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21 Hundred at Overton Park

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Aug 2020: We have not even moved in yet and the communication is less than acceptable. I dont have a warm and fuzzy feeling about leaving my daughter at this property. They did everything they could to get the girls to sign the lease the day of the tour without any parents present and now they are less than accommodating and very disorganized on move in dates and roommate switches. The front office has no idea what is going on and only refers people to send emails to David Gonzalez - the area manager - who then is not very helpful or accommodating.
Sep 2019: Great place to live and very customer friendly.
Mar 2019: Had the best experience living here! If you have a pet, this is THE place. There’s hard wood flooring throughout the entire apartment, no carpet at all. There’s also pet stations as well as large grass areas for the dogs to run around & play with each other. The bus also comes every 3 minutes & the ride is short to campus. The maintenance team is really quick and the entire staff at 21 is very friendly. Thanks Erin for the recommendation! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Love this community and the grounds! The staff are so friendly, especially Sienna. She’s always kind and helpful!!! So nice to have a go to person with so much knowledge 😊 Review from Google
Mar 2019: 21Hundred has many great qualities from the helpful staff in the front office to the keep up of the grounds/amenities! They always want to make sure that their residents are taken care of and will go above and beyond to help a resident. You get a great deal for what you pay, an apartment with top of the line appliances and finishes, private bedrooms and bathrooms, and 24hr access to study rooms, gym, and on-call staff. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Very nice apartment facility! Units are updated and one of the nicest ones in the area. Love the pool and gym! People at the front desk are also nice and helpful! Branden is the best! Review from Google
Mar 2019: Since I've moved in the office staff has been nothing but great help. From checking in and getting moved in to making sure my mail and packages are in tact and untampered with. (big deal to me) The gym and pool area are always kept real clean and if you have any issues with anything the staff is ready and willing to help ! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have lived here since August and management is amazing! I haven’t had many issues. Everyone here is so nice and helpful and I highly recommend living here.
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Feb 2019: I’ve lived here since it’s opened and it’s had many ups and downs. Management can sometimes be misguiding and a little confusing. However, the CA Erin always helps me with everything I have trouble with. She’s very level-heading, welcoming and completely honest. My favorite employee at the leasing office. Ask for her if you need something done in a timely manner!!!
Feb 2019: Very interactive staff with fast turnaround when it comes to work orders. Clean modern apt style with new appliances.
Jan 2019: Management acts likes it's their first day on the job. If they don't know an answer they tell you to come in a few days later just for someone else to tell you the same thing. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I’ve had an awful experience at every place ran by American Campus Communities. Management is always bad and they will try to charge you for every little thing. Wish I could give a 0 star. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I have never experienced management this incapable of their job ever. I have received charges and asked them what it is for and they have lacked any explanation at all. I signed at a cheaper rent and until I took the issue up with the HQ in Austin, they tried to uncharge me. The electricity is bogus and everyone gets charged the same amount in the entire complex. They are now lying saying I never returned my keys and that I owe $130. Which I now am making tons of emails and phone calls to people just simply directing me to other brainless people. I emailed then and they "found" my mailbox keys.. and are now "looking" for my main key (even though I returned everything together in one envelope). Management is piss poor which is sad because the complex is amazing. Review from Google
Aug 2018: So sad to see all the negative vibes! Lubbock in general can not keep up with the demand. I myself found out that 21 Hundred is unwilling to prorate a one night early move in fee to accommodate a new resident who has a signed lease. Not to mention the supportive family who can only get a hotel room due to the lack of supply, demand and timing constraints. Especially considering there are two known roommates. My call to 21 Overton was unfruitful; yes, told I could call management? The only choice is a 250.charge. for student to sleep there and move in the next morning, move in day as are millions if others. As simple as her calling her friends and having an 8 hour sleepover. (Parents with the only hotel avail.months out, not even double bed rooms avail., Move in and travel safely the next day 7 hrs??? I then see responses from management to th Review from Google
Aug 2018: Find another place to live for your sanity. Probably the worst management I have ever had to deal with. I took a lease over in January when I transferred here and from the very beginning it was a complete disaster but unfortunately I had already signed. The people who “helped” with my questions were so rude and weren’t very helpful, as if they didn’t get enough training or something. The girl I subleased from left a check for me at the office and when I got there they had no idea what I was talking about until I showed them the reciept and they finally remembered. They applied it to my account and that was that, so I thought. Later on in May they called me saying that the person who wrote the check had called and wanted the money back...which did not make sense AT ALL. Especially when I kept in contact with the girl I subleased from an Review from Google
Jun 2018: DO NOT SIGN HERE!!! Would give 0 stars if possible. Save yourself the money and don’t sign anywhere with the name “American Campus” they are a soulless company that doesn’t care about anything but their bank account - Management is the worst I’ve ever experienced and try to make you feel stupid - They do what they want and don’t tell you anything - Walk in all the time for “maintenance” just to look through your stuff - will put ridiculous charges on your account for errors made on THEIR part - pool always closed for no reason - building flooded first week we moved in and they then proceeded to keep large fans in our appartment for DAYS and then charged us an over charge on our energy bill - roaches everywhere doesn’t matter how much they come and “spray” - when something breaks it will take DAYS for them to “fix Review from Google
May 2018: Absolutely horrible apartment complex. The rules for the pool are completely unreasonable. Entire apartments are only allowed 2 guests, and those guests have to have wrist bands that can’t be obtained outside of office hours. The girls who work for the apartment are awful and they kick residents out of the pool. Management needs to be changed. Do NOT live here Review from Google
May 2018: EDIT; anyway this place has gotten worse. 1)They now require a crappy plastic band that costs at most 50 cents to make to enter the pool, while that’s not so bad it’s 100 freaking dollars to replace it. Oh, and if you don’t return it at the end of your lease it’s $50! That is such a ridiculous money grabbing tactic. 2)you can’t pay the overages in cash or anything else. It has to be a money order or some other crazy thing, even if the overage is $.27! 3)They come in your room every single month for no reason. They say maintenance but I’ve seen them walk in and walk out and do nothing. They will charge you money like you’re an adult but you are treated like a child so have fun with that. 4) I was given an eviction notice, not because I wasn’t paying, but because I wasn’t renewing and it was telling me I needed to renew Review from Google
May 2018: The management and employees are amazing. I could not reccomend a better place for my child to live. Worth every penny!! Review from Google
May 2018: I was excited to live in a new complex especially for the very cheap rate of $489 but that rate reflects the poor living experience I have encountered this year. This apartment complex was just built, never been lived in before me and will be a year old i August. With that being said their should not be mold and issues of flooding that has all occurred through out my 8 months here. staff sucks and workers are always outside your apartment working on the weekend at ungodly hours. The police that live onsite as well are extremely rude and try to kick people out of the pool for doing absolutely nothing wrong. I would rather spend more money on rent at a quality place. Review from Google
May 2018: This place is awful. Lived with roaches for months. Plug ins don’t work and they wont fix them. Place was dirty when I moved in and this was suppose to be a brand new apartment. They had a mold issue in one of the rooms. If I had the option I would give this review no stars. I do not recommend staying here. The staff sucks. Workers are always making noise outside place in the morning and on the weekends. Review from Google
Apr 2018: wifi is absolutely horrible. maintenance people just barge in. staff is not nice and treat you like you’re stupid. if you have an over charge and want to pay online you have to pay an online fee of $25 even if your over charge is 30 cents. pool was shut down for weeks and have no reasoning why. academic center is nice but internet and printer work half the time. signed up during the cheaper rent price time and never received that. very poorly built. would absolutely not recommend living here. Review from Google
Mar 2018: *DONT LIVE HERE* Well another scam from American Campus apartments! If you're interested go read my other review for Uclub ( Spoliers: another scam by ACC). 1. don't fall for their "Buy now and get a discount" scam. I have friends that signed up before the apartments even opened and were promised a deal for signing up early. WRONG. I signed up 2 weeks before school started and got a better deal that most people, actually $100 cheaper a month than those that signed up early. 2. They had an "special' that the first 300 people to sign up would pay $559 (which is not bargain as it is $60 more expensive than what most are paying currently). I asked the front desk if it was really a special and they assured me. Well now the prices have dropped to $530. hahaha i feel bad for whoever signed up early thinking it was a special. BTW I have the conversat Review from Google
Mar 2018: This place is very pretty, and has some nice CAs, but they go into your room a LOT. It’s like every two months, there’s no real reason to come in they say “maintenance” usually but if we needed maintenance done, we would let them know. I had more privacy in the dorms at tech. I get that they’re allowed to come in because they own the place, but just because they can doesn’t mean they should. And I doubt a lot of people are cool with paying $500+ a month to have strangers come in all the time. They’re coming in again during spring break and they were just here. So, cute place to live, and if you don’t care about strangers walking in what seems like constantly, then yeah it’s an ok place to live. Review from Google
Feb 2018: scam artists, just a business that runs on conning desperate college students. Original 4x4 was $659, moved down to $599 during a promotion with a constant email spam saying it would go back up to 'market price," I signed on the last day of said deal. The next day, the price goes down to $489. I requested to cancel the lease, they told me because I signed the lease I could not cancel it and would be charged a$250 fee to try to sublease it to some other poor sucker and even then wasnt guaranteed and still responsible for the apartment, mind you this was 3 MONTHS BEFORE move in. DO NOT SIGN HERE, units are small, incomplete, and no wifi. Better off at the Scarlet right across the street. Review from Google

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