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University Trails

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Nov 2019: Friendly and helpful staff. Lots of event, coffe machine, gym... Everything you can think of. Review from Google
Oct 2019: haven't had time to write a review since I moved in but here it is. Went on a tour before I signed to live here and when I moved in to my apartment it looks nothing like the model that they showed me. The model has a stack-able dresser, carpet floors, and an updated desk. When I moved in I walked into my room and saw hardwood floors that are scratched, a old black dresser, and a old black desk. If I would have known that this is what I was going to get then I would not have signed a lease here. Definitely do not recommend it. On top of that I had to pay for the month of August even though I was not allowed to move in until the 24th of August. Review from Google
Sep 2019: I'm honestly trying to understand how this apartment even got 4 stars from anyone. Literally the location and volleyball court are the only good things about this place. Slow maintenance service and staff is only nice when you don't need anything from them-- like help from a possible shooter trying to break down the door (this actually happened). Also I happened to always paired with roomates who did cocaine and weed so that didnt really lighten up my personal experience as a non-drug user. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Everything is okay... but I moved in about a week ago. I have already asked twice to have my shower fixed. I STILL cannot take a shower because the drain doesn’t work. The faucet in the bathtub is constantly dripping and the tub was not clean when I moved in. No one has contacted me about this and I am frustrated. Extremely disappointed because I was excited to live here. (Update): I was told that my shower would surely be fixed yesterday (Thursday) after going in for the third time to talk to the front desk. I just got home a few minutes ago to find that my shower has not been fixed. I went in to talk to the front desk again (who was very kind), and was told that maintenance won't get to fixing it until Tuesday now. I still can't shower. I am so disappointed right now. Review from Google
May 2019: Nothing wrong with facilities, rooms are fine, Location is good. Review from Google
May 2019: Nothing wrong with facilities, rooms are fine, Location is good. Review from Google
May 2019: Great place to live , close to campus and amazing staff ! Review from Google
May 2019: Great place to live , close to campus and amazing staff ! Review from Google
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Mar 2019: OK student complex. My daughter enjoyed her time there without incident Review from Google
Mar 2019: OK student complex. My daughter enjoyed her time there without incident Review from Google
Dec 2018: The staff doesn't know anything. Went there a couple of times to transfer over a lease and heard different things from 3 different people. Ended up getting a few days to find someone to fill up the space. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Hey all I lived at U Trails for THREE years and I moved out before this fall. This is what I got out of the three years I was there. It's not fancy it is what it is. Plain and dry no parties at the pool, unless it's hosted by U Trails. That could be a positive or negative the way you look at it. The workers seem to care however, when they change staff they seem to not be on the same page. Then after a month or so everything seems to run smoothly. The maintenance workers take great care of the facility. I would say the best out of any apartment by Tech. I never had any terrible experiences just had to deal with people with bad attitudes which is life so it's ok. Overall not great not awful it's just a school apartment, sorta like jail you do your time then you get out. I would recommend this place if you don't want to deal with parties 24/7 and Review from Google
Aug 2018: Haven’t moved in yet but the day before they send an email saying my move in time is 9am-11am. I live in Dallas. So I can either wait for everyone else to be moved in that day or wait until the next day. It’d be nice if they knew what they were doing and sent out information with appropriate time to plan. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I literally haven't even moved in yet and I'm getting the absolute worst service ever. I had replaced the lease of a friend and was told I would be taking her spot in the room with my other friends. Instead, they ended up putting me in another room with complete strangers and are doing virtually nothing to help me because they are "100% at full capacity". I've even had the girls I was supposed to room with talk to them and they just keep telling us to email other people instead of being able to call someone and resolve the issue over the phone. We haven't even moved in yet and they say they can't switch me into the room that I was told I would be in because it's "not an easy switcharoo and boom we are done". They don't care about the people living there or what they want, they just want numbers to fill in the rooms. I do not recommend this apa Review from Google
Jul 2018: The staff are dishonest and rude they are not helpful. All the things they think about is just filling apartments. Room matching is terrible too and they don"t care residents convenience. The price of electricity is ridiculous. They charge you extra amount every month. I had two roommates here which actually were 4 people because they lived with their friends and I am sure office staff knew about it. They gave my room to other person for next year without telling me and they asked me to renew my contract but when I was in office to sign my contract they told me your space is gone. They behave really rude. I don't recommend this place at all. Review from Google
May 2018: Absolutely disgusting, do not live here. They may be the cheapest alternative to other complexes but there is a reason because they are horrible. The office staff and manager are all very rude, they will dry out your bank account with unreasonable charges for ANYTHING they can try and charge you for, the living space is old and everything will break or be broken, nothing was clean upon moving in, they have a stray cat issue, etc. The "free printing" in the office is always broken and they make you give them paper and think its such a hassle when you ask them to print your things. Are lazy when it comes to getting your package (FedEx or UPS will say the package has arrived and the office will hold the package for at least 2-3 days longer and you need a Trails confirmation email to get it). They will post 20 letters on your door for renewal and Review from Google
Apr 2018: i really enjoy living university trail, not only is it clean place to live but is also closed to campus and since i wake up late everyday i still make it to my classes. the staff here are super freindly and nice people they always help if u have any problem with the complex. i would definitely live again. Review from Google
Apr 2018: They are nice apartment and have great staff who' try their best to make sure everyone is happy here. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Great place to live. Loving every second of it. Definitely going to resign and live here the rest of my college years. Always friendly service and quick maintenance. haven't had any issues. Plus they always have incentives for the residents on finals week. Take good care of the residents Review from Google
Jan 2018: haven't had any issues with the property thus far and have lived here for almost 2 years now. Our work orders have been processed within a reasonable amount of time, and the workers are very respectful and helpful. The location is very convenient with restaurants, Texas Tech University and Walmart all within walking distance. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have had no complaints about living here the past year. The location is extremely convenient, the staff has always been friendly, helpful and worked hard to organize fun social events for the residents, and the quality of furniture, appliances, etc is adequate for most, I actually find the furnishings really nice and in my opinion, most complaints about this facility are from people who are too demanding and picky for what you should expect when in college. UPDATE (1/23/18) I definitely stand by the statements in my earlier review. Additionally, the thoughtful things that the staff do for the residents really makes a nice impression when living here. For example, they have left little bags of candy and treats during finals week and the new semester, which was a very nice gesture! Review from Google
Jan 2018: So far this has been the best complex I have lived at. I have been well informed by the office and it is kept very clean. If I have had any issues or complaints the management has handled it very well and provided me with any help I may have needed. It has been the perfect experience for my last year of college. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The management and staff are excellent. The property is always clean and the amenities are great and used often by residents! I have really enjoyed my time here and would highly recommend this property! Review from Google
Jan 2018: A very awesome place to stay. The staff is very friendly and they are also very understanding. With it being only two blocks away from campus, a street over from Broadway (if you enjoy the nightlife and bar hopping without an Uber) this is the place for you. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I lived here two years. The appliances are very old and need replacing. The office staff needs more professional training. The manager should be fired and sued. Be careful on parking, even in spaces that are not reserved covered parking. You may get towed without warning and have no reimbursement. This happened to one of my visiting friends. I do not recommend this place to others. Review from Google

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