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U Club at Overton Park

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Nov 2020: This spring/summer Uclub had a deal that was “refer a friend and you get $100/$200 if they sign and put your name down. All 3 of my roommates signed and put my name down, so I would get the referral money. That’s all they said they needed from me- no extra forms, nothing. NOW, they’re saying since I didn’t fill out the “refer a friend” form in the front office, that I don’t get my referral money. I was NEVER made aware of this form, and if I was I would have obviously filled it out. They’ve just cheated me out of $300+ dollars. In addition, they do NOT keep their word. I moved in to Uclub May 2020 due to not being able to go home because of COVID. 2 other girls were already living in my unit. They have a policy that they won’t clean the common areas of the townhome unless everyone has moved out. Fine, but they made an exception for myself
Aug 2019: This people are scammers. They will charge you for your roommate's mess even if they know it was their fault. Trust me. Also, they charged me for two months like $20 each month for "utilities" even though ABSOLUTELY nobody was living in the whole unit during Summer break. And, in case you are wondering, NO, everything was unplugged and AC was completely turned off. So there is no way we were consuming electricity. Take my advice and go find somewhere else to live off campus. UClub is by far the worst place I have lived paying for fees. Review from Google
Jul 2019: U club townhomes appear appealing from the outside but once you sign your lease it all goes down hill. Rent is too high for the low quality amenities provided, our apartment was in poor condition when we moved in. There was a mysterious stain on the wall, missing cabinets, bug problem, leaking ceiling, faulty fire alarms, etc. maintenance was very helpful but it’s a shame we had to call them so many times to fix broken appliances. They did not inform us until AFTER we transferred to a sister property through American campus communities that we would be charged a $250 transfer fee which is beyond ridiculous. You may think the community is safe with the gates but multiple occasions homeless people would scavenge through the dumpster right in front of our apartment, they probably got in because the gates usually broken and they’re giant gaps in the fences!! My roommates and I will NOT be releasing and we will be warning others not to as well. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have lived at UClub Townhomes for the past two years, going on three this upcoming fall. I love the apartment, the amenities and the community itself. Management was excellent when I first moved in, and has been great until this past February of 2019. A new general manager, Sam Njiru was brought in to take over the reins of UClub Townhomes, and the property has not been the same since. From my standpoint, it has seemed that Sam has been dealing with a power trip since becoming the general manager. Sam is not approachable whatsoever, and the majority of the time he deals with residents it is in a rude, disrespectful and condescending way. Throughout the duration of my time at UClub Townhomes I have lived under four general managers, and I find it extremely troubling that I am hoping that the trend continues, and we get a new general manager. I miss my most recent general manager, David, who was the complete opposite of Sam Review from Google
Feb 2019: One positive thing about this place is the nice kitchen. Otherwise, they charge for everything and the rent is too high. We had to constantly put in work orders to have things repaired. When my son moved out he was charged for "cleaning" after we had already scrubbed everything. They find all sorts of things to charge you for. Be prepared to pay extra for the electricity each month because you will go over the monthly allowance. Review from Google
Nov 2018: they will charge you more than $100 even if you kept the appartment clean. Review from Google
Oct 2018: The only positive thing I can say about this apartment complex is the common area is very modern and nice for a college apartment, but it ends there. Management was a revolving door. During the two years I lived at UClub there were 4 general manager changes and 3 assistant manager changes. Each coming with their own idea how to run the place. They are scam artists. One of my roommates broke the plastic trimming on a hanging lamp over the bar area and instead of replacing the plastic piece they charged us to replace and install ALL THREE new light fixtures because they were out of the one he broke. They tried to charge us $120 in damages and said that was for only the replacement of the ONE lamp that was broken and they were cutting us a break by not charging us for all three. Eventually we fought them down to $60, a much more reasonable price Review from Google
Jan 2018: I love living here because the rooms are all in different floors (2 rooms per floor) so it gives you a little more privacy. The downstairs common area is really big and open concept so it’s great for study sessions and get togethers. The staff is very friendly and work orders get done very quickly. The maintenance team does a fantastic job at that! Overall, it’s pretty quiet except on weekends it can get a little loud, but that is expected in any college town. I will most likely be renewing my lease here. Review from Google
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Jan 2018: Maintenance is super friendly and usually responds within 24 hours of a work order. We have had problems with our appliances, but they worked with us to replace them! Very pet friendly, great staff and clean facilities! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have lived at UClub for 2 years and I love it! I love having my own room and bathroom, and the kitchen is my favorite part about the house! The office is always very helpful, and maintenance always responds to maintenance requests the next day and they fix everything we need very easily. UClub is located in a great spot close to campus so it's very convenient to ride the bus to campus. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The units are so large, pretty and I really have enjoyed living in this townhome. I really enjoy the amenities, the kitchen, and the walk in closets! However, it is very easy to go over on electricity due to how big the units are. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Uclub is great! It’s super close to campus and the gym is very convenient. It’s a great place to live Review from Google
Jan 2018: Love this place! The front office is incredibly friendly and very responsive to any issue- big or small. Review from Google
Feb 2017: I have lived in the Uclub townhomes for a little over a year now and am pretty satisfied. There are many options for off-campus housing, and this complex is pretty competitive with other apartments. They are furnished, clean, and have nice features. The utilities are included, however, we always get charged extra every month. The office staff has improved since I have moved in, I am assuming due to new management. All in all I am glad I moved here, and would recommend it to other perspective students. Review from 2/15/17 on Google
Feb 2017: It's the best option for off campus student housing. It's close to campus and the floor plan allows for completely separate living and entertaining spaces. Not much to complain about except the utilities, but I think that's universal at all the apartments in the area. Review from 2/10/17 on Google
Feb 2017: U club townhomes is an amazing place to live. Having lived here for 2 years and also worked the front counter I have found that there is truly no better place to live as far as student housing goes. The management is quick to respond to issues and it being a small property, maintenance has a quicker turn around for all issues. The units are pretty much brand-new and what you see in the model is what you get. The price point is little higher than most properties, however you pay for what you get. With a resort style pool, 24 hour gym, and game room you just can't beat it. I just resigned my lease for senior year and would recommend this property ro anyone. Review from 2/4/17 on Google
Dec 2016: I'm rating 5 stars simply based on maintenance. The maintenance staff is amazing here. I've had quite a few things wrong with my apartment (not their fault), but they always come the next day and they fix it well. Kudos to U-club maintenance. Review from 12/18/16 on Google
Oct 2016: I just recently graduated from Texas Tech in May 2016. I lived at UClub townhomes my senior year. This place and the staff are a joke. We always had added fees for no reason. When you call for maintenance expect it to take 48-72 hours before they come, if they ever do. I was also on crutches and had a leg full of stitches for a part of the school year and they would not do anything about people parking in the handicapped spots without placards. And one of those people parking in handicapped was the MANAGER. I cleaned my apartment spotless when I moved out, two months before my lease ended. I never once tried to get out of my lease and paid my rent for the two months I didn't live there. Come September I get a $10 bill because they had to vaccum? Go figure. They are scam artist. Review from 10/6/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Close to campus, furnished, fairly new. Maintenance could be more timely and clean up after themselves. Should be more strict on the no pets policy. Review from 4/19/16 on Google
Apr 2016: This place is great!! Great staff that are super helpful and the houses are perfect and close to campus!! definitely recommend this place!!! Review from 4/13/16 on Google

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