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University Heights

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Dec 2018: I have been living at University Heights since May and have had nothing but great experiences. They have an absolutely awesome staff in the leasing office. They are very understanding and willing to work with tenants as much as possible. They also offer some fun events and free goodies from time to time! The basketball court by the pond and dog park are awesome features to have access too. The houses are extremely nice for the price and they still pay for internet and cable. Overall exceptional housing complex, and if I were to stay in College Station I would most certainly extend my lease. Highly recommend checking this place out before you make a decision to stay somewhere else!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I have lived here at university heights now for a year and a half and for the most part have thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The first year or so was a bit rocky with management and maintenance requests, but new management took over about 5 months ago and things have been running a lot smoother since. Maintenance requests have no more then a 2 day response time and the leasing office has even started putting on fun events for the tenants. It seems new management really is making an effort to resolve past issues and i plan to renew another year! Giving 4 stars now, but think 5 stars will be more deserving in the future if things keep going the way they have! Review from Google
Oct 2018: University Heights has new management who have been very nice to my roommmates and i They respond to maintenance. We are very happy living here
Oct 2018: The management does not have anything together, they WILL NOT honor your moving bonus, and most maintenance requests are ignored. Strongly recommend living elsewhere. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I lived here from 2015-2016 and overall loved it. My only complaint was parking gets full. I cannot speak for the current conditions however. Justin Lopez was the property manager at this time and always helped me with any questions/concerns. I never had any issues here. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Definitely would give zero stars if possible. Houses are nice, but I have never seen a more disorganized office. If you have any issues, its almost impossible to get anything resolved. I have received different answers from different people and have never felt like I knew what was happening. Some staff were friendly, most staff were incredibly difficult. Also, be prepared to be hit with random fees for everything, all coming at the last minute. Would not recommend. Review from Google
Aug 2017: If you have any issues with your unit, don't expect them to be fixed at all. We reported that our ice maker was broken 4 separate times and never even got a call about it. We also completely cleaned the unit and hired the required steam cleaning service upon move out, yet we were still charged a $300 cleaning fee. All said and done, we got back about 30% of our deposit. They literally made up problems with the unit out of thin air to charge us as much as possible despite the fact that we did everything required in the contract regarding move out. All apartment owners are con artists, but these guys take it to the next level. DO NOT LIVE HERE. There are so many nice new places in College Station other than this. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Some of the worst management and poorly built units I've lived in. Was not cleaned upon move in, maintenance requests took weeks if not months to complete, oftentimes jobs were not completed correctly on first attempt, and management team lacks integrity. Will attempt to take as much of your deposit as possible. Absolutely no reason to live here as the location is becoming a worse, more crowded place as well. Review from Google
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Aug 2017: This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived at. Maintenance requests are never completed on time. Takes months of nagging to have someone come out to fix things like leaky sinks and broken washer/dryer. When someone does eventually come out, they do a shoddy job. Unit was not clean when we moved in and then they price gouge when it comes time to pay back your deposit. Justin at the front desk is highly incompetent and lacks integrity. Always side steps your issue and is generally unresponsive. With the considerable options in College Station to choose from there is simply no reason to try your luck here Review from Google
Mar 2017: I am a contractor for University Heights. We service several apartment and condo complexes. I am so impressed with the folks at University Heights. They are very quick to respond to their tenants needs. XXXX and his team call immediately day or night if they have any issues at all with a tenant's A/C or Heating system. That rarely happens. With many other property management companies we usually get calls days after the tenant reported the problem. University Heights responds so quickly sometimes the tenants are surprised with how fast we reach out to them. It is refreshing to work for a property management company that really cares about their tenant's well being. Review from 3/20/17 on Google
Apr 2016: If I could rate a 0 I would. These homes were poorly built whoever planned out these homes needs to be fired. They are also extremely overpriced. The parking is limited and the streets are way too narrow. There's always a cop passing through giving parking tickets and as a college student that's very low of him. The hot water runs out fast or sometimes there isn't any. The maintenance is poor and they "fix" things by just gluing things together. SAVE YOURSELF AND don't BE FOOLED BY THE PRETTY LOOKS. Review from 4/29/16 on Google

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