sister complex) previously and it was God awful. Rude intrusive maintenance men, Managment came smoke weed in my apartment with my roommate regularly 🙃🙃🙃 etc. So, by comparison, it’s the Ritz Carlton. And staff is very very nice. It’s very clean, and there is always someone to help. 10/10 Review from Google
Jan 2019: And if I could give them zero stars I would. My mom passed away by a car wreck, which made me the legal guardian of my 11 year old brother and my 25 year brother with autism. I explained everything. Even sent my mother’s death certificate and they still wouldn’t let me out of my lease. The walls in the apartment are thin and it takes forever to get matience to come fix it. Cars are ALWAYS getting broken into as well. All in all, don’t stay here! It’s not worth the headache. And the resdiental manager Collin is a coward. Review from Google
Dec 2018: In the hood. Bad neighborhood. wouldn't walk the streets at night alone ladies... Apartment was nice though Review from Google
Nov 2018: Management does not care about their residents! They only care to hear you if you plan on renewing your lease. I went to management regarding roommate issues and nothing was done. Review from Google
Jul 2018: As a over protective parent, I was a bit hesitant in my daughters insistence on moving here. I preferred her to stay on campus. A year later, I can honestly say that these apartments are not bad. Sometimes I would visit the apartments randomly day/night and never I saw or heard anything that would be concerning (in my opinion).The apartments are nice and well spaced out. Nice furniture as well. Security on site is a plus! The complex did have a issue with over flowing trash that I personally witnessed on occasions, but it was quickly resolved. The surrounding neighborhood is far from perfect and I worried non-stop about her safety going to campus. The so called shuttle bus was AND STILL IS a joke! The office staff was a hit or miss. I personally liked Jennifer because she was personal and very professional. She made the sale! There was one o Review from Google
Jun 2018: We really liked our experience at University Edge! The location was great. I personally had a great experience with the manager at UE. The staff was friendly and made us feel at welcomed. I read some negative reviews about maintenance and security after we moved in. As parents, we were grateful to have security on site and my daughter never had any issues with maintenance being handled. It was money well spent and I would recommend UE to anyone. Review from Google
Jun 2018: UEdge is the best all around! Great location and amazing amenities. I’ll definitely be renewing! Review from Google
Jun 2018: The staff at UEdge makes the experience of living here AMAZING! The amenities are amazing and the location is perfect. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place to leave near campus - and it is a MUST that you get one of their t-shirts! It’s my favorite one that I have! Review from Google
Jun 2018: If i could give this place zero stars, I would. I've lived here for two years and have had issues ever since moving in. It started out with some roommates who were less than clean. I had to raise hell for the previous manager to do something about it and get me transferred. In the past, maintenance has knocked once and entered my apartment, not giving me any time to get to the door. Each time I report something to the office, there is always an excuse for the problem. Upon moving to the unit that I stay in now, I've had a leak in the bathroom ceiling. At a time, I had multiple things that needed to be fixed in the apartment and was told I had to put in a service request online for each issue, even though the website was down at the time making it impossible for me to do that. They pressure wash the building at the worst times of day. Some of t Review from Google
Apr 2018: I can't wait to move! Cars are always getting broken into, the dumpster stays overflowing, my air breaks every month, I just can't. P.S. I just read Alec's review and I swear everything that was said is definitely true. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I’d like to start off by saying that I am not one to write bad reviews, or any reviews for that matter. However, the way I have been treated on top of the many bad experiences I’ve had at this place has made me feel obligated to share my experiences so that you can avoid this scam at all costs. Here are some of the reasons you should not live here: 1. They will lie to you. Initially, before move in, I was promised by the lady who gave me a tour of the complex that every time a new tenant signs a lease, the carpet is changed and the walls are completely repaired and repainted before move in. I’m not sure if she was lying to try to get me to sign or if that really is policy and they just dropped the ball. But, when I moved in, my unit was disgusting. The carpet had not been changed as there was hair, trash, and dirt all over the carpet. T Review from Google
Nov 2017: my experience living here has been a dream!! My apt is very nice and i love the amenities. All of my appliances work and are updated. Never had anything break or not work. the office staff helps me whenever I need it. I always get a speedy response. its like everyone in management works together as a team to make sure their residents are happy in every way. I love it!! And i will absolutely recommend this complex to anyone thinking about leasing here! Review from Google
Nov 2017: I love living here. Not only is the property really nice and updated but they are pet friendly with really good grounds to walk my dog and its only a few minute walk to campus :) Review from Google
Oct 2017: I moved in here in august the first day I moved in I found the sofa horrible it had holes and have been ripped up like a dog was living here I asked them two replace it they replaced it two weeks later. But recently I have been fighting the issue with them a fixing my dryer for three months. I've did the worst thing by renewing my lease for next year. They tell you they offer you special rates or get $200 gift card I renewed my lease three weeks ago never received a gift card I should've went with my first mind an moved. Then they over charge you for everything they tell you pay $25 prepaid for electricity when you still receive a bill via email for electricity when I was told the $25 pay for it I would've never did that. Everybody leaves there trash outside but the one time I do it I get fine $8 dollars because I live across from management w Review from Google
Sep 2017: Not a safe environment. I recenly got robbed here. $790 worth of stuff. No one seems to care. I don't feel safe living here anymore. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Lived here for two years, overall it wasn't that bad, but there were some issues. The apartments were pretty nice, with all new appliances, but you can tell that some corners were cut. There were several cracks in the walls and some doors didn't close all the way. The staff were always very nice and helpful, but the elevator was broken for almost six months, which is inexcusable. The dumpster frequently overflowed, which made the parking lot smell pretty bad. There was also a period of time where they removed all visitor parking for no reason, which resulted in some of my friends being towed. It also took them several months to upgrade our cable boxes, so we were without TV for a while, which sucked. The neighborhood isn't very safe, but it is close to campus which is convenient. The rent was pretty reasonable though, and there are definitely Review from Google

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