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Liberty on Eighth

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Feb 2019: -I feel like they oversold the "non-guaranteed" parking passes. Getting a spot when you need it is unlikely -Washing machines / dryers are whack. -They charged everyone ten dollars if a couple people didn't write their name on the cleaning checklist. -I gave out my mailing address they told me I had and a lot of the mail people sent me went back to them. -hot water is good -no robberies
Jan 2019: Overall, I love living at Liberty on Eighth! :) PROS: Bedrooms are spacious compared to other shared rooms I've lived in. Lots of room for storage under the bed, so I don't feel crammed for space. The living rooms are huge and come with a nicely-sized TV. We can comfortably fit my five roommates and our boyfriends in the kitchen/living room area at the same time without feeling overwhelmed for space. The vanity mirror is HUGE, which is super nice when you are trying to get ready at the same time as three or four other girls. Our kitchen was always in good condition. Dishwasher broke once, but maintenance had it repaired within a day. The pool and hot tub are a big plus, and the atmosphere is super social. I haven't had any problems with the office, Loren (the property manager) is very sweet and helpful. She'll answer any questions you have Review from Google
Jan 2019: The Apartment layouts are nice and well furnished, everything works in the apartment which is always a plus. Even though the parking situation is bad, it is so close to campus that it isn't really a problem. The pool and study rooms are a nice touch as well. The gym is very small and they usually don't have all their exercise machines working some can be out of order for months. But I have enjoyed my time here, the staff are very pleasant and the apartment itself is great! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I have loved living here. The rent is pricey yes, but I think the quality of the apartment is pretty dang good for student housing. I would say it's worth it all in all. My ward has been incredible. this is definitely one of the more social places to live if you're into that. It's super close to campus and brick oven which is REALLY nice. my apartment has never had any major issues with anything so far, just an issue with water getting backed up in the sink but maintenance was quick to respond and very helpful and friendly. the apartments themselves are pretty spacious and comfortable, clean, well maintained. not too shady!! the office staff is always really nice, I rarely even go in there but every time I do they know me by name and even noticed when I got a haircut ( ' : I haven't fully taken advantage of all the amenities like the pool and Review from Google
Jan 2019: It is really close to campus which is a major plus! The apartment is nice and the complex does fun activities. The only problems are how hard it is to find a parking spot- even after you buy a parking pass, and the fact that it is a full year long contract instead of just two semesters. Nice management though. Review from Google
Jan 2019: 6 people to a bedroom but good, standard setup compared to previous apartments I've lived in. Love all the amenities offered (hot tub/pool, fire pit, clubhouse, study rooms, gym) and love that it's close to campus and brick oven. Only downsides are how expensive it is and parking (unless you pay for guaranteed, definitely the way to go!). Awesome people here + maintenance is always quick and efficient. No complaints I've enjoyed my time here :) Review from Google
Jan 2019: The apartments themselves are not bad, however they could use some remodeling and updating. The parking situation is awful. However, the location relative to BYU's campus is good, and its also right off of the main road so its a short trip to Smith's or the bus stop. Management is reasonable enough as long as you stay on top of things and are consistent with your follow-ups. The hot tub has been closed for the majority of my time here, the laundry room is nice, and they have other amenities that are nice but overall its not worth the price. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Lots of hidden charges, mediocre quality apartments with no hot water in the morning or evenings. Mangament is not helpful at all. Review from Google
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Sep 2018: not worth how much it costs to live here. Similiar apartments are much cheaper and you could even get a private room. Liberty boasts about there being a different social environment that makes it worth the price but this isnt true since liberty square is the complex that holds events and even then they only hold maybe 2 a semester. Live somewhere else. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I will NEVER rent from any Redstone Residential property again. You pay a premium price, for a less than adequate apartment. It appear better on the surface and in the pictures, than in person. The apartments are dark and disgusting! Not only will you fail cleaning checks because of changing standards, but you might experience worse things. We had sewage leaking from our ceiling for a month. The emergency line failed us, and we literally had to live in a dump. No accommodations were made, no reimbursements, and I didn't even feel like they were trying. Many things were destroyed, and my health was jeopardized. These apartments should not be BYU approved! Review from Google
Aug 2018: They told our parents while we were on missions that the White House was the ideal and mos the most desired unit. After we bought the contract, it was the only unit that hadn't been remodeled. Paint is peeling everywhere. Kitchen is very outdated. Old furniture. Gross bathrooms. Looked like a neglected basement apartment on the inside. We had to file complaints to BYU to get things fixed most of the time. The kitchen flooded 3-4 times. We were not given cleaning check forms, but still charged $10 per person for failing. The next month they gave us forms, but one person didn't sign up for jobs and everyone was again fined. Management wouldn't negotiate this with us at all. Overall bad experience. Review from Google
Jul 2018: OVERPRICED! Year long contracts are frustrating and impossible to get out of. Maintenance is slow at best, but honestly it’s kinda hard to keep fixing junk over and over again. Parking is unbearable and it feels like management is just trying to get as much money out of you as possible once you’re locked in. I WOULD not recommend. There are so many better options around campus. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I lived here from august 2017 to august 2018. LIBERTY ON EIGHTH IS not worth THE PRICE. They raise prices every year, and they're really not worth it. The ward is this place's only redeeming quality. We had a broken dishwasher almost all of fall semester (and from what I understand it was broken the entire summer before I moved in), and the office kept putting off its replacement as long as they could. Now this summer we've had a broken AC and a weevil infestation. They made us wait 5 days with bugs crawling everywhere before they sent the bug people because our request wasn't their "top priority." The AC still isn't fixed. Also the wifi goes out every other day lol so forget doing your homework. The girls in the office are really nice, but... yeah. The paint will scratch off the walls if you accidentally bump your fingernail on it. The recent Review from Google
Apr 2018: Honestly, management was great, and it was nice to be close to campus, but IT IS not worth THE PRICE. The apartment is super small and really low quality. The paint job is terrible, the vinyl floor looks really fake and scratches easily, and the bathroom is honestly pretty sketchy. I wouldn't be super concerned about these things if I wasn't paying over $400 a month to live here. There are other apartments that are much nicer and bigger for the same price or less. And the parking is terrible. And with the location of the apartments street parking is almost impossible too, so sometimes you have to park blocks away. Overall, I would not recommend Liberty on Eighth unless they dropped the rent significantly. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The staff are competent, and the maintenance man is timely. However, private rooms are too expensive for their quality. Lots of random fees. Almost impossible to sell your contract for Spring and Summer. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Decent. Lived here until about a year ago, for about an entire year. Why? Because they only have year-round contracts. Selling is unlikely because the prices don’t drop for spring summer, like they do at most places. Maintenance and management were nice, didn’t have a problem with them. Except our hot water went out for a week, but maintenance let us shower in an empty apartment for that time was fine I guess? I hear they raised prices on stuff since I was there, if that’s true, then it would be less worth it. We also got to live in our “fully furnished” (it says so on their sign outside) apartments for nearly a semester before they actually finished fully furnishing the place. Gym and other amenities were nice. More than anything, I think this place is just the product of the poor housing environment BYU, UVU, and Provo Review from Google
Mar 2018: Ownership just raised the rent and the parking fees for which there are rarely any available spaces. You pay extra for laundry. Shared rooms with six people per apartment. Cleaning checks right before vacation weekends, often failing for not picky things. The value has gone down even if it is very close to campus. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Management doesn’t care about the tenant. They make life more frustrating than it already is. Rent is already kind of high but when you add parking, utilities and cleaning checks it costs way more than it’s worth. You begin to wonder where all the money goes. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Not very satisfied with my experience. I wouldn't return or extend. The apartments are said to be remodeled... however, it has basically just had a poor paint job and new floors. They are expensive ($385 plus fees) and are not particularly nice. The only good thing is that it is close to BYU campus... but you could get somewhere way nicer (even a private room) for cheeper. The water is often turned off. The fridge is nasty and has shelves made of wood and tape. The shelves are basically a little strip of ply wood on the wall. If you live in building W you are isolated and your ward isn't even the rest of the complex. The toilet seats are very small too, which for a larger man just doesn't work. There is this weird cheese mold on the ceiling. The dishes are never done (Lol on us) The smart TV is pretty cool though. The beds are rocks. Parking i Review from Google
Jan 2018: Liberty has been great! I love how close to campus it is! The management is super easy to work with and the cleaning checks are not too extreme! They also don't charge the whole apartment if one of your roommates doesn't clean their part (so grateful for this!) Although parking is a little tricky at times it's not impossible and is better than many other places in provo. Overall I would definitely recommend! Review from Google
Jan 2018: The environment is great! I love the people I live with. Management is super easy to work with. (And they won't fail you on a cleaning check for something stupid) It is super close to campus (and brick oven, which is always a plus haha). The laundry facility is clean, and never full. And the club house is great, it even has a study room, for when you can't study in your room, but don't want to go to campus. I could go on, and on about the experience I've had here!!! Review from Google
Nov 2017: I lived here for almost a year and LOVED it. Beautiful apartments and SO close to campus. The people who live here are fun and the complex does a lot of fun activities. would recommend to anyone! Review from 11/24/17 on Google
Nov 2017: the rent is way overpriced after what they called renovations happened. There are lots of hidden fees. The management doesn't care about you as an individual. I have lots of friends stuck with contracts that have already left but cant sell them even though they are leaving. They try to get so much money out of you. If management lowered the price then they would get better reviews because the places are getting better but it does not match the price. Review from 11/20/17 on Google
Nov 2017: No lie, this place sucks a... A pipe broke and there was piss falling from the ceiling for a week before they "fixed" it. They will find whatever reason to charge you money. And it's wwwayyyyyyyy over price for below average apartments. You can do better than this place. Review from 11/17/17 on Google
Oct 2017: This place is the worst I have lived in since coming down to Provo! I'm currently living here and trying to get out. The cleaning checks are ridiculous and will fail you for a slightly dirty microwave even if the entire apartment is spotless just to charge you a cleaning fee. The price will go up every month and good luck finding somebody at the office. I would recommend Raintree over this Craphole. If you move in they will give you a very dirty apartment. They also didn't have a functioning stove in the apartment and when we went to see if they could fix it they told me "we don't consider an oven essential for cooking" BE WISE AND LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE! Review from 10/25/17 on Google

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