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Holly Park

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Feb 2019: One if the best places for renting out an apartment and affordable and decent
Nov 2018: I’ve lived at HP for over a year and I love it! Travis is such a great LC and friend. Review from Google
Jul 2018: They never put salt in the parking lot so it's always covered with ice in the winter! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I love living in this place and will always always recommend it for everyone! 10/10 for locations and price 10/10 for management 10/10 for pet friendly environment (even though I don’t have any, but I just love to see them around the complex) 9/10 for property maintenance system 9/10 safety and comfort of the neighborhood I’ve been here for almost a year now and I’m renewing my lease for another year :) I’m an international graduate student at Kent State University. I’m so lucky to get a room in the third floor with vaulted ceiling, it makes the room more spacious and beautiful! I always feel safe and comfortable at Holly Park Apartments. Since day one, I always receive the best service from the management (shoutout for Travis!). Any issues and problems are always well managed with reasonable time of response. The maintenance Review from Google
Jan 2018: The apartments are decent for the price. They are similar in size to College Towers apartments. The location to campus is about a 5 minute walk and is right across the street from an Acme. Review from Google
Jan 2018: These are some of the better apartments near Kent States Campus. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because they are not pricey however if you can find a roommate it takes the sting out of it and they do allow pets. Kent State is literally around the corner. Sheets is practically next door and ACME supermarket is across the street along with a whole variety of shops and eateries. Great place to reside especially for a college student. Review from Google
Dec 2017: This place is a dump, trash everywhere, and dog feces in all the yards, place needs serious TLC and a new grounds keeper. Update as of the 13th, they now have bed bugs in all of the apartment buildings. Review from Google
Aug 2017: I lived here for 12 mo. In a 3 bedroom, the space was big and worth the amount. Management Is great as well, they are VERY good with communication and handle all concerns accordingly. The only thing I would say wasn't to good was maintenance, they truly do come on their own time, if that. Review from 8/4/17 on Google
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Am I allowed to sublease my apartment? It depends. In many general apartments, being allowed to sublease is common. In student housing, the opposite is true. Since student housing involves renting by the room, who lives in an apartment has a large effect on the others sharing common more

Renting a college apartment vs renting a house In this series of answers, we will mention a couple of key differences and continue the discussion in a multipart answer because there are lots of differences and somethings might not be as easily noticeable. Apartments generally have a lot of more

Jul 2017: The complex is older but the price is fair and they're actually transparent about bills compared to many other complexes in Kent. They're working on updating the apartments- when I moved in new carpeting had just been installed. Holly Park is great for students because the apartments are spacious and homey. Parking has never been an issue and the lots are well lit at night.I've always felt incredibly safe here. The staff works with you, they are helpful, responsive and flexible. It's obvious that the office manager actually cares and he works to actively improve Holly Park. I've dealt with maintenance on multiple occasions and they've always handled issues in a professional way. My one suggestion for the complex owners would be to be more proactive about snow removal and salting. Review from 7/11/17 on Google
Jul 2017: Been 2 year with Holly Park apartment and they cant even waive one month rent for students who had stay so long with them. Best go to College Tower Kent. Review from 7/2/17 on Google
Jun 2017: I have lived at Holly Park for two years. I enjoyed my first year here but it was under different management. The new management, however, is completely irresponsible. In September we suffered from a beg bug infestation. Having dealt with bed bugs once before as a child, I knew how rapidly they could spread in an apartment complex so we demanded that every apartment in our building be inspected and treated. They would not comply with this and instead told us that our bed bug situation was an isolated incident and that they wanted us to pay the cost of the treatment. We were more than willing to pay if they could prove that it was in fact an isolated incident. Review from 6/20/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I have lived at Holly Park for two years now, and my apartment is really really nice. We live on the third floor so we have a beautiful lofted ceiling and we also got new carpeting before we moved in. Holly Park has been really helpful, generous and caring to the people in my apartment. Although sometimes it takes a while for maintenance to get around to you, they will do what they need to fix it (maintenance actually travels between a couple different apartment complexes so this is why this problem is common).They certainly have room to update/upgrade/improve, but don't be upset by that because it is a way older apartment complex compared to many of the newer ones. Review from 2/5/17 on Google

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