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Aug 2019: AC is constantly broken and when it is working it makes this super loud sound so you can't hear anything going on or sleep. Microwave takes 10 minutes to heat up anything. If you do your part for a cleaning checks and your roomate doesn't do his they charge you for it. When Jordan was property manager the apartments weren't too bad to live at and he was really good with communication, but since they have gotten a new property manager there is no communication and they don't respond to emails or anything. I would not live here anymore especially because they keep raising the price of rent. It used to be alright, but not anymore. The only positive is the ward is really friendly and nice. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Pros: Has a roof The people living here are nice Cons: They charge way too much for apartments that are run down and in poor condition. Apartments are tiny. No AC on the second floor, so summer sucks. Ethernet ports may or may not work depending on the day of the week, so plan to always study on campus. Verdict: Unless you're really missing the third-world living experience you had on your mission, don't live here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Oh South Ridge. Lived here for a year. Management was pretty responsive. I enjoyed the ward and the close contact with other apartments. However, this building is so ancient and outdated. They make little token attempts to update things. But the truth is this place needs to be gutted and torn down. They shouldn't be charged as high of prices as they do. But hey, there's covered parking. Review from Google
Aug 2016: Imagine coming home after a long day of hiking Y Mountain or catching some waves at Provo Beach Resort or even taking in the local (and international!) wildlife at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. What do you see? If you see yourself coming home to a reasonably priced apartment with vintage 1960's Shakespearean architecture, plenty of well placed picnic tables near the onsite BBQ grill, and covered parking, then look no further! This place is a hotbed for Provo's hot tub culture, in that it has a hot tub and the Shakespearean architecture makes you feel cultured. Want monthly activities? This place has them. If you choose Southridge, one day you will drive past it with your spouse and children and point to the majestic Shakespearean architecture and say, "I lived there......I LIVED there." Review from Google
Aug 2016: Decent apartments close to campus, but the management has been very disorganized recently and breached the contracts of me and my roommates. They haven't seemed too concerned about making reparations. The renovated apartments are still small but repainted with slightly nicer carpet. You can live here if you'd like but maybe search first for complexes where the management is more reasonable. Review from Google
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Apr 2016: The management is nice and all but things just don't get done. The furniture is really old and has no signs of being replaced in the near future (despite requests). Red Stone seems to classify Southridge as low class compared to their other nicer complexes. "Newly furnished" interprets to receiving old, used furniture from their other slightly nicer apartments. Like others have said, the Ward and location are definitely some of the few pluses. Review from Google

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