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Mar 2019: If you don’t mind the EXTREMELY BAD internet(as many people stated most the times you’d need to go to the library to get online cuz the internet SUCKS at University Edge,) insulation and extra charges for no apparent reason then this place is yours. The location is good; close to the bus station (campes loop(51)and reverse loop(53)buses) which arrives every 15-20 min. the rent isn’t cheap as expected from a college apartment. The bedroom bed sucks and it will probably hurt your back. I asked them before I moved if i can bring my own bed but the refused. They told me you can bring your own bed but you cannot remove their,(Metal bed with the hardest mattress ever made), bed or brake it apart. The bathrooms honestly is the best thing about this apartment, it’s too spacious🤷‍♂️. The living area and the kitchen is good. lastly, they have a great big parking area. In the end, if you Read this and you still want to live here then choose the 3rd building, if you’re lazy because it’s close to the ONLY garbage disposal area otherwise enjoy your cardio 😉 Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great place to live, within walking distance to campus and the staff is very helpful. Review from Google
Jan 2019: All the employees are very helpful and friendly, they help with whatever is needed and are always happy to help, especially Tyler Mckern. Review from Google
Jan 2019: All the workers are so nice and so helpful. It’s a very friendly place to live and very close to campus Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love living at university edge. I have met some of my best friends while living here. I feel very safe living here and never worry about anything. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love living at Edge!! It is super close to campus and even closer to the nursing building which is great for me. My parents love that it’s such a safe apartment complex and feel comfortable that I can safely walk home back to the apartment. The staff is really sweet and helps you out with anything you need!! definitely recommend taking a tour!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: There are lot of overrages for me on electricity, especially in the winter due to the heat. I live on the top floor with high ceilings so it is harder to heat which ends up costing a lot each month on top of rent. Last January we were each charger $60 extra on top of our electricity cap. When talking to the front desk and management about it they were not very nice about it and basically told us there wasn’t a lot to do. Also there was no proof of the electricity bill so we were very confused on how heating a 3 bedroom apartment cost more than heating an entire house usually would be. So this winter we just have to be cold, which is a shame because the rent is so astronomical, we should be able to come home to a warm apartment. Not worry about this. The actual apartment is beautiful and spacious. There are some nice office workers. Just a lo Review from Google
Sep 2018: Worst place to live in Kent. Rent is astronomical and on top of that, they charge you $20 online to pay your rent every time unless you set up recurring payments. They refuse to take cash even if you owe thirty cents. They set a cap amount on the electric that you can use and if they go over they charge you when rent is already $700. I moved into an unclean apartment and had to clean it myself. I listed on the move-in form that our couch and furniture was in bad condition. When I moved out, they still charged me for the furniture that was in the same condition as when I arrived. They will charge you FOR ANYTHING. They come up with charges out of nowhere. During the winter, I ended up paying hundreds of dollars extra for electric. The office claimed it was because of "cold weather" so our bill was extra large to try to heat the place which is a Review from Google
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Aug 2018: Overall University Edge is not a bad place to live. I will say it is a little more expensive than what it should be, but it is a college apartment and that is too be expected. I lived at University Edge from August 2016 -July 2018 and will say it was a fun experience. To put it in perspective of how much the rent has gone up, when I signed my first lease it was $639 for a bedroom in a 3 person apartment and has gone up to $734 an increase of almost $1200 a year when the inflation costs and staff costs have not gone up. We did have overages on our electric bill and the office did provide proof when we requested it, so I’m not sure what other people are complaining about there. If you have cable boxes plugged in, they will use A LOT of electricity and that’s most likely why people are seeing overages. Simply unplug them and that’ll take Review from Google
Aug 2018: Actually, it’s one of the worst experience to live there I just moved out last month and found many many place cheeper and better than Edge in service and staff. I will never recommend this place to any one And I will never again this bad experience and I don’t want any student try this bad experience I will mention only a little of its cons 1- the staff are very nice before sign the lease , after you sign they show you the bad face and they barley provide a help or even answering your questions 2- I moved in after sign the lease but I was shocked when I walked in it was trash the carpet was dirty then I ask them to clarify but they said it is your responsibility , bring your broom and do it and I was just like okay It’s my fault. 3- in the lounge room when they provide a food or game, the staff always ask their friends to come a Review from Google
Jun 2018: Giving 1 star because there's no option for zero stars. IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS!!!!! Do not sign a lease with university edge all they care about is the money! I am an international student and asked them if my visa was denied and i couldn't move in. They told me i'll have to pay an amount of $250 which i'm okay with paying because of course you secured a place for me to live. The next condition was, to find someone else to lease the apartment. Now, University Edge, can you please let us know how someone can find a student who wants to sign a lease in america while living in a foreign country themselves. We're two worlds apart. How am i supposed to find someone for you from back here? Other than that, if you are not able to find someone else, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PAY THE RENT FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!!!!! what kind of a stupid Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've been living in Edge since August 2017. Overall, my experience with Edge has been fantastic! It's completely furnished, beware though, that the couch cushions do not stay on and the material is not the greatest and rubs off fairly easy. I suggest a cover. You get your own bathroom which is awesome. The kitchen is huge, the living room is huge. The staff and maintenance are amazing. The only time we ever had a problem with maintenance is when our heat went out during the coldest part of winter, and they had to come and fix it three times within the week. There are only a few reasons why I haven't given Edge a five star review. One, is that it's ridiculously expensive. But I mean that price includes all utilities (electricity up to a monthly cap), and furniture. Two, the people that do the snow plowing are a joke. Three, the charges for Review from Google
Apr 2018: not worth the $660 a month plus additional electric overages that they hand out every month with no explanation. I admit it was a nice start for college but save money and go elsewhere because the students and one manager are not friendly, the printer and hot tub are always broken, I can hear my neighbors entire conversation next door through the wall, and the appliances and buildings are super cheap that there were foundation cracks down our wall. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I would not recommend this place to anyone I do/don't know. All they want is money. You pay enough money to live there every month, and on top of that you will ALWAYS get charged more a month on electric. The installation is also horrible, which is why you get charged about $15-$20 a person at the apartment for keeping the heat on to not let the pipes burst during the winter. The maintenance when coming in will knock 1 time, wait about 3 seconds and then barge right in giving you no time to open the door or to put clothes on. The printer is constantly not working, and the hot tub is often broke. The maintenance people are not nice, and they will try to get you in a lease violation at all possible times to get more money from you. They will take your security deposit, so do not expect to get that back. Just absolutely horrible, I will leave bad Review from Google
Mar 2018: So I lived here for a year and in general it's a pretty nice place to live, the apartment is a good size and I loved the fact that I had my own bathroom and the washer and dryer were in the apartment as well which was very convenient. However, the reason I'm giving one star is that it simply isn't worth living here at all. First of all it's way over priced. Second, maintenance literally stops by your apartment at least once or twice a month to do random checks, they knock on your door and wait like 3 seconds before just walking right on in. So if you're a female, make sure you're dressed at all times. Third, expect to receive multiple overcharges on your electric bill without any clue as to why. Forth, the water doesn't get hot for some reason, I couldn't even take a full shower without the water being freezing by the end. I asked maintenance Review from Google
Feb 2018: Overall, this is a nice apartment complex, BUT you will be paying for way more than it is worth. They always overcharge you for utility without any kind of sufficient justification. When you receive a bill for going over your utility cap, they fail to provide you with any details regarding why you were charged extra. If you call them to find out why, they won't be able to tell you. Although it is a convenient place to live for those attending Kent State University, it's probably better to save your money and live somewhere else. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Feels like home & Maintenance is always on top of calls and comes to fix problems with in 24/hours. Staff is very nice and always willing to help residents. Clean and up to date. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Great quality living at a affordable price, near campus and spacious rooming! Review from Google
Jan 2018: University Edge was my first ever apartment that I got, and I am so glad that I chose this complex. It has a very modern feeling/look, and makes you forget that you are steps away from a college campus. The main points of the apartment that I love the most would have to be the private bathroom in the bedroom, the washer/dryer, and of course the hot tub. All of my friends live throughout the complex and we all agree on how much we love it here. It greatly improved my college experience and I am so happy I chose University Edge! Review from Google
Jan 2018: University Edge is a great community. Nice ammendities—free printing, gym, and fire pit. The entire community is well maintained and feels safe. The staff is helpful and friendly, answering all questions. They also plan nice events! Any issues have been resolved to satisfaction and quickly. Love being close to campus too!! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Living here is the best! Everyone has their own bedroom and bathroom. There is a washer and dryer for each unit along with a dishwasher. Great amenities! The community assistants are very personable. Overall I've had a terrific experience living here! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Great place to live!! The staff is super friendly and maintenance is always around whenever you need them. The amenities are awesome; including a large hot tub, a work-out room (open 24 hours a day), and a computer lab with free printing. My roommates and I have lived here for 2 years now and couldn't think of a better place for us. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Edge is a really nice place to live and great for the price! Everyone has their own bathroom and utilities are covered unless you go over the cap. Whenever I put a work order in, someone is there to fix it within a day. They offer free parking and guest parking which is a huge plus. I have really enjoyed living here and love the clubhouse and common areas they have on site. Would definitely recommend living at University Edge. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I LOVE living here! I was torn between living at Province again or moving on to Edge, and I am SO glad I made the move! The staff is very professional, empathetic, and considerate. Maintenance fixes all problems in a timely fashion, the grounds are always clean, and everything is modern and beautiful! The apartments are spacious, kept clean, and well taken care of! Moving in was a breeze, and my apartment was spotless! Edge deserves more than 5 stars, and I hope everyone else has the same positive experience I've been blessed to have! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Dont live here. Over priced. Facility is subpar. Management stinks. The gym never has paper towels to clean the equipment. Take your $1000 a month and rent a house in Kent. Review from Google

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