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The Lynx

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Aug 2019: I moved in on May 6th of this year. Within 2 weeks of living there i started having water leaks in the bathroom. Within 2 months i have had 7 different water leaks. 2 leaks In the shower then i started getting mold in the shower tiles. It's took them weeks to come fix it which all they did was paint over it and the next week it came back through the paint. I had electrical wiring issues that was never fix..i had water coming up through the tiles on the floor. I couldn't even cook cause the burners would be sparking at me. This is the worse place i have ever lived at. I left after 3months i couldn't live here any longer. I was always in fear of my life. Do not rent here. It's horrible. Review from Google
Jul 2019: mostly great, they have new owners now so I think that these apartments will get back in shape. otherwise the workers are great and get things done faster. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Horrible. Lived in a two bedroom for a year and had an alright management. Then I moved into a studio this year. We had more people take over and they started renovating the outside of the complex. I had so much problems with the studio. My air conditioning went out and it took them two weeks to fix it. A water leak in the kitchen. The dishwasher wouldn’t drain. Took them another two weeks to come in and fix those. Multiple water shut offs every month for the whole 2 years I lived there. One time I went a whole week without hot water and nothing was taken off the bill. Well I end up getting a water leak in the bathroom and it lifted up the plank. Called them about the leak and it takes them about a week to come fix it. About two weeks later I noticed little water puddles on the floor and the carpet started to get wet. I saw a little bit of mold on the drywall in the bathroom and the closet Review from Google
Jun 2019: Not a bad place to live. Got new owners this year. They seem to be trying to fix up the place. They are painting the buildings and putting new washing machines in. Dryers should follow according to them. Looking forward to seeing the outcome. Review from Google
May 2019: Worst place to live! Better to sleep on the streets than live here! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I literally would rather live in a box under the loop. Everything about it sucks. I moved out 5 months ago and still getting things about bills I already paid. Also they charged $98 for water in one month. I said it once I’ll say it again, I literally would rather live in a box under the loop. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Do not waste your time here. Ran a “move in” special only for them to pocket the money and never have our apartment ready for move in. How convenient and unprofessional. The leasing agent tried getting us to sign a lease even when the apartment that was “move in” ready smelt disgusting. She went back and forth telling us the smell was resolved and then said it wasn’t conveniently after another attempt to get us to sign a lease electronically. After finally not being able to resolve the horrible smell and realizing she couldn’t trick us into signing the lease here we are over a month after the initial application for our apartment and just NOW contacted us with a whole new apartment. Listen to all of the bad reviews here because it’s definitely a warning sign! Don’t live here. Thankful they gave us the run around and our apartment was never ready because we dodged the bullet on this one. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: If you like living without hot water for 4 days, loud neighbors, barking dogs, pet feces, trash everywhere, sign that lease. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I regret getting this apartment, the neighbors are loud slamming thier front doors hard and thier dogs barking all the time the neighbors cursing and yelling at some one just about every day I go to bed at 10pm cause I have to be up for work at 5:30am and I can't fall asleep, and I just moved in this month, I hope it gets better, Review from Google
Dec 2018: The new staff at “metropolitan” now Lynx apartments are truly giving their best to make things better within the community. Very thoughtful and hardworking to make sure we are taken care of. Props to maintence, you are doing a great job! Review from Google
Nov 2018: Terrible place to live. Was there three years. Went through four mgmt changes, with each being worse than the one before. don't rent there unless no other will take you. Review from Google
Oct 2018: It sure would be nice if fixing the hot water was an urgent fix so people wouldn't be left without hot water for several days at a time. In 30° weather.. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Worst apartment I've ever lived in. There were roaches when we moved in. Mold came up through the carpet. There was mold inside all the air ducts and on the vents and their solution was to tell maintenance to just repaint the vent covers. Our front doorknob wouldn't turn all the way, they never fixed it, and one night it just wouldn't turn at all and we had to climb out over the fence to get out. The ceiling over the shower leaked showers of water until it fell through. We had a giant hole in our ceiling while they fixed it. They fixed it wrong and it did the same thing again. We moved out while there was a giant hole in our ceiling. The ceiling bowed and shook everytime the neighbors above us walked across their floor. They shut off water all the time for whole days and won't tell you beforehand. We made sure when we moved in that we wouldn't Review from Google
Aug 2018: Ive been living here for about 2 months now and let me tell you if you are looking for a place where the management is not interested in cleaning up and making any changes to make this place what it could be then this is not the place for you. We have neighbors up above us that are up all hrs of the night and have No respect for others, among other things they do outside that I will not discuss. But I am pretty sure its not legal if you know what I mean. And along with this activity we have to smell this activity.There is dog poop everywhere and management doesn't care. We have complained but nothing ever seems to get done with this place. There are no lights or fans in the bedrooms or living room. I'm still waiting for a water leak to be fixed,and every time we get an email about water being shut off they never do it and don't let us know. W Review from Google
Aug 2018: First off... before I even moved in, they already screwed me over. Before I even signed my application, my girlfriend and I reiterated the importance of me being able to at least move in by Aug. 2. The lady that helped me out assured that it would be no problem cause they have a move in date as early as July 31. So I took it thinking that will give me a few extra days to get my stuff moved out of my old apartment. However, when I called about a week or so before my move in date to pay the pet fee, that is when they told me the unit I picked is actually not available until Aug. 7. The unit I picked was further from the loop and in a cleaner area of the complex and now I have been set up with the complete opposite. All throughout the night you can hear the cars passing through, the area is not well lit and there is trash everywhere. If I would h Review from Google
May 2018: At first the place looks like a great place to live. The neighbors are always loud and arguing. One of my neighbors left a cigarette burning on our stair steps and it caught on fire. It was fixed that day. The washer and dryers are always broken. I washed my clothes a couple of times here and both times my undergarments were stolen. I can’t walk to the dumpster without feeling uncomfortable from the other residents cat calling me. My sink had a leak and nobody came for weeks after I talked to staff. The stairs are so old and nails are coming out. There’s trash everywhere. Nobody seems to care for this property. The maintenance team is nice but can’t help since this property is such a mess. It’s a nice part of town and easy to access to dining and shopping but the residents make it a trashy place to live. The rent is $50 cheaper than ne Review from Google
May 2018: We've been out of hot water for 3 days now. They tell us it'll b fixed today then today comes around then it's tomorrow so on for days now, now they r telling us it won't b fixed until next Tues. Like seriously!! 😠 don't ever I mean ever rent from the metropolitan apartments n lbk they r absolutely horrible. Every week they shut our water off literally 3 times a week bc this whole property runs off one water line instead of having a shut off per building. Obviously it's the same situation for the hot water. Washer and dryer r always broke too half the time I have to go to an offsite laundry mat to do my laundry. I can't wait for my lease to b up so I can move worst place I've ever lived. Review from Google
May 2018: I wish I had known more before I moved in here. Being new to Lubbock and this location being close to my job, knowing what I know now I would gladly pay the extra $200-300 a month to live in a nicer place. Since I’ve moved in, beginning of March, the water has been shut off 8 times. Currently, there is no hot water for almost 5 days. The first week we moved in the police were really active in my building, I haven’t felt safe since, the grass is dead, there’s always trash under the stairs, the stairs have nails sticking out of them and literally feel like they are going to collapse, my door doesn’t have a peephole or a safety deadbolt that locks only from the inside, and people don’t clean up after their pets. The apartments are nice on the inside considering they were build before the 80s, and the staff is nice but this place is not Review from Google
May 2018: Lets recap this. The water is constantly being shut off for "Emergency" reasons. Must be pretty dangerous if it's always happening. Makes me a bit worried about our health . Now to too That all off we get no hot water for 5 days .Pretty sad Honestly. management seems to always change and offer the same empty promises. If you're struggling I can see why you would live here but if you can try to avoid this sorry place .The pool isn't even open in may. Sounds communist to me . Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've lived here for two months now. I can already tell you. DO NOT MOVE IN. I would give anything to move out already. In the two months I've lived here the water has been shut off 7 times, so don't plan on showering when this happens. I've had to put in 3 work orders. The wood is rotting and falling apart. The bathrooms are disgusting upon move in. There is hardly any grass. The entire complex is covered in shattered beer bottles from all the college kids drinking. And oh god, if you live on the first floor, good luck getting any sleep. The 4 hours a sleep I get at night are always caused by the wooden floors being so loud even when my upstairs neighbors tip toe it sounds like a damn bull is having a seizure. I do not ever post any reviews, but out of the 3 apartments I have lived in. These have to be the worst. Oh yeah, and the maintenance d Review from Google
Feb 2018: I will start off by saying Stacie and Sunshine were awesome staff. However the manager(whose name I can't remember), which shows how important she made me feel. Not good at or with customers/tenants. I lived on the property for 5 months and needed to move to a larger unit. When I inspected the unit, which apparently no one else had, I found it to be flea infested!! Not a few, but infested. When reported, all I got was "we will have it treated, then shampooed"!! WHAT?? Nooooo..that carpet needs to be replaced!! My only given option was to move back into my smaller unit, which defeated the purpose. There were other units availble, but I couldnt get one because they were newly setup with carpet, flooring and paint!! Huh?? Why not? I liked the unit I was in, prior to the move, but it had issues. Old cabinets, rotten flooring covered by laminate, d Review from Google
Feb 2018: This apartment complex is so run down and constant maintenence problems and the grass areas and pool are nasty never seems to improve Have lived here years because of circumstances but am sick of it moving as soon as lease comes up Review from Google
Jan 2018: I love living here. I just wish parking was closer and that there were washer/dryer connections in the apartment. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I love living here I have had nothing but a good experience here, The office staff are wonderful and very pleasant to deal with. When I have maintenance issues in my apartment they where dealt with promptly. The ladies in the office are amazing and make you feel like family. So i would highly recommend living here. Review from Google

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