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Riverview Apartments

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Apr 2019: I lived here since 2013 the rent is cheap and affordable. Cable and Internet are included in the rent .gas and electric is what you pay for .The neighborhood is quiet neighbors are friendly .some of the neighbors keep to themselves .It is very close by to downtown Kent .the floors and walls are kinda thin I can hear people walking around above me and talking .people on the 3rd floor don't have to worry about people walking around .the Train can be somewhat annoying it is very loud but usually I block it out other than these things it is a good place to live. Review from Google
Jul 2018: This is a very affordable place to live and it's walking distance from the park and downtown Kent. (Oh and there are 2 dumpsters for a reason. don't listen to what others say about trash not having room. Probably just the laziness talking.) Review from Google
Apr 2018: This is a very affordable place to live and it's walking distance from the park and downtown Kent. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Great place to live. I live there for six years, and never had a problem with anything. And if there was an issue it was resolved in a timely manner Review from Google
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Feb 2016: I lived there for 2 years until the end of 2015. Went thru 3 ownership changes. Unless you live on the third floor, noise levels for me were terrible. Probably because there is no insulation between floors, or on outside walls, so you hear everything. Trains run constantly at night, and you can't open your windows at night because the train horns echo in the parking lot against the hillside and the building. New management had a problem with complying with the 24 hour required notice to enter apts. to which I threatened legal action if they entered my apt. without prior notice in anything but an emergency. Would you want your landlord to walk in whenever they want with a master key and no notice. Using a convicted criminal who was a non employee to do a maintenance call on a single females apt. with no supervision. Welcome to Riverview. Review from Google

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