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University Oaks

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Feb 2019: I just an advice to anyone looking for a place to live. don't think of going to stay at University Oaks because they have a bad customer service and all they care about is making money. And not the tenants Comfort during their stay there. The service they provide compared to what they offer are too different things. SO don't DARE GO THERE Y'ALL.
Feb 2019: Living here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I usually have no issues with my apartment, but if there ever is an issue, maintenance arrives very quickly to fix the problem! The staff is wonderful, coming up with fun activities on social media, and helping any residents when needing assistance. The only issue I have with this apartment, is that I didn’t live here sooner #hatedorms
Feb 2019: Everything here is absolutely perfect. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help us, any time of day and never act like it is an inconvenience to them. Maintenance staff is quick to fix all issues, and when I have used them, they have fixed the issues within an hour or so. The management team keeps us to date, on all important things, example, when there is a freeze warning out they inform on how to keep our apartments in excellent condition. Cannot recommend this place enough!
Jan 2019: The management and staff are always very kind! Also, if there are any issues with your apartment unit the staff quickly fix the issue. I enjoy living here because it is close to Kent campus. As a college student, I find University Oaks an easy and enjoyable place to live. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I have lived at University Oaks for a semester and I am starting my second. I think the location is great because they are directly across the street from the edge of Kent campus. The apartments come fully furnished and are not outdated. Additionally, the apartment are large for young college students. The maintenance staff is very friendly and helpful. My only suggestion for improvement is parking. Each resident must request a guest parking pass which is good for 24 hours or for the weekend. I understand that it is difficult to make more parking spaces so that each resident could keep a parking pass without having to sign one out potentially everyday of the week, but I do find it slightly inconvenient. Otherwise, I have no issues or complaints with the residence and I recommend this apartment complex to anyone who is looking! Review from Google
Jan 2019: This is my second year living at University Oaks, and I absolutely love it. Not only are the apartments beautiful and a great price, the staff is always extremely helpful and so friendly. I would definitely suggest living here! Review from Google
Nov 2018: University Oaks was the first and only place we toured when my kids signed their. Tour was excellent and I’ve never had a problem getting my questions answered. Its a very nice complex and run by a good company you can see. Very pleased with everything about the place and I feel comfortable having my kids rent here. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I love University Oaks. The staff is always so helpful and nice (especially Sonja who is the best) and they were always quick to fix any problem with the apartment. The apartments are huge and the kitchens are great. Definitely my favorite apartment I’ve lived in. Review from Google
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Nov 2018: So glad i convinced my bestfriend to live here with me. I love the study rooms and gym, i live seconds away and use it daily. Staff is great and Ive never had any issues. They just added lots more guest parking and its so convenient! Love Oaks!! Review from Google
Nov 2018: My daughter moved in this past August and while I was nervous that she was moving from the edge to here, I was so grateful for the management at this place. I had some questions about renewing and lease details and they actually put me on the phone with the man in charge, answered my questions and she renewed the same day. Very responsible company and is less of "every day apartment" from my experience so far. You get what you pay for... I prefer good service over brand new. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Really enjoying my stay here at Oaks. very helpful people and service. I’ve noticed maintenance is always working and they fix things fast. Super glad to see that the office works to help with issues as well. Review from Google
Apr 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE! I have had nothing but bad experiences here. The first apartment was so dirty, we had to scrub it before moving in - walls, floors, bathroom. The building had a horrible smell, so they moved me to another building - same smell. They tow cars even with passes. Staff is rude and bored - they don't want to be bothered. It is safe, but not a great place to live. And no, I am not a trouble maker. I just expect a nice place to live with staff that care if there is a problem. Check out Campus Pointe - very nice apartments, close in price, and on the bus line.
Apr 2018: Don’t waste your money. With the laundry and electric you will pay the same amount at campus pointe for better service and better amenities. I got towed in the parking space of my building with my sticker and everything. And management didn’t do anything about it. Can’t wait to leave this apartment complex Review from Google
Feb 2018: The management has never been a problem for me. Most of the time when you hear of people having a problem with management it’s because of something that they did and don’t want to own up to it. University Oaks is a safe environment and is staffed very well! I would highly recommend living there! Not to mention their apartments are nice and clean! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I was a resident at University Oaks last year and I had an amazing leasing experience. The staff were unbelievably helpful and friendly and the facilities were always clean. I highly recommend this apartment. Review from Google
Jan 2018: My Daughter moves into the Oaks her sophomore year. What an improvement. Management /staff were helpful and a pleasure to deal with. It's location is very convenient to campus, updated clubhouse and other amenities has made the move a rewarding experience. Review from Google
Dec 2017: This is my daughters 1st year at Oaks and my oldest lived here 2 years ago. I may not be an expert on apartments but she lived at Edge last year and i was appalled by the service and condition after a year. This place isn't new but would you move into a place like Edge and watch it fall apart from poor building? I am very pleased with the living area as well as their updated clubhouse from kids to study. I think it a good fit for students and I can call and speak to a manager if I want, unlike my experience elsewhere never getting a call back. I suppose reading other reviews I see that parents and kids just don't understand reality as well as they should, bravo to Oaks for making it college kid friendly, I hope my youngest decides to move in next year. Review from Google
Dec 2017: My daughter lived here for three years and absolutely loved it! The apartment was clean and very spacious with a lot of storage space for her and her roommates. The apartment was in the best location and within walking distance to all of her classes saving her so much in on campus parking fees. Absolutely the best place she ever lived through college! Review from Google
Nov 2017: University Oaks was a wonderful place to live! It was a great price, with some really cool amenities (free WiFi, free heat = both life savers). There was always something cool going on in the clubhouse, will free food and snacks offered almost weekly. And its location is amazing! It’s right across from campus — I could walk to all of my classes! I miss living there and all of the fun times I had at University Oaks. It was great college apartment. Review from Google
Nov 2017: My son has lived there for 3 months and has generally been very happy and satisfied with the apartment. It is expensive however, and there is an additional fee for monthly parking in the lot. Unfortunately, that did not prevent his car from being towed off the parking lot by the predatory towing company that University Oaks contracts with. Supposedly they prowl the lot at will and tow cars whether they see the giant orange parking sticker or not. My son called me Sunday thinking his car had been stolen. He called the Kent police who determined it was towed by City Service Towing. Both the towing company and University Oaks office was closed on Sunday. My son therefore missed work for the day since he did not have a car. Upon calling today, the towing company said they didn't have time to scrape windshields to check for the stickers, e Review from Google
Sep 2017: I HATE living in this place. They make up fees for you to pay and they have no idea what fees are that they are charging for. Biggest scam ever. And “damages” to the prior apartment were outrageous. Leaving a command hook on the wall? $80. Wow. I would never in my life recommend anyone to live here and I cannot wait to leave this place. Review from 9/26/17 on Google
Sep 2017: Maintenance is great. Request something online. They get it done the next day. Carpet smelled like dog when I moved in, but they get got it professionally cleaned within an hour. Best apartment I've had. Review from 9/14/17 on Google
May 2017: Overall, a nice location. Older buildings on the outside, but recently renovated on the inside. Rent was per bedroom. Each of us paid a different rate. My main concern is the sub-leasing policy. It was absolutely horrible. I signed my lease to live with two girls who I knew and felt comfortable living with. One of the girls found a subleaser after the fall semester. Our new roommate was absolutely horrible to live with. University Oaks is considered college living apartments, however our new roommate was almost 30 years old and out of school. Seems to me that they just wanted their money. She was a stranger to me and my other roommate. Review from 5/18/17 on Google
Apr 2017: University oaks is a great place to live, from the location to campus to the friendly people and staff working here. The rooms are furnished and are clean. The amenities offered are great! the one issue some days is the parking but overall living her has been a great experience. Review from 4/23/17 on Google
Apr 2017: University Oaks is a great place to live. They have a great staff and great amenities. The rooms are all very nice, and completely furnished as well. All around I have no complaints and would recommend this place to anyone. Review from 4/20/17 on Google

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