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The Grove

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Sep 2019: DO NOT MOVE HERE! I moved here because it was one of the few places with 5 month leases at a reasonable price, but wow I should have gone elsewhere. I am not one to complain but there is just so much wrong with this place. For starters, I was told by a staff member that I could move in on a Sunday at 10am. I arrived with all my things at that time and was told by another staff member that they could not get my keys from the office until 1. Upon entering the place the apartment was clean. A few weeks later my AC was out and maintenance took 2 days to fix it. The lock on my front door takes several tries to open. I have gotten several keys, been to the office multiple times, and spoken to maintenance, but still nothing. Everyone tells me something different. It can take 3-5 tries to open my door. I am afraid it will just stop working all together and lock me out. The oven randomly stops working Review from Google
Sep 2019: Best apartment ever! Staff are very friendly.. Amenities, Amenities, Amenities! Love this place! 24 hour access to study room to get my work done! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I’ve been looking for an apartment for a month now and I heard about the grove from my friend!! I took a quick visit and I fell in love the staff was amazing and understanding I really enjoyed it!! This will definitely be my home!! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I’ve been looking for an apartment for a month now and I heard about the grove from my friend!! I took a quick visit and I fell in love the staff was amazing and understanding I really enjoyed it!! This will definitely be my home!! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I'm looking at apartments in Lubbock for next semester and my friend recommended that I look into The Grove. I'm so glad I visited because this place is so nice! Great amenities and great staff, Mariana was super helpful and answered all of my questions! I'll definitely be signing a lease this summer! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I love living at the grove!! Definitely one of the best managers out there that’s super cool and nice and is always willing to help and the staff is nice as well! I’ve made life long friends living here and there is always fun events every week or so in the clubhouse so it’s a great way way to meet new people!! Highly recommend! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I loved living at The Grove. I made a ton of friends there because the community was so friendly. The pool area is constantly filled with people and so is the dog park. The staff does tons of activities to get to know you and some of them involve prizes!! Both the staff and the manager are super friendly. The manager is AMAZING and accommodates to your needs. She is super friendly and is doing such a good job updating the clubhouse! Would highly recommend living here! Review from Google
Apr 2019: The pool area is really nice and clean. Very spacious apartments and I love the open space. Mariana was a great tour guide when we went by! Will definitely lease here for the upcoming semester. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: Such a great experience here. Have had nothing but great service when it comes to needs & information. All of the staff are very helpful and bend over backwards for their residents. Aricka took us on the tour and was so sweet, kind, and patient by answering all of our questions regarding the unit. Would highly recommend staying here! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I am so excited to move into The Grove, Trista, gave us a tour and helped me with the leasing process. She also gave us all the information we needed for moving in. I am so happy to be moving apartment complexes to where I feel I will be treated well. Thank you to the sweet employee, Trista, for being so kind and making me feel welcomed into The Grove family.
Mar 2019: Maintenance takes awhile to fix an issue sometimes. Prices are pretty good. Internet is fast as frick. Walls are kinda thin though. You get what you pay for Review from Google
Feb 2019: New property manager, Demi, quickly took care of an urgent matter as I was a past resident and needed help. She wasn’t any part of the incident but efficiently and selflessly helped.
Jan 2019: Living at the Grove has been a great experience! I knew from the time I toured, The Grove was home for me. My tour guide was very nice and helpful, all of the staff so far have been nothing but that. When I first moved in I was not pleased with my apartment, staff was eager to help place me in an apartment that fit my needs. I have lived her for over 6 months and have not had any issues. My favorite part about The Grove is the huge dog park, my dog enjoys running around and playing with other dogs on property. The new managers, Demi and Ireland, are really nice and try their best to make The Grove home for all it's residents. The Grove is an older property but they are trying their best to update it to make it feel new. I recently renewed and am getting all new floors throughout my unit! They are always having events involving free food and pr Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great place to live ! Under new management Demi and Ireland are very understanding and caring when it comes to residents as well as having some new faces at the front. Very accommodating for students and great staff/management! They’re always on top of solving conflicts in a timely manner. They have busing to and from tech which makes up for the distance! Overall a great place to live :) Review from Google
Jan 2019: would give zero stars if I could. I’m a very low maitenance kind of person, but the service and apartment complex itself is disappointing and has me very upset. When I first moved in, it was a wreck. Disgusting carpets, cigarette burns in the furniture, stained furniture, my bathroom door wouldn’t close, chipped paint on the window sill from the previous tenants pet, pen marks on the wall, and three tiles I could lift off the kitchen floor. Recently I had also lost my set of keys, I then went to the front desk to purchase a new set. They had me sign a document to receive them, but didn’t give me my mailbox key. Now that I’m back and wanting to receive it, they are wanting to charge me an additional fee. The staff should NOT have had me sign any documents if they didn’t fulfill their job. Not to mention the new gate clicker they had g Review from Google
Jan 2019: Definitely worst apartment complex and staff I have ever seen. First, they go in your apartment with or without your permission even when you ask them not to. All student housing has an option weather they would like them to wait til you’re there or not. Bailey was the worst GM and had the worst attitude all the time. She had no friendly or customer service whatsoever. Demi is a lot better. The whole staff has an attitude problem when answering the phone like they hate their job. Our handle on our front door stopped working one night and then the next morning we had to wait till they opened to come help us. Took three days for maintenance to come fix it, and when they finally decided to fix it they told my roommate I ‘wrote a statement’ saying she ‘kicked in the door’ and had us pay for the damages when it was a fire hazard. STILL h Review from Google
Jan 2019: This is hands down the worst apartment complex I have ever lived at, Bailey was a awful manager the new GM is a lot better but every other staff manager is rude, they gossip about tenants, fees and fines come up with zero to little explaination. The apartment was dirty, broken furniture was temporarily fixed instead of replaced, the pool was constantly disgusting, and getting maintenance to fix anything is nearly impossible. I absolutely cannot wait to leave this place and I will highly advise anyone to live literally anywhere but here. Honestly the local dump sounds better to live at then here. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I would give this apartment complex zero stars if I could. First, you can hear everything through the walls and floors. I can hear the guy above me when he goes to the bathroom and the lady below when she coughs. Secondly, there was an entire week when the fire alarms would go off randomly because the wiring was messed up. Someone also started breaking into people’s cars. And now the internet isn’t working. This is the cheapest, crappiest apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. It’s not worth the money, and I don’t feel safe. The staff is also not helpful and is aggressive when wanting you to re-new your lease. Avoid this place! Review from Google
Sep 2018: This is the best place to live at!! Cheap!!! Ask for Ireland in the leasing office. This place is small and has a gym, swimming pool, a club house, has a commute to tech and back. Review from Google
Sep 2018: The best part about living at The Grove is the caring attentiveness of the staff. They go above and beyond to see that my needs and wants are met. Upon move in, I submitted a laundry list of maintenance requests, and they were solved to my satisfaction within a day (including shampooing the carpet and furniture). I feel so welcomed and absolutely love the roommate I was paired with. Talk about attention to detail! - Pros: Loving people, quick response, fast bus to Texas Tech, beautiful amenities, very spacious - Cons: No recycling, not close to a normal Citibus line, party culture of some residents (so I've heard but never experienced) Review from Google
Jul 2018: If I could give 0 stars I would. Honestly don’t live here. Don’t listen to the positive reviews either. I knew the previous tenants that lived in my apartment and they all said that the carpet was never changed neither was the furniture. When I moved out I was charged for the damages to the carpet and for a bed that was not new when I received it. On top of that I moved out months before my lease was up. I’m receiving charges that I don’t know or understand where it is coming from. I cleaned up when I moved in they didn’t and I had dead insects in my fridge.... I had broken furniture which didn’t get replaced just temporarily fixed. I asked for the carpet to be replaced they only brought someone in the clean it...didn’t do anything. I have asked for replacements for my lightbulbs and I only got that fixed months before leaving. Review from Google
May 2018: I currently live here, obviously one of the worst decisions I've ever made! However I will try to be fair in my review: Pros: -Location is good if you need to be near from TTU. -Transportation: Free transportation to TTU. -Staff: Front office staff are always nice, but when you have a problem needs to be fixed they are helpless and will offer you a number to call. -Cleanliness: Buildings and streets are clean. -Events: They make some cool events every now and then. -Facilities: pool, soccer field, library, fitness center. Cons: -Extra charges: Expect to pay hidden unknown charges; this month I paid 250$ more than what was in the advertising brochure.. YES it's 250$ (no typos)! -Maintenance: You will be asked to submit your maintenance report on day one so they can fix any issues, but they never do.. broken chair, cracked wall.. it doesn' Review from Google
Apr 2018: This apartment complex is the best student housing in Lubbock that I have lived in!! The staff is so friendly and they really do work with you on everything. I really like the fact that they know their residents and every time I go in to the office for anything I am greeted in such a friendly manner. The apartments are so clean and they do a real good job matching up roommates according to the personal profile you created when you signed the lease with them. definitely recommend this place for future residents. Keep up the good work Team Grove Lubbock! Review from Google
Dec 2017: As the first place I chose to live off campus, I wasn't sure how everything would work out this semester. Glad to know made the right choice, fast reliable internet, cheap rent, friendly staff, close to campus. I would this place if you want to life off campus and leave the dorms behind Review from Google
Dec 2017: Great staff and great rates! I’ve lived here for almost two years and have no complaints Review from Google

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