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Windsor Park

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Oct 2017: Better than most of the other available byu housing Review from Google
Sep 2017: I absolutely love the management here. They treat their tenants well - like human beings rather than some gross college students. They are quite timely with getting back to questions and emergencies. The apartments are absolutely beautiful inside! I think the only thing that could improve is the carpet that runs along in the outside hallway. It looks absolutely disgusting and is definitely due for a change out! Review from 9/14/17 on Google
Aug 2017: Lived there since my second semester at BYU. It's a nice, quiet, private place close to campus. Just avoid renting through Aspen Ridge Management if you can. Review from 8/8/17 on Google
Feb 2017: This is the hidden gem of provo. This is the best student housing I have lived in. Every unit is privately owned so experiences may vary. Most units comes with an uncovered and a covered parking stall for the west and east buildings. The north building has its own underground parking. I have my own private room and shared bathroom. These rooms are bigger than other private rooms I've seen. Review from Google
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Cheaper On or Off Campus? The question if it is cheaper to live on or off campus comes up all of the time. The general answer is off campus. While price wise off campus is almost always is cheaper, you must keep in mind what you are giving more

What is the difference between a sublease and a relet? The key difference between a sublease and a relet is the involvment of the original leasee. In a sublease, the original leasee is still responsible to the owner. This means there are two legal contracts, one with the original more

Mar 2016: Few cleaning checks, clean apartment, nice and quiet. It's a little small for $350 in rent and you have to get a room with a parking spot if you want it to work. Otherwise, you can buy parking from other tenants or Del Taco ($80-100 for a semester, respectively.) Management is pretty prompt with cleaning but you have to harass them to get them to fix things. We were never charged for anything but we were also never home. Utilities were about $35 a month, consistently. You get the utility bill so you don't have to worry about them screwing you over. The rooms and bathrooms are pretty big, and it's fully furnished. We rented from Mountain View Management (room 223) and they were pretty nice albeit uncommunicative about parking. Make sure you get a room with a parking spot. No perks (pool, gym, hot tub, office) but it is SUPER close to campus. Review from Google

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