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$589 - Fleur de Lis

Move in 4/1/23 - 5 months. $250 cash incentive!!! Selling my private room contract at Fleur de Lis apartment. Beautiful apartment, great roommates, new management is wonderful!! Available in April, or sooner! Text me if interested!...Read More

$350 - Centennial Apartments

Move in 4/19/23 - 4 months. Hey! I'm selling my contract at the Centennial Apartments for spring/summer! Rent is super cheap and you'll have some amazing and respectful roommates! Super close to the Provo Vasa and about a 10-15 minute walk to campus!...Read More

$349 - Liberty on Eighth

Move in 4/28/23 - 3 months. Liberty on eighth is located right next to Brick Oven and is a five minute walk from everything on the south end of BYU campus. Aside from being a great location, the apartment is nice, living room is spacious and the people in the ward, the people i...Read More

$516 - The Branbury

Move in 4/20/23 - 3 months. 1-3 contracts available at The Bradbury! Available in April, we are willing to cover the first months rent! Easy parking, great ward, gym, pool, pickle ball court, basketball court, and more! Awesome clean roommate who is staying through the su...Read More

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$430 - Heather Cove

Move in 5/1/23 - 4 months. 🔸️Private Room 🔸️ BYU Contracted Selling Spring/Summer Contract with option to renew in the Fall -In unit Washer/Dryer -Dishwasher -Microwave -Parking pass avaliable -$30-40 for utilities -10 min walk from BYU Campus -Great a...Read More

$479 - Aretta Gardens Townhomes

Move in 8/28/23 - 12 months. Aretta Gardens Townhomes Now Selling Starting FALL Semester 2023 Aretta Gardens Townhomes are located just 2.5 Blocks south of BYU campus! These townhomes will have Private and Shared rooms for up to 5 individuals! These 3 level townhomes give yo...Read More

$359 - Brownstone

Move in 8/28/23 - 12 months. Brownstone NOW SELLING STARTING FALL 2023! Brownstone is located just 6 Blocks from BYU campus with the BYU “Ryde Shuttle” comes by right out front! These apartments feature large Shared rooms for up to 6 individuals. Every bedroom has eithe...Read More

$315 - Glenwood Apartments summer contract

Move in 4/29/23 - 4 months. Selling my contract for the summer (May-August) at Glenwood apartments in Provo. This is for a female shared room. We have discounted base rent to $315/month. Our apartment is newly renovated. The complex has a club house, game room, outdoo...Read More

$250 - The Berkshire apartments

Move in 4/28/23 - 4 months. DISCOUNTED CONTRACT! The Berkshire apartments, at 41 E 400 N. BYU contracted and approved. Selling my Contract for spring and summer (May-Aug). --The apartment is a shared 4-man apartment, (2 bedroom, 1 bath) --Rent is $250+utilities, (which...Read More

$420 - Liberty on 8th

Move in 2/22/23 - 6 months. This newly renovated apartment is great! It is a short walk from BYU and just a quick car ride from UVU. The ward us fantastic and always doing fun activities. You have free access to a gym, pool, activity center and more! The gym never gets to crowd...Read More

$458 - Glennwood

Move in 2/12/23 - 6 months. Selling my lease at glennwood apartments! February paid for and willing to pay for march. Newly renovated ( shared room ) Close to BYU stadium and campus, super friendly environment with lots of events hosted by glennwood. Email me with any questions...Read More

$510 - The Village at South Campus

Move in 4/1/23 - 5 months. **I WILL VENMO YOU IF YOU TAKE MY CONTRACT** Private Room @ The Village starting March 31st/ April 1st! $510.00 a month + utilities! Able to renew for the fall as well(or you do not have to)! Let me know if you want a tour! I’m getting married tha...Read More

$800 - Lexington Square Townhomes

Move in 2/16/23 - 3 months. Master bedroom available in Orem townhouse (Lexington Square). Super social community with three great roommates. Available now with the option to extend in May. In unit washer and dryer. Room comes with a garage spot, dresser, shelving, and nightsta...Read More

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BYU has a large selection of 'contracted' apartments near campus. Unlike many other universities, BYU plays an active role in coordinating off campus apartments by having apartments sign a contract with the University and abide by certain standards.

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