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Utah Valley, UVU Apartments, Subleases, or House Rentals

- 8 month lease

1 bedroom in 3 beds 2 baths.

Great mens apartment with great roommates and social atmosphere. I am only leaving as a result of COVID stuff.
Fully furnished with all standard appliances and furniture. "just four minutes from BYU campus" (By car, I have never actually done this but this is what they claim.) I can attest to the useful nearby public transportation. 🚍 bus stop is across the street. They have a stop for the Ryde 🚍 shuttle that can take you on and off campus throughout the day. It is close to most things you need.
Utilities are covered by a flat $40 fee. (If you use more it is higher, but I never paid more than $40.) I included this in the monthly price listed above. They have coin operated laundry in the facility. Staff are friendly and helpful.

I already paid the deposits and you will get to keep the refundable one ($150) at the end.

I am not down there right now, so I can't take pictures personally but the raintree website has more information on what is available including pictures of the facilities.

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