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Aug 2018: Nice place. Management is fair in addressing concerns. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Do NOT live here!!!!! I was lied from the beginning stating that I wouldn’t have to pay utilities because I signed my lease during a deal time. Come to find out after my first bill that 2 bedrooms can not have unlimited utilities. I had a leak in both my bathrooms and all they came to do was paint over the leak. The kitchen floor looks like sticker tiles and always rolled up. Now they are changing me over $800 in damages because they didn’t do a final walk through and used old pictures of my unit. I have called and the lady was too focused on her future residents than dealing with the situation. If it has to been done I will be taking them to court because I have pictures of my unit when I left and it doesn’t match their “damage” pictures. Save your money, they are a complete SCAM! Review from Google
May 2018: Such a terrible place to live. The apartment was gross and the property manager was very nasty every interaction we had with her. The carpet in my room was black around the edges no matter what I tried to clean it and they refused to replace it. They did nickel and dime me for damages that were there when we moved in and even documented but refused to do anything about it. Worst decision I ever made was living here. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! Response to owner: I did contact the appropriate parties multiple times and nothing was ever done. You don't care about your residents at all. WARNING TO EVERYONE STAY AWAY! Review from Google
May 2018: Management is awful. They are rude, waste your time, and will nickel and dime you to death. My lease ends in July and it cannot come fast enough. Cooper Beech is NOT the place to live. The only good thing I have to say is that it is close to everything. They will charge your account for damages you didn’t make. Do yourself a favor and save your money instead of living here. Review from Google
May 2018: This is a very homey neighborhood to live in. The only thing I don’t like is the clubhouse does not have enough activities for us to partake in, it should be upgraded for when friends and families visits. Overall, I would recommend others to live here it’s great. Review from Google
May 2018: I lived in a 3 bedroom and the rooms are very spacious. The closet is a great size and the kitchen has more than enough space. would recommend 👍🏽 Review from Google
May 2018: I lived in Copper Beech for two years in a row. The interior of the apartments is very comfortable and easy to clean. The staff does a great job of keeping the outside clean, and maintaining the lawn. They are always friendly when I enter the clubhouse, and have never left me disappointed. Review from Google
May 2018: It have its Pro and Con. When I first sign with my bf, we was getting false information. Before you sign make sure everything the person is telling you is correct. We was Giving the run around ..For the price I’m paying is worth it. The rooms are big , you have access to the gym , the pools, etc. Maintenance get the job done. The apartment has a lot of space !! I mean ALOT. Some of the people in the office rude. Can’t say all. I’m debating if I want to sign again in July or not. . Review from Google
Apr 2018: DO NOT SIGN A LEASE!!!! I can't even with this place. Bugs are everywhere I look and nothing is ever done about them. This whole management change over has done nothing... There are so many problems with the front office. The staff is rude and they tell you lies all the time. The crime rate here is RIDICULOUS!!! Seriously look it up. They want college students like us to get fooled into signing leases because they see us as gullible and we are because we see the money off and the big rooms and stuff. But non-students live here because the price were low and they bring crime. There was a MURDER this morning!!! A murder. In Statesboro there is not much talk of murder probably 10 or so in the past 5 years. But seriously a murder, and there is nothing from the front office. Drug deals go on all the time, I call, but the police can only stop so muc Review from Google
Mar 2018: Disgusting! Nasty carpets poor roommate placement. College students had a 3rd roommate with a baby!!!!! Management only cares about getting that $$$$$
Mar 2018: The property manager here is a totally rude human being. If you have any issues she doesn’t care. She just wants money. If she doesn’t like you she will make sure she has issue with you. She shouldn’t be in this position. So definitely don’t live here. Although, let me state one good thing, there are big rooms so that’s a plus. Review from Google
Feb 2018: MUST READ!!! Please do not use Copper Beech. The Forum, Monarch, 111 South are a few of many better options. They operate solely on getting the most money out of their residents. Filed Collections on me after I moved out, turned in my keys, and discussing a buyout option for my apartment. They’ve filed a hard claim and ruined my credit for the time being. I refuse to give them $4,000 of what they claim I owe to them. I moved out and they expected me to pay for the months following after I moved out. The buyout was $800. They said I was taking too long (broke student drowning in bills and they refused to have grace or work with me). So thank you Donya Moore and Sarah Bonham for milking me of everything and ruining my credit. The least I could do is let people know so they don’t make the same mistake of doing business with you. Just a side n Review from Google
Feb 2018: Internet speed is very amazing here. As are the amenities and staff Review from Google
Feb 2018: Had a roommate that kept his half of the apartment in a constant mess. He got kicked out for not paying his rent. I was charged for his damages. Review from Google
Jan 2018: This really is a solid living space. Rates have gone down, you get a ton of space for what you pay for and the properties are clean. We do occasionally have a roach problem, but if you buy a $15 buy sprayer at walmart and spray every so often, they don’t come around much. They’ve even gone as far as to eliminate overages next year. Downside is how unprofessional and misinformed the office staff is. They all give you different answers to the same question and those answers are almost always “I don’t know” worded into different ways, often with an attitude. Its hard to ask questions about policies and your lease when the people you’re speaking to don’t know the policies or lease statements. Overall a nice place to live and is looking up. Review from Google
Jan 2018: HORRIBLEEEEE MANAGEMENT and customer service. Had a lot of trouble with the front office, wouldn't listen, extremely rude. Especially Mrs. Sarah in the front office, she is a nightmare. wouldn't recommend to anyone, I'd rather be homeless.
Dec 2017: All in all copper beech has been an amazing place to live! I’m outstanded by the staff and ammenties. It’s such a great place to call home while in the middle of college struggles. It has plenty of access to all that I need! Review from Google
Nov 2017: Copper Beech is the worst place you could want to live in statesboro if you are a college student. Between the horrible internet and unhelpful staff this has been a horrible living experience. Just recently Copper Beech moved in a family of three (in the middle of the semester) into one room upstairs. Im forced to listen to their baby constantly running around, the never ending amount of strangers in the apartment, and I've lived here for over two years. Copper has yet to even try to work out this problem. Hope that others will see this and not move in. You WILL regret it. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Save yourself and do not live here... There are big roaches everywhere and roach bomb and traps don't keep them away. I signed to live here and did not figure out who my roommates were until the day I moved in. Not to mention I called the leasing office at least 4 times over the summer and they still did not update information regarding my lease. I had to drive an hour and a half this summer just to get them to change it. The management here sucks and they really do not care about the residents. Yes, the rooms are big. But having a big room is not a sacrifice I would make the live with big roaches. Save yourself a peace of mind and money and do not sign here! Review from Google
Jul 2017: Do NOT allow anyone you know to sign a lease at Copperbeech apartments. I signed a lease months ago with this complex for a three bedroom. I opted to pay extra for the bedroom at the bottom and my move in date was set for 7/7/17. On 7/8/17 I arrived to the complex to get my keys and move my things. I was unable to move in on 7/7/17 due to being on vacation and I had previously got the okay from the front office. Here I am on 7/10/17, still unable to move into my apartment because of the problems with the first apartment. For starters, the apartment was dirty. A leg was missing off of one of the couches and the other leg was just about off. The couch was ripped. The mattress provided by this complex had "red stains" on it and MOLD was growing in the closet. I was initially told nothing could be done about the mattress because it wasn't an emer Review from Google
Jun 2017: I love copper beech! A nice and affordable place to spend your college years. I love spending days by the beautiful copper beech pool with my friends. Review from 6/2/17 on Google
May 2017: I give them a 1 star because i cant give them 0. Most unhelpful staff I've ever met. I've been living here just under a year and have never had any of my work orders taken care of. They've never replaced furniture from the past decade. They charge overage fees even when we hadn't been here for 2 weeks out of the month. They take advantage of younger people fresh into college and screw them over and charge them for damages the previous tenants caused. I'll never live at Copper Beech again in my life. Review from 5/17/17 on Google
Oct 2016: I only put one star because I liked the way the apartment is set up and the size of my room and closet. Every other aspect of this apartment complex is mediocre at best. The office staff are incredibly rude. They have zero idea what customer service is. The only use I got out of the "clubhouse" is the tanning beds, which I would dread using because you had to interact with a staff member. I lived there for one year and my car was broken into 3 times. Nothing was done about it. We called the police and they would drive through maybe twice. Review from 10/3/16 on Google
Sep 2016: I like this place because it feels like home, the only problem I have is that when I moved in there were dead bugs on the ground.. everything else is clean, location is great. They want to get in your pocket for everything from pets to regular maintenance. Review from 9/26/16 on Google
Sep 2016: This place is overpriced and a hellhole. It was nice years ago but it is now overrun with roaches. I've barely been here a month and have seen baby cockroaches. They only have pest control come on Fridays and if you don't know you're infested before you sign you're screwed. They'll expect you to come out of pocket to live in a cleanly environment. I seriously hate this place. It's sooooo disgusting you can see big nasty German cockroaches dead outside of the units. These places need to be condemned. Review from 9/13/16 on Google

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