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Stadium Terrace Apartments

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Apr 2019: We got a new manager recently and he is pretty bad. He doesn't know how to communicate with his tenants. In his last email he said "be more like an adults" when some tenants were being loud later in the night. In the past month he has been here, he has shown off his unprofessionalism and his lack of experience with management. would recommend a skip on this one. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Awesome apartments, amazing management! Things are always fixed within a few hours of sending in any concerns. Gym, pool, study room and club house are always clean and available to use. Only compliant would be that the WiFi is super slow when everyone is doing homework. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great place to live! Accommodating and friendly staff who are always willing to help. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great people, great location, good vibes, lots of space! Parking situation can be hard, but I'm personally working on that. :) Review from Google
Nov 2018: I wish I could give this a better rating. I lived at Stadium Terrace for almost 5 years and then it got bought and renamed to Stadium 150. It has been pretty much nothing but disappointment since then. The renovations they did were very inconvenient. It did make the apartments look nicer, but they feel much worse. They did no repairs during renovations and maintenance since then has still been very slow. It is clear that they don't care about the residents. Review from Google
Sep 2018: The management has been super helpful and communicative. They've been really awesome about letting us know what renovation stuff is going on, but that'll be done this semester (Hopefully). There wasn't always enough hot water to go around, so I've taken some lukewarm/cold 7:30 showers. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Oscar is awesome, but he can't do everything alone. We need to shut-off the hot water valve to stop the water leak. 1 month and counting. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Management is super awesome. They’ve been working really hard to update the apartments and furniture, making this a really great place to live at a very reasonable price. They haven’t been able to deal with smaller issues because of the large amount of renovations that have been going on, but all in all I’m very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and everything they’ve been doing. Review from Google
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Jun 2018: As a resident of over a year, I am disappointed by current standard that the new owners have set. With the raising of price they promised an elevation in quality of life and comfort. They have failed to reach that bar. Between cut corners in renovation, taking away provided internet, and complete disregard of maintenance requests I have been left feeling cheated out of my money. There have been residents living here for well over a couple years. They have been driven out by the current standards that have been put into place. With a raise in price a raise in quality is expected. Stadium 150 and Red Stone have failed to deliver on the elevation of quality. Review from Google
May 2018: Loving the new changes that have been made! New appliances that look amazing and GIANT TVs. I’ve heard that they are making more updates in the next couple of months and I cannot wait to see what’s to come. I’m really liking the style of the new management, so easy to get a hold of and really accommodating. This place used to just be a cheap place to live but now honestly it’s so much more than just that. This is such a fun and social place to live I cannot recommend it enough. Review from Google
May 2018: I want to give 0 star for this place. Never come to this apartment. The internet is horrible. It is really slow, and sometimes even stoped. And house is so getto. The only good thing was a low price, but they increased housing fee. You need to pay more than 300 dollars, and for summer, the utility fee is more than 50 dollars (and the internet is still horribly slow.) Review from Google
Apr 2018: The internet is throttled, management ignores requests, and the place is falling apart. Less than half the dryers work. Decent community, but church is in another city. Stadium150 has cheap rates for a reason. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Horrible price for basically nothing. The only amenities this place has are a laundry room, clubhouse full of couches, and a pool. Though the laundry room generally only has 3 working dryers and is FILTHY. I've lost over $20 to the machines here. You put quarters in thinking it works and then nothing happens. You then have to keep moving around losing money until you find one that works. Also you have to have a constant supply of quarters in your room since the dollar to quarter machine doesn't work. And then there's the pool, which doesn't really count since its Never cleaned throughout the summer. The entire bottom is covered in black dirt, there are dead bugs everywhere and the filters are filled to the brim with leaves and such. Living here makes you feel like you're in a concrete waste. Review from 10/3/17 on Google
Apr 2017: It's small but if you keep it clean it can still be nice. If something is too old or broken they replace it so everything is either new or still not too old. Review from Google
Apr 2017: Great price for what you're getting. Onsite management and maintenance makes living here hassle free and convenient. Love the property and activities. Great people :) Review from Google
Apr 2017: Easy going place to live, management was easy to deal with. Helped me whenever I had problems Review from Google
Mar 2016: Most of the negative reviews come from people who don't clean their apartments except for the day before cleaning checks. If you clean your apartment once a month, you are going to fail. If you don't like cleaning, I would suggest you move to a newer complex where the upholstery, appliances, bathroom, etc., are brand new. Stadium Terrace is a quiet and inexpensive place to live. It's close to campus and has a lot of fridge space which is nice. The wifi issues are fairly accurate, but management has been trying to improve that. The laundry room can get pretty packed on Saturday's, but if you start your wash early or during the week you'll have no problems. The wards are fantastic and there are plenty of activities. I have lived in Heritage Halls, The Village, and Liberty Square. The response time for maintenance requests is all about the same. Review from Google
Feb 2016: Positive: The apartment is pretty spacious. The kitchen had two refrigerators which was nice.There's a pool, but I never swam in it so I don't know how nice it was. There were several pool parties though and they would watch jaws on a projector screen. Great social place to live, there seems like there is always something going on. Stadium Terrace even organizes activities such as an Easter Egg hunt where they even have a golden egg with free rent for a month. The clubhouse was okay, nothing special. Cheap rent. Negatives: Parking is a nightmare. They don't have enough for everyone that lives there, so if you get home after 8:00 good luck finding a spot for your car. If you park anywhere they deem not a parking spot they will put a boot on your car... This happened to me and I missed my classes because they didn't return to remove it until la Review from Google

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