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Tower Park Apartments

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Jul 2019: Dangerous place to live, partly due to its age. We notified staff of a leak in our apartment from the rain and they did nothing about it until a year later when they were fprced by the builder to replace the entire up and downstairs wall. Then they ate up our deposit on a seemingly unsalvageable carpet Review from Google
Apr 2019: Been here for almost a year, very happy with the setting, the convenience, and the staff is always friendly. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Been here for almost a year, very happy with the setting, the convenience, and the staff is always friendly. Review from Google
Nov 2018: I have to give 0 star to this place. Bugs are everywhere in the apartment. Management is doing nothing but finding a way to take your deposit. Absolutely do not recommend. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Nothing fancy but great location if you want to be able to ride the bus to TAMU and be within walking distance for shopping and groceries. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Worst apartments in town. I will give 0 star if I had that option. They will probably show you around a better renovated unit, but hand you a rubbishy one. I can still remember how gross it was the day I moved in. They had bugs paint in the wall! They hand me an unit with broken internet connection for a month! The bathroom had a leak from upstairs! I guess they did not do pest control at all. I got 20+ mosquito bites on the move-in day. My sticky board could catch 10+ bugs per week. Plus, my car got so many scars the year I parked there. Whenever you complain, they will tell you it's a 50 or 60 year apartment complex, and you have to bear with all those. Stay AWAY! Review from Google
Jun 2018: This place is over run by cockroaches. I found one within a couple days of moving in swimming in a bowl of water in my dishwasher after the bowl had flipped over during the cycle. They do not care either. I went to the office multiple times and they gave me the run around, saying baiting was working when I was catching more and more cockroaches and the bait was untouched. It took almost a year of going to the office to speak with them and a formal written letter stating I wanted to leave before they finally said they can spray the apartment, and they didn’t do the whole building either, just mine even though my neighbors made the same complaints. They nickel and dime you for anything and everything. They just want to find ways to take and keep your money. My heater broke in the middle of winter and I lost power on and off for weeks. The ma Review from Google
Apr 2018: The landlord is extremely nice, Julie. YES the place is really old and things break frequently but repairs are free and extremely fast so its really no big deal. For the price this place is amazing. Only thing that could make it better and perhaps keep customers from going to the Marc or elsewhere would be to add a fenced in area for dogs to play. Review from Google
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Jun 2017: Not too many problems, issues that we have had are settles quickly. Only issue that seems to be a seasonal one is the pool. It's locked more often than it's open, which is quite crappy in the hot Texas summer. Would be nice if they would send out a notice or even post it on Facebook that the pool will be closed so other arrangements can be made. Review from Google
Mar 2017: They will find any excuse to eat up your deposit despite leaving the unit in emaculate condition. Fake staff that don't care at all about you. Crummy run down apartments. They will try to charge you for whatever the previous tenant did, they can do this because they won't fix anything you tell them to when you first move in. They'll wait till you forget about it. You must constantly hound them to get something done or for them not to screw you over. This is no way to live, people have enough stress in their lives already. You shouldn't have to be on top of their job, it's THEIR JOB! Review from Google
May 2016: It's old and there are insects. And it's more expensive than its same level apartments. Review from 5/25/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: I have lived here for several years (2012-2016). First I'd like to discuss the positives to living in these apartments. I can think of 8 great perks of living here: 1. The staff cares about your well-being and develops professional relationships with its residents (The maintenance manager's phone number is on my fridge for an emergency contact for medical issues); 2. All-Bills-Paid (water, electricity, trash, and sewer); 3. Large rooms and closets; 4. Diversity!!! people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures; 5. It seems to be filled with single families, graduate students, and professionals; 6. It has been fairly quiet and low key; 7. Location!! It is next door to H-E-B and other restaurants and shops; 8. Summer storage! Review from 5/23/16 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2016: I lived at Tower Park apts for 4 to 5 months. The all bills paid and backyard was perfect for our first home with our dog. like stated in previous comments these apartments are not cleaned well before re renting. They slap paint on everything but the flaws are easily seen. The carpet in these units were nice until our apartment got flooded because a rain storm had come through. After this occurred we were out of our apt for 2 weeks and tower park willing let us leave. Overall though the apt at first glance is nice and the neighbors were all very quite. Not the worst place I have stayed but we weren't there for very long either. Review from 3/18/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2015: I've lived here for 2 years now. I've loved it! I don't have any problems with the management team. Any time I've had an issue they are have always made it right. And, I've only had two issues. Once, my bathroom ceiling was flooded, but because my upstairs person did not report a leak. But they came right away, to inspect the damage. Fixed it as soon as they could. And the water was turned off one day, but by the city, not our complex. And the city came out and fixed the issue. But I've enjoyed my time at this apartment. The yard is always cut, and I've never seen anything inappropriate going on. It is an older apartment complex, but rent is cheap and includes all bills. :) Review from Google
May 2015: I would recommend that international students avoid this complex. Actually, everyone should. One member of staff is very rude. Despite it being written in their application and contract that they will take credit card payments for the deposit, they refuse to follow this. The member of staff in question did not want to deal with a foreigner (I am from the UK so I am a native speaker). I only went to ask questions and not to apply or sign a lease and she ridiculed me for not carrying my passport, just to chat with her. She said "believe it or not, most foreigners carry their passport with them for things like this". Umm, I'm sorry for not bringing my passport to come ask you some questions. How silly of me! Review from 5/15/15 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: I have lived in tower park apartments for close to 2 years. I do not regret my choice because this place is much better than my previous apartment. Pros: 1. They give you air new filter each month. So there will be no mildew growing in your air conditioner. 2. They have one guy picking up trash in and around the property everyday. So it is generally clean. As the other tenants mentioned, there are some dog poop in the grass, but not that much. 3. They pay all your bills, and the rent is relatively cheap. 4. The maintenance is quick and good. The office help you receive your package, and the people working there are nice and helpful. I have noticed previous reviews saying that they get trouble when moving out. I will update if this is the case after I move out. 5. We live on the second (top) floor. Review from 3/13/15 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2014: Like the other reviewer mentioned it is an older apartment complex. Maintenance was really good at coming in to fix issues within 24 hours. Location is great if you're a student with bus route near by. A few things I didn't like is that they poorly enforced people to pick up after their pet(s). Office staff was always friendly and helpful but I can't say that for their collections manager. After we moved out we were told we would get our deposit back within 6 weeks well 6 weeks passed and I did not receive anything from Tower Park so I called to check on deposit and I get informed that not only did they not write down my forwarding address but they were charging me $600 for new carpet. I gave them my new address to mail me the invoice and since I'm a military family I asked housing office on base for help to look into why they were charging me Review from Google

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