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Ryan Place

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Mar 2019: Definitely not the most fancy place you could live, but it serves its purpose. The landlord is very responsive, and in my two years of living there, I never had any maintenance or other issues. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to live in Kent.
Jun 2018: We chose this place because it was the cheapest place to get a 2 bedroom close to campus. Quiet place, secluded, good location. Definitely overpriced for what you get though. But most places are in a college town. Everything is outdated and we had to put in probably 10+ work orders for different things throughout our 1 year stay. Management is good about communicating and tending to the work orders in a timely manner though. Each unit allows 4 tenants but each unit only gets 2 parking passes (even though there are tons of spots in the parking lot). In our case, we got a 3rd roommate and they had to pay $300 to even be added onto the lease, but yet had to move their car around visitors spaces to avoid getting towed, and also had to pay $80 for a parking pass at the church next door. Also a terribly tiny kitchen and would not recommend for more Review from Google
Aug 2017: They look decent from the outside, but hallways, doors, and inside the apartments really need updated. Old carpeting and raggedy doors in the hallways. Review from 8/3/17 on Google
Jun 2017: This place is not that bad. The only complaint I have is rent probably shouldn't be as high as it is for a 2br, but it's a college town, it's going to be higher. Also, not at fault of the apartment but dumb ass people love to just throw their trash on the outside of the dunpster instead of lifting the lid. Lazy ass college students. It's quiet, and the doors are built solid so you can barely hear noise from other apartments. Management is cool. Never had a complaint with them. Kathy is pretty chill if you actually go and talk to her. The office and maintenance never bother you. Parking isn't bad either, yes they tow, but hey at least you have a spot. It's close enough to campus and you're close to just about anything. Review from 6/6/17 on Google
Aug 2016: Awful place to live because they will screw you out of money somehow in the end so you don't get your security deposit back. Feel bad for the new people living there and good luck. Review from Google
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Sep 2014: You get what you pay for. It's close to campus and has a decent sized living room and bedrooms. However, the bedrooms can get VERY hot during summer because of no central air conditioning. They only have a wall unit for the living room, which using it can make electric go up a lot. Noise was never a problem in the apartment or with neighbors, and the kitchen was pretty nice. You have to pay for parking and there is not free visitor parking. However, they are pet friendly which is nice, and have a nice fenced in area for dogs to run around it outside. It's not bad if you're looking to save money, but honestly you would be better off to get a house off campus. Review from Google

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