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The Republic at Lubbock

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Aug 2019: 2nd worst place to live on Lubbock next to upointe. Horrible management. They have a great pool but barely allow the residents to use it. Terrible policies on moving in and moving out. Maintenance requests take forever to complete. I had a hole in my ceiling for 3 months - due to a leak that also took forever to fix - which wasnt completed by the time I moved out. I went to a party at my neighbor's house and they sent security ARMED WITH SHOTGUNS to disrupt and disperse the gathering. Just avoid if all possible. This is a wrotten banana for student housing! Review from Google
Aug 2019: I stayed at the Republic from August 2018-August 2019. Cleaning- Upon moving in, the apartment was absolutely filthy. I'm convinced they did not clean at all. The paint job is horrendous and there was paint overspray with hairs embedded in it from the previous tenants (picture attached). My roommates and I had to deep clean and bleach the whole apartment. I left my room and the apartment clean so whoever moves in to unit 191 won't have to experience the filth we did. I am also being charged a damage fee for the chair in the living room when there was damage (scratches) upon moving in. I disclosed this in my move in condition form. Why am I being charged $115 for damages that were already done when I moved in? Make sure to take pictures when moving in and be detailed with your move in condition form. A/C- Unit 191 had multiple A/C issues. It went out 4-5 times and once it happened over the weekend when maintenance is off, so we went with no A/C for the weekend Review from Google
Jul 2019: The houses and everything aren't bad but the staff are the worst people I've ever had to deal with Review from Google
Jul 2019: I absolutely hate the gates. Im a delivery driver. The only way to get in is to call the residents who ordered and then they use an app to open the gate. They rarely answer their phones. We have to Redeliver here every single day. Review from Google
Jun 2019: The staff at this place is awful,the one star is because I couldnt put a minus-5, went against my wife’s credit because my daughters carpet was dirty after a year of walking around on it, HELLO THEY ARE YOUNG PEOPLE,AND HELLO,THEY DO WALK,we didn’t pay their little cleaning fee.They also said she put a hole in the wall,a command strip that removed a slight bit of paint caused a repainting fee,?out of their minds, lost mail,trash always at doorways,messed up billing,and this place is looking more and more like a ghost town, do your kid and their credit a favor, RUN FROM THIS PLACE!! Review from Google
May 2019: I have lived here for 3 years and loved every bit of it. I have lived with friends and through the pairing system. My random roommates were great and my friends. Utilities are pretty up front and exactly as expected (All you pay is electric now, expect about 40$ a month). The amenities are great, (pool is always fun, basketball court is great, and fitness center is usable for anyone and is great as an apartment complex gym, as well as the movie theater and pool table!) My favorite part about the republic is the people, the residents are great and the staff are always helpful and happy. I would definitely say living here through college has been one of the best decisions I have made. Lifelong friends, dependable staff, and comfortable living space. Only precaution is even though it is a closed living place, car break ins happen IF your car is left unlocked but they have since hired Security and it has gotten much better (as well as thats going to be in any college living place). Review from Google
Jan 2019: I lived at the republic for two years overall okay experience(over priced). BUT when it comes to moving time they are legit con artist. They are tried to charge me on multiple occasions for their basic maintenance fees of the houses, which is included. They basically forced me to pay for a carpet cleaning when i told them several times that the few stains were ALREADY there. They said if I didn't then the would charge me to remove the carpet lol. So I did and give them a receipt and months later they tried to charge me AGAIN when they had a receipt. I called upset and they constantly say the will fix it. They don't. THEN they sent me to a debt collector for a expense I already paid. Overall worse experience. Terrible management. DO not recommend for the sake of your sanity and pocket book. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: The front desk staff and managers are unprofessional and unhelpful. They really only want your money. They put a ridiculous fine on my account about a month after I moved out and would not even talk to me about it at all. Honestly, the worst apartment experience I have ever had in Lubbock. I wouldn't recommend living here at all. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Upon moving out, I was hit with a $200 "damages" bill. I know FOR SURE I did not damage $200 worth of stuff. I asked my roommates and friends also living at the republic if this happened to them and it did. They either neglected to compare damages to my move in slip where i specifically wrote that things were damaged or just wanted to fine me. Seeing that this happened to 3+ people I know, I think they just wanted to charge us. The republic is very old and worn down and way to expensive for the conditions. I regret wasting a year there, I should have lived at wildwood. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I am a current resident, and am very disappointed. I started having issues before I moved in. Back in April I was told by an employee that I could move in early since I was in a sorority and had to be back in Lubbock a week before move in day. When I emailed to confirm in July the manager got in contact with me and basically told me I made it up and then STOPPED replying to me. On top of that they told me they wouldn't move a random roommate into our apartment...they did and didn't notify myself or my other roommates. Then the school year starts...I move in and my door is BROKEN the LOCK is completely broken and I had to fix it myself to be able to lock my bedroom. The house was not fully clean and broken things had not been fixed. Now, they've decided to keep the gates shut 24/7 but didn't give all residents clickers so we all have to go th Review from Google
Oct 2018: The rent is okay for the quality of the cottages. The wifi is slow, so don't plan on all of your roommates using it at the same time. Maintenance is pretty good at responding, and they were super helpful on move-in day. But, the front desk is almost useless. We've been without gate clickers for 10 weeks, and they finally shut the gates on parents weekend (because parents were coming). So, the gates have been closed for a month now and we have to use the visitor gate, where they posted the code (why bother closing the gate if you're going to put the code on the keypad???). They keep saying "gate clickers will be here at the end of this week" and that's been going on for 4 weeks now. Because of the location of the keypad you have to physically get out of your car to enter the code, which is annoying, but not nearly as troubling as having to get Review from Google
Aug 2018: Honestly, these cottages are good for the price! The space in the cottages is PERFECT! Maintenance is very helpful and very fast (respond within 1-2 days). The pool is AMAZING and the clubhouse is opened 24hrs for studying and the gym! They also have very cool resident events/ giveaways! I lived there for two years and never had any problems with the cottage, management or anything. 10/10 would recommend!!! Review from Google
Aug 2018: I was there from 2017-18 and management during that time did their best to help. Maintenance was on point for the most part which was surprising considering how most other places took forever. They usually had a good amount of events where they gave out food, like donuts while you wait for the bus, one time they even had a table set up at mesquites for some torches tacos lol They did charge me at the end of the year for a mistake they did, but they quickly dropped the charges which I appreciate. I'd live here again if I didn't graduate. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Staff and maintenance is very reliable. Best student living option for TTU students. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I am in LOVE with this place. The staff is amazing and handles things quickly and professionally. Maintenance is fast and also super nice! The apartments are beautiful and the amenities are top notch. I'm a pretty hard person to please but The Republic has gone above and beyond my expectations! I even sub leased my old apartment to move in here immediately because my roommate and I were so excited to live here. Great place!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Overall I love living at the republic! The cottages are SO big and spacious compared to all my friend's apartments and it's a much more comfortable living space. The appliances are up to date and if anything goes wrong maintenance comes very fast. The security is one of my favorite features, since each house requires a separate electric key to enter, you don't have to worry about anyone picking your lock, plus each room has it's own key code, so your roommates, or anyone, cannot get in unless they know your code. Plus the pool is awesome and the staff is super great and there's always a contest, free food, or an event going on. The cottages are so cute and up to date and the best part, you don't have to worry about loud neighbors since they don't touch. Very happy with my decision to live at The Republic and have already resigned! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Great place to live. The pool is very nice and the living spaces are a very good size. No real complaints! Also lots of events and free food/items given out. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have no idea why there would be low ratings. I was curious about that when I looked it up on the internet. However, it is nothing but a 5 star experience. Very friendly and helpful staff and great amenities. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Absolutely love The Republic at Lubbock! Living here has been a blast and has been made even better with friendly & helpful management. Glad to call this community my home!!! Review from Google
Apr 2018: The Republic at Lubbock is a great and reasonably priced cottage community! The staff is super friendly and work orders are always fulfilled in a reasonable time. They always have fun events going on too, including free food for residents! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I wish i did not have to give them the one star because they DO NOT deserve it. When we moved in the house was disgusting. We had to wait for them to "clean it again" and it still was not clean. Throughout the duration of our time at the republic (from August to what is now march) most of the appliances in the "cottage" have been broken. When we put in maintenance requests the maintenance team comes and looks at it and does not fix it. For example: our sink has been propped up with pieces of wood for months because the republic is too cheap to fix it. Our washing machine and dryer have not worked and we are going on putting in our 4th maintenance request. Every month we (my roommates and i) have overages that are almost $100 per person on utilities in our 4 bedroom 4 bath house. When you ask them to show you the bill they tell you that they ca Review from Google
Sep 2017: Where do I start with the republic? The management is absolutely awful, they’ll say anything to get you to sign, and then they never give you what they promise and claim they never said anything. They are the worst at billing, for example, my roommates will be billed $50 for utilities and I would be charged twice that, when it’s supposed to be split up evenly. The workers are not friendly and maintenance will always come later than needed. Our unit is always infested with bugs no matter how clean we keep it or how many times they “spray”. The painters have been caught looking in our bedroom windows. The courtesy officers will come yell at you if you’re playing volleyball during pool hours and are being too loud, yet won’t shut down any LOUD parties with 30+ people outside. Also, if you ever try calling the office, they won’t answ Review from Google
Apr 2017: I love living here! The office staff is friendly, and the neighborhood is beautiful and there are always fun events happening. The only problem is loud neighbors, and dog owners who don't clean up after their pets. Otherwise, would definitely recommend living here. Review from 4/13/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I have enjoyed my experience living here and the employees are the best at the front desk. I love having my own house and not being in a apartment but you still have people all around you! If you are looking for a place this fall, the Republic is a great match! Review from 4/2/17 on Google

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