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Alpine Village

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Jun 2019: I have been living at Alpine for 2 years. Those 2 years were great. However, they recently changed the employees in office. I have email them for my issues, never I received a response back, it was so different before, they use to call, to work with the residents, now I realized they are just worried to get your money and bye. Also, I want to talk about a lady at the office, she is older than the other employees, she is so rude, and kind of scary. I loved alpine, it is expensive. Before, I understand the price, it was fine, however with this new treatment, this place sucks. Review from Google
Apr 2019: The general manager is COMPLETELY awful. (Several employees, who are in my ward, have quit because she’s so mean and dishonest). She’ll do stuff such as: put notices on doors for cleaning checks and instructions for move-ins/outs, and then, without notice, completely changed the dates and instructions all based on her personal thoughts of you. She will raise her voice at you and yell at you when you ask her for clarification due to the sudden and unexplained changes, and is completely unprofessional. She is disorganized, and breaks the protocol regarding transferring rooms or moving out, when the protocol given to you is what she told you to do. Her staff is very friendly and nice, and they do what they can to help you. But the manager just wants your money, and will do as little as possible to help you. On top of that, the place is just DANG expensive, and they’re raising the prices (again) Review from Google
Apr 2019: Not a bad place to live. Good social life, good parking situation, and private room :) best part was the room checking staff and such. They tend to work with you which is nice. Gave three stars because it’s pretty expensive and I feel like they try to cheap you out whenever they can. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have lived at Alpine Village a long time and I can definitely say that I have enjoyed my time here. There are a lot of perks whether it is the pool, hot tube, nice living quarters, and clubhouse. Alpine also helps me keep my apartment nice and clean with the monthly cleaning checks. The cleaning check crew is extremely helpful and really motivates me to keep my apartment spotless. A 5 star rating for sure! Review from Google
Apr 2019: I've had such a great experience here at Alpine Village. Yes their cleaning checks are very detailed orientated, but it is very fair and helps us stay clean. The cleaning check crew is also very patient and points out where we can improve. A great experience overall! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have never come to a company's website just to leave a bad review, but I was so frustrated with my experience with Alpine Village. I failed my cleaning checks due to - a receipt in the garbage can, boxes on my floor because I was in the process of moving out, and was charged a cleaning fee when I moved out even though I left the place spotless (I have pictures to prove it.) They up their utilities to insane rates. There were 4 girls in our apartment and EACH of us were paying around $70-$80 in utilities each month. I now live in an apartment and pay utilities directly to Rocky Mountain power and dominion energy and have never paid over $40 for the whole place. Anytime I tried to get help on parking issues, cleaning checks, or anything else, they just tell you that's the way it is. When I moved out I was only given back $60 of my $250 security deposit. They charged me a cleaning fee (for a spotless room?) and charged for an extra month of utilities that I had proof of payment for Review from Google
Mar 2019: I am so disappointed with not only Alpine Village but Redstone Residential as well. I lived here for a year and a half because I loved my singles ward, but these people are just trying to squeeze every last dollar out of you. I had to sell my contract because I was getting married, so they charged me a $75 transfer fee and DOUBLE charged me for my last month of utilities. On top of that, I was told I would be refunded for my parking pass that I paid $250 for. I never got that back so I called once or twice a week for a month. Each time they would say they were working on it and that they would call me when they had it. Finally after a month of calling they told me they no longer reimburse parking. They wouldn't let me sell my parking pass to the person who bought my contract, so now all that money is just down the toilet. Very disappointed that these people are greedy and try to get every cent they can from college kids Review from Google
Jan 2019: $432 a month for private bedrooms and granite countertops sounds good on paper, but you will never pay less than $500 for rent because for the ridiculous, confusing and far overpriced 'utilities'. Beyond this, once a month you will have an employee enter your apartment unannounced to inspect the cleanliness of both the common areas and your private room. Besides the fact that this is yet another opportunity for them to charge you even more, this was especially awful when I was in my apartment alone, made sure to lock the front door AND the door of my bedroom, and was awoken be an employee IN MY BEDROOM. UPDATE: I have now had an A.V. employee barge into my bedroom while I was asleep TWICE.
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Jan 2019: I have lived at Alpine Village for a couple years, and as time has passed, I have noticed that the property is poorly managed, and that the property managers care infinitely more about their bottom line than they care about having satisfied tenants. It is not what it once was, despite being a fairly new development. Rent prices raise incrementally every year, and it has been made known that Alpine Village plans on nearly tripling their parking costs without any intention of enhancing security or making any improvements to their parking lot ($35/monthly against $150 yearly, which also has been raised during the time I've lived here). I know people who have had their cars broken in the parking lot, and even saw a car where somebody threw a heavy object into someone's windshield and shattered it. It would seem extra security would probably do w Review from Google
Jan 2019: The apartments are very nice! The staff is really friendly and maintenance is always quick to respond to any requests I submit. The rent is a little pricey and the kitchen and bedrooms are a little small, but I think they are a fun, social environment that still offers the privacy of private rooms. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Plain greedy. I’ve lived at alpine village for the last 2.5 years and have been impressed by the good amenities, wards, and proximity to campus. However, corporate office is extremely greedy. They are charging $35 A MONTH starting in August for underground parking. Is $420 a year compared to the $150 now for the same exact parking. No changes like new cameras or security are being added. Corporate is pocketing all of the money from the price increases. If you can deal with a greedy corporate office sure live here... but there has to be better places Review from Google
Jan 2019: Alpine Village has nice apartments but the management is absolutely awful. I have never heard "Sorry it is out of our hands" more times. If you are paying these rates I suggest you take your money else where and hopefully receive the quality service you deserve. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Living at Alpine Village is comparable to living at Hogwarts. The Staff is incredible and help with anything you need in life. Literally anything, maintenance, homework, girlfriends, work, computers, wives, husbands, dishwashers, family issues, stress, travel plans, sinks, meal planning, car issues, attorney recommendations, broken AC units, phone chargers, hunger, decisions to go to church every single Sunday morning at 8am, snow on your car, ect. Basically anything you need help with. The apartments themselves are really nice and provide one with literally anything you need, beds, street maps, air, tables, fresh water, dust, sinks, electricity, space, places to sit, lighting, and my personal favorite, paint. This place is awesome, and if you don't live here at least once in your life you will forever be equipped with the problem solving skil Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have LOVED living at Alpine Village. The office staff are friendly, the apartments are nice compared to some of the other options in Provo, and the wards and people here are great! I just wish they had a trash collection service and nicer washers and dryers in the apartments. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I've lived here for a year, office and maintenance staff are very helpful and friendly. Occasional issue with stuff like the elevator but they're work hard to keep us happy. Apartments are nice. The clubhouse/gym/pool area are kept clean. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I love the new clubhouse! It is such a great environment to do homework or just hang with friends! The staff is always super helpful! Great place to live! Review from Google
Sep 2018: Living at Alpine Village was fun. I loved my ward, the activities and management. The courtyard was probably my favorite because it had grills and a lot of room to accommodate parties. I could've done without having so many young neighbors but that's what I get for living in student housing. If you like to be social, pay for what you get and a great location, I recommend living at Alpine. Review from Google
Jul 2018: The people that work in the office seem pleasant enough, unfortunately that is not reflected in how affairs at the apartment complex are handled. Somehow the apartment complex (that is raising their rent) has been unable to fix the elevator that has been broken for almost two months now. Incredibly irresponsible and negligent! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Overall a good apartment complex. Good ward. I didn't like the amount of nickel and diming that they did. For example, They don't tell you that they discount rent for the summer by $100 which makes selling your contract much more difficult. Then it is a $75 fee to sell my contract. $100 for the buyer to buy their contract. So then I am out $500 ($425 to dump my contract for the summer + $75 for the seller fee) just to get out. Every year they raise rent $10-15. Their cleaning checks vary from a 10 second check to a white glove instant-fail no-matter-what-you-do check resulting in a $15 fee. Having my own room was highly worth though. So 3 - 4 stars is my review. Review from Google
Jun 2018: It just wasn't the best. There are private rooms, and it's nice enough, but it never seemed luxurious or worth the price tag, especially with utilities not included in the already expensive rent, and then the fees that they'll tag on for cleaning checks. They handle maintenance requests well most of the time, and things are fine; there's nothing that 'wrong' with it, it just doesn't seem like it's worth $500 / month to live here. Also -1 star for using a review management service that if I click no I didn't have a good experience living at Alpine Village takes me to a message box where I can send a private message to the management instead of leaving a public review to allow people to know the good and the bad and let them make a decision for themselves, and if I click yes it enthusiastically asks me to review you on Google or Facebook! Colle Review from Google
Jun 2018: Wayyyy over priced and utilities are crazy high. But if its in your budget I highly recommend living there! The staff is so nice, great amenities, and units are fairly nice Review from Google
May 2018: Severely overpriced, but one of the nicest places to live in Provo that is BYU approved. Cleaning checks are usually fine but sometimes they randomly go ham and everyone fails. Pool and hot tub is closed earlier now which kinda sucks. Evaluator has been broken for a few week now, no idea when it will be fixed. good luck if you live on the 5th floor that’s 6 flights of stairs. It was pretty good while I was here but now I’m getting married and can’t wait to move out. Review from Google
May 2018: This place is great. My friends and I have lived here for a couple years and love it. Units are nice and clean, recently updated. Office staff is super friendly! Review from Google
Apr 2018: The management is complete trash. They don’t care about anyone that lives there at all and they will fail your clean checks on purpose just so they can force you to pay to have your place professionally cleaned. (Which doesn’t even do much because the cleaning crew just sat in our apartment for about 45 minutes talking before walking out) NEVER MOVE HERE YOU WILL REGRET IT! Review from Google
Apr 2018: The staff are the friendliest that I've met. Redstone is actually very organized, but many of the issues arise from misunderstandings. The area is clean, the units are nice. They also try to accommodate people trying to sell their lease. Unfortunately most of the online reviews aren't from EVERYONE that live there, just from the people that have had experiences that prompt them to post. It's too bad that the people that enjoyed living there aren't posting more. Review from Google

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