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University Pointe

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Oct 2019: They really care about their residents and always throw events to involve and engage the community. Closest place to campus, safe and always kept clean! Only a 5 minute walk to Tech and all the near by food places. Review from Google
Sep 2019: I have been living at University Pointe for over a month and I have been loving it! There are a lot of activities and opportunities for students to feel welcomed. It is very close to the school so it is easy to just walk through. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for student living in Lubbock!! Review from Google
Sep 2019: UPointe so far has been amazing! The staff is super friendly and helpful. The apartments are close to campus and very convenient. The only downside is that you can hear lots of things through the windows. Review from Google
Aug 2019: This place is literally just the worst. Random fines. Rude management. And their security updated only seem to hinder people who actually live there. Because the homeless dumpster divers still get in with ease Review from Google
Aug 2019: Moved my son from one apartment to another within this complex and I just want to take a moment to acknowledge Justin who works in the leasing office. So helpful and polite and going out of his way to help when mistakes were made on our part! Review from Google
Aug 2019: A very good choice! Maintenance is rapid and responsive. Fantastic location and helpful staff.
Jul 2019: It is the worst place to live in. First of all, the security system is terrible. The gates don't work most of the time, and anyone can enter the property. You can find broken bottles around the property during weekends. It is not clean either, trashes are not picked up routinely and you can see wastes of the pets. The pest control they use does not work, I asked for pest control more than 10 times and still I could find spiders and cockroaches in my room. Do not trust their roommate matching. They never care what you have asked for. They just fill out the spaces and if you face any problem, they do nothing but asking you to wait until your lease finishes. The manager is not helpful at all. My roommates and I had some problems and the manager called me to arrange a meeting, but when I showed up, she refused to see me (which I think is so disrespectful).
Jun 2019: Great place to live! Friendly staff, and helpful maintenance. Review from Google
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Jun 2019: Great place to live for students! Location and staff are friendly, recommend over the avenue where I previously lived. Hot tub nights are the best Review from Google
Jun 2019: Have been a good experience so far. Staff is always at hand to help. Review from Google
Jun 2019: I have loved living here for the last year. Everything is perfect for the price you pay. Maintenance is the best and reply super fast. Review from Google
Jun 2019: 10/10 experience. Fun community! Super nice staff! Only 5 minute walk from campus. Perfect if you’re a student. Hot tub nights 10/10!!! Review from Google
Apr 2019: Expensive fir jo reasons and when you get locked out of your own room you have to pay $25 after office hours for them to open it Be careful because your door may lock itself if you close it carelessly I would not recommend it to anyone Review from Google
Mar 2019: I will not recommend this place. Parent’s this place is so bad about charging overages to the kids every month is ridiculous even during the Christmas break when they were gone from their apartment almost a month, we still had overages. Now, I get a call from a collection place, that we owed on overages for cleaning and they had to replace the blinds in my sons room and believe me there was nothing wrong with the blinds and the cleaning? One of the parents and myself had to clean the inside of the cabinets and the oven AT MOVE IN TIME because it was so dirty, and we didn’t sent them the bill for it we wanted for our sons and daughters to have a clean kitchen. So Parents I would just take that under consideration EXTRA FEES EVERY MONTH AND AT THE END OF THE LEASE. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The walls are so incredibly thin and during winter you might as well buy a heating system for your room Definitely not worth the price. They lie and trick you into getting the “cheapest” price. not worth it Review from Google
Oct 2018: The main reason I wouldn't recommend University Pointe is because of the ridiculous overage charges each month. Every single month we were charged around $30 extra for overages.Their dishwasher was terrible, and they never used it. My son and his roommates moved out in May and we still were charged for June and July overages. I personally helped clean my son's room and the entire kitchen/living room in July because all of his roommates were gone. I cleaned so that it looked better than it did when he moved in! We took down at least 7 bags of trash. We received a letter in the mail stating we owed $85, which included $25 for a bag of TRASH! There were no trash bags! I called and was basically told too bad. If your student lives here, make someone from the office go with you after you clean to move out and video tape it, for sure. Review from Google
Oct 2018: One extra star for the amenities because they were decent. Moving out is a hassle when you get a bill 4 months later for a room that was cleaned, keys given. STAY AWAY! YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THINGS YOU DID NOT DO and then they will say the "time to dispute them has passed". Review from Google
Aug 2018: The manager can’t fill a work order but will charge you for anything. Says she doesn’t want to babysit but rifles through your apartment. The staff rushes you through signing a lease but then will fine you for the smallest violation. Which I hadn’t truly violated. Would gladly have rectified the situation upon request. Would not recommend this place if you value privacy. Contacted the ACC office in Austin and got a nasty voicemail but when I try to call them back during business hours I get no answer. Update: 8/27 Now they comment on this post trying to do damage control after I’ve repeatedly tried to reach out to the customer service but gotten no answer. Amanda Naylor or whoever the manager told me “I have the right to enter your apartment whenever I want, I don’t have to give notice.” And says she’s coming down hard on Review from Google
Aug 2018: Ray, Samuel, and Derek are the absolute best repair guys ever!! So efficient, polite and take care of work orders same day!! So impressed! Review from Google
Jun 2018: This review is lengthy but it is important for any future resident to read on how University Pointe/American Campus tries to take advantage of young college student. For August 2017-2018 my best friend and I decided to move into a two bedroom here. The apartments for show look nothing like the apartments you move into. But for $579 a month, close to campus, and a two bedroom it would work for a year. Now, I did not have a single problem with management for the time I lived there until March of 2018. I had started moving my things out of the apartment into a house. I was continuing to pay rent due to it still being my apartment and I had yet to find someone to sublease. Keep in mind I had not informed management that I was moving because it didn’t matter due to I was still paying rent on my apartment. I had almost fully moved my stuff out of Review from Google
Jun 2018: Good and reasonable place and meets the budget.
Mar 2018: I lived here about a year. I was planning to sublease my apartment and signed a form with them stating that I wanted to sublease. I ended up moving earlier then expected, but left a portion of my belongings behind. Without notifying me (or my old roomate) they entered my apartment and took my remaining belongings and threw them away. when I asked them, I was lied to and told that they were in storage. after inquiring for a long period of time, and yelling, I was informed that they had thrown it out, and that I could not get it back.According to them, Legally, they did nothing wrong, but were only concerned with profit. I am a very upset and would not want ANYONE to sign here. When assessing this issue, Casey was the higher level individual that I spoke with, he was EXTREMELY disrespectful and unhelpful.
Feb 2018: Where do I even begin to explain how terrible this apartment is? I've lived here for 7 months now and unfortunately have 5 months left in my lease. On move in day, we noticed that the apartment was pretty dirty, and it didn't look like anybody had cleaned it after the last tenants left. There was also black mold in all four toilets. No matter how much you scrub and bleach that mold, it grows back twofold in a week. I commented on this on my move in sheet, and even commented on the fact that there were ANTS in my bathroom. When I turned the sheet in, I told the office and they said they would handle it. Never once did they show up to fix the problem, even though I filed two more complaints. The one time maintenance came to spray for bugs, it made the problem tremendously worse and we had ants pouring out of our showers. Now we spray ra Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have really enjoyed living at this property! Not only is it only steps away from campus, but the apartments are newly renovated and there are plenty of amenities that can be enjoyed on the property. The management and student staff are extremely helpful. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have been a resident at University Pointe for five months now, and it has been a wonderful experience. The location is perfect, the pricing is fair and amenities are good. The office staff are friendly and always helpful. And maintenance responds to work orders quickly. It's a great place to live! Review from Google

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