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Eagles Landing

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Dec 2018: The price is good for the college budget, but it is hot in summer, freezing in winter. Carpets are old and worn, kitchens are old, and the walls tend to get moldy. Pet friendly, though, which is a plus Review from Google
Oct 2018: The price for KENT is ok and that’s about it, my friend pays the same two cities away and it’s practically a mansion to this place. Don’t live on anything but a top level because you’ll hear everything your upstairs neighbors do, the worst part is the towing. I had a friend come drop something off to me and they were towed away. $200 later they got their car back, there is no visitor parking. If you ride a bike or something and all you care about it price I guess this place is for you but it’s still expensive for the shoebox apartment you get. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Very friendly clean environment an wonderful staff. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I did not find any Eagles here, but they are ok apartments for the price. Review from Google
Jun 2018: We paid for a remodeled unit, so my roommate and I are paying 880 total. To them, remodeled means "has a dishwasher and wood floors in the living room," but the place looks like it hasn't been touched for around a decade. There are other renovated units that are in MUCH better condition than ours, but we pay the same. Our oven barely works and has a chip on the front, the fridge has rust on the side and doesn't hold a consistent temperature, the bathroom has paint bubbles, the phone jack has been PAINTED OVER rather than removed, centipedes and potato bugs are constantly coming in through the window or something. Lots of issues, but they will quickly fix things when you ask. It's also a nice location to campus, but that's about all I can say. It's way too small for more than 2 people.
May 2018: This is by far the worst apartment I have ever seen. I pay to have a remodeled apartment, but my apartment is worse than my friends who pay for standard. The bathroom counter is falling off, the carpets should be in a middle school hallway, I have popcorn ceiling tiles with a light fixture from a hallway. Our apartment had fleas and we didn't own any pets. The oven barely works, the fridge changes tempatures, the sinks don't drain, the walls have hair PAINTED into them. I hear and smell everything my neighbors do. The washers and dryers don't work.DO NOT MOVE HERE.
Jan 2018: Management is so friendly and willing to help you out! I love them!!! Review from Google
Nov 2017: First of all you're better off renting a house for how much you pay here. We had a ton of problems with our apartment. Management did come and fix them quickly except for anything having to do with our window and door. Our door does not close all the way and stays cracked out the bottom corner so bugs and air can get through. We have the bottom unit so the large window in our living room is only a half window but the ventilation on it is horrible. You can feel streams of air coming through. The air ventilation inside the apartment is tricky as well. The hallway gets all the air from teh vents and the bedrooms stay chilly. The walls are paper thin so I heard the people above us constantly. Also visitor parking is a NIGHTMARE. There's maybe 6 visitor parking spots that you have to pay a meter for. And half of them are always broken! Review from 11/17/17 on Google
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Oct 2017: don't live here. They will tow your car, even if you have a pass. They towed my car when I came to visit my friend too. No signs anywhere, no postings, they outright stole my car. I got there at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday. Sometime between then and 11 p.m. they towed my car. Friday night. Why would you ever do that? It was after 10 on a Friday, you could have just given me a ticket or better yet, not stolen my vehicle. My friend hated living there by the way, cause the fitness center was awful, the rugs and interiors haven't been replaced in a decade. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Well cared for apartments. Walls are thin and space is not enough for more than two people. Review from 8/4/17 on Google
Jul 2017: I gave a 3 stars because their poor sound insulation. You can hear your neighbors taking and the loud music at midnight drives me crazy sometimes. Review from 7/26/17 on Google
Jul 2017: Well cared for apartments. Walls are thin and space is not enough for more than two people Review from Google
Feb 2017: Apartment quality varies, laundry facilities aren't great, and the maintenance does whatever they want. You could schedule a time for maintenance to come to your apartment and they will show up when they like--with no notice. Review from Google

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