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Jul 2019: I am not a resident, but I have spent enough time in the apartments to know that if you don't want to have to worry about if the toilet, internet, or air conditioning not working you need to stay away. My friends who lived there had so many maintenance problems and after half a dozen requests to have things fixed, in person and online, only one thing was looked at. It then was "fixed" in the laziest haphazard way that left the apartment in a big mess. The keys to the apartment are also shoddy. On many occasions we were left to see if anyone was home because the key couldn't read. This became a bigger problem once one of the toilets stopped working and we had to use the clubhouse after 11pm. This problem with the key made it so that we could not deal with basic human needs without asking others to let us in. This is only topped by the fact that my friend's key has officially stopped working at midnight of move out day leaving them unable to get into the apartment to finish packing and clean as to avoid fines Review from Google
Jul 2019: If you are thinking of living here, save yourself time, money, and frustration, and do not. Management here has changed 3 times over the course of my two years living here. First off, the rate I was promised was raised because they decided to change it without proper notification. Second, the maintenance is abysmal. Our air conditioner stopped working twice, and when they finally got around to fixing it 3 months later, we were given a single window unit to compensate us. That was not removed after it was fixed, so we got a bunch of dust and dirt in our living room. My roommate has put in 5+ work orders for his toilet to be repaired since March, and they still have yet to fix it. Third, the internet was not fixed for almost all of my stay at Wildwood. It was fixed this June. Fourth, the grounds are not well maintained. If you enjoy the smell and sight of dog excrement, you will be just fine Review from Google
Jun 2019: Poor management. Promised upgraded internet would be ready by January and it was finally fixed in June. Prices are reasonable, but the grounds are not cared for and the amenities seemed to be closed quite often. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Loved it my first year and then somehow ended up paying $100 more my second year here because the lease we signed that “guaranteed” best rate was not for hometowns and no one told us. Somehow they didn’t charge for utilities and now we’re responsible to pay for everything at once. Workers are not helpful and actually rude. Do not sign here Review from Google
May 2019: Awesome amenities and staff! Super friendly with a decent location. Review from Google
May 2019: This has been my second year living at Wildwood and it has been the best place to date. I've read some negative reviews on here and just can't help but disagree with them. No property is ever perfect but this is cutting it very close to perfect. I moved here because the last place I lived at was an unmitigated disaster. Chris Berger, the general manger here, has been the biggest help by far. He's not like many that just sits behind closed doors and watches it hit the fan. You'll regularly see Chris out and about on the property making sure residents are happy. If you want the feeling of home in Lubbock (as a student) than this is where you need to go. And for ALL PARENTS READING THIS, never once did my parents have to get involved with roommate situations, disputes regarding payment or any of the other nightmares parents typically encounter. It's sad for me to move out of here, this will always be a little slice of home to me. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Let's start with this, my 3 roommates and I have had a seemingly pleasant experience overall. The complex is nice, it is furnished with great appliances and furniture, they have discounted rates occasionally, and have many free events and food in their clubhouse for residents. We have also enjoyed having the beautiful courtyard in between our buildings for our dogs to run around and play. However, when first moved in in August of 2018, we had A TON of issues, mainly with maintenance. There were a handful of occasions where maintenance men would let themselves into our apartment with no warning. The men would never have any sort of identification informing us that they worked for our apartment. They often would be exceptionally rude and sarcastic when we (all female residents) would question who they were and why they were letting themselves in our home with no warning or explanation while we were all asleep Review from Google
Apr 2019: Management is abysmal. My apartment’s microwave stopped working a month ago (still not fixed), and I’ve put in countless maintenance requests to have it fixed, gone up to the main office multiple times and every answer I get about it is the same: “just put in another maintenance request”. It took 3 weeks to have our A/C fixed. Our doorknobs stopped working and we would get locked out if we closed the door to the back porch. That took a month to fix too. When I told a staff member that I wouldn’t be renewing my lease, they said “that makes sense, with al the problems you’ve had”. Even staff members know that this place is a train wreck. Any 5 star reviews you see are either employees or miracles that their apartment held up for a year. Review from Google
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Mar 2019: Wildwood is definitely in over their heads as a company. Firstly, the internet is ATROCIOUS. Not only is it excruciatingly slow, but it goes out constantly. We have submitted countless work orders to get it fixed, because it goes out at the most inopportune times. I work from home, and I was unable to work for an entire week. This has gone on since move-in day and the answer we have always recieved is “we’re currently looking into upgrading and fixing the problem.” To put it in perspective, the internet for our entire unit is wired to my closet light switch. The management is also an issue. We have told the front office that we are not resigning 4+ times, one was even a face to face conversation. What was extremely unprofessional is that Wildwood then went to call my family trying to get me to resign. I have never seen a more pathetic business practice. Learn to take no for an answer and instead look into fixing the problems that make people not want to live here Review from Google
Dec 2018: Have been living at Wildwood in a two bedroom since May and I have had so many issues. First I moved into a unit with a girl who wasn’t compatible with me, so I requested a move. They complied but didn’t change my unit information. All my bills say I live in the old unit so when I put in maintenance requests they go to my old unit. As far as maintenance requests go, good luck getting them resolved. My toilet was overfilling for a whole four days before they came by to fix it. They said they couldn’t do anything since it happened over the weekend. My water temperature is very poor. I can only shower with hot water for about five minutes and then lukewarm water for another five minutes. I’ve put maintenance requests for them to fix the issue and they’ve come but the issue still hasn’t been resolved. I have also had electrical issues Review from Google
Dec 2018: Lets start off with the good. The apartments are pretty nice, the staff if really professional, the pool and gym are really nice and you can't ignore the fact that you get furnished units with a good TV included. The major problems I have with this place is that there is dog poop everywhere, so me and my roommates can't hang out on our porch and just walking out of my apartment is a hassle. When I moved in, the bed and all the furniture in my room were really dirty. For about the first month I lived here, the internet was so slow that it was unusable (since then its been a little slow, but good enough to use in my opinion). But God help you if you need to put in a work order for anything... Since I moved in, there was a hole with wires sticking out of my wall next to my bed. I assumed this was where the Ethernet port was supposed to be, I put Review from Google
Dec 2018: The lack of common sense and proper management this complex has is astounding. Overall nice, but its not worth dealing with front office. Review from Google
Nov 2018: So far Living here has been very nice, the common areas are kept very clean and neat, every complaint I have had has been taken care of promptly and the staff are all super nice and helpful. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Im not a person to sit down and write reviews but I think Wildwood deserves one. Initial move in was rough but the original manager did accommodate. My unit wasn't ready at the time of move in and let me just say.. there are still stuff that are not fully painted. I payed for covered parking which is an extra $30 a month and couldn't tow the first couple of months. I never had any issues after the first couple of months and actually kinda enjoyed living here. My second lease is a nightmare. Let me just start off by saying, there is dog poop everywhere. When it rains, it smells horrid. I still pay the $30 every month for a covered parking spot that I don't get to park in. I had brought this to the attention of the office, and all I would get is "we are working on it". It is now the the end of October and Im still paying for a spot that I do Review from Google
Aug 2018: Wildwood has been great! My bedroom is huge and the courtyards are perfect for my dog. My dog is big and most places have breed or weight restrictions and Wildwood doesn't. Review from Google
Aug 2018: These are the fakest reviews I’ve ever seen. Wildwood is just a big lie within itself. On the front page of their website it says 4 min away from campus. Try at the very least 10. The AC doesn’t work half the time and neither does the wifi. Our TV loses signal about every 5 min. The front door isn’t properly sealed and so are the windows so whenever a dust storm comes there is dirt everywhere. Hot tub is green for some reason. The rent is ridiculous. You can’t play more than 1 game of volleyball because the sand is like a damn cheese grater. Just DON’T LIVE HERE!
Apr 2018: Love this place! Tons of green space, gas fire pits and an AMAZING pool! Everything is beautifully maintained and the staff is the best. They are always friendly and available to help. I recommend it to everyone!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Living here has been absolutely amazing! Maintence is super fast and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Ashley is the best and has been super helpful in the whole process. I definitely recommend living here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Wildwood is the perfect place to live in Lubbock! The facility is amazing and the staff members are extremely helpful. I worked specifically with Paisley and she was so nice, knowledgeable, and willing to go above and beyond to accommodate my needs. She is a great employee at Wildwood. If you are looking for an apartment in Lubbock, Wildwood is the place for you! I wouldn’t choose any other apartment complex! Check it out for yourself! I promise you won’t regret it!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: My friends live there and the place is always so nice and clean! The staff is really accommodating and are always super helpful. They also just a dog because their pet fees were so low!!! seriously recommend living here! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Wildwood is a very friendly, and fun place to be! From pool days, to their expansive homework and study area, gym, to letting your dogs play in the large grass areas around the complex. The staff are always more than willing to assist you any way possible! If you haven't seen wildwood Lubbock yet, do yourself a favor and check them out! Review from Google
Apr 2018: High end apartments for a quality price. Perfect for pool days in the summer and long nights around the fire at night! Highly recommend Wildwood if you are looking for a place to call home in Lubbock! Review from Google
Apr 2018: My roommate and I live in a 2 bedroom unit and have been paying $150 in utilities EACH since November. Never in my 4 years of living in Lubbock have I had to pay a total of $300 in utilities... especially when there is already a cap set in place. So, including cap, we have been paying $400 total for utilities. My roommate and I suspect that the bill is ridiculously high due to HVAC issues. When we first moved into the unit during the fall, our thermostat had to be repaired three times. Even now the the thermostat can’t seem to find a medium for normal operation. The air either blows really hot or really cold to keep the house at the required temp. No in between. Management has consistently said that LP&L will come and check the meter to see what’s going on but they have yet to show up. They also said to not pay the utility bill until they Review from Google
Apr 2018: Nice apartments. BAD LOCATION. Every time that the wind is blowing, which is a lot in Lubbock, there will be sand or dirt in your eyes, ears, mouth, apartment. The dirt will be everywhere. Consider a different location to live in lubbock that is not next to a dirt field. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Please save your money and time. Do the apartments look nice? yes, but there is plenty of apartments closer to campus for the same or better price, also BE AWARE : the first semester everything was good with the price that I sign a=in the contract and when the second semester started my roommates and I are getting charge more than $200 of electricity and water to which the manager said that was because of cold weather which is a LIE because we still getting changer more even when is hot outside and we have the AC on. I can't WAIT TO MOVE OUT! also they are charging a lot for cheap apartments Review from Google

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