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Mar 2019: I've had a great experience with The London! The staff, including the maintenance team, has always been friendly and quick. The apartment is updated, but still affordable! No complaints so far!
Mar 2019: my apartment at the london is perfect. big kitchen, bathroom, and closet. I had to live somewhere with a lot of space and the london didn't disappoint.
Mar 2019: The renovations at The London is phenomenal. The gym, library, and computer room are so freaking cool. Plus it's on the TAMU bus route, so getting to campus is super easy!
Mar 2019: The London actually found my roommate for me, which sounds scary, but they match you up personally so it actually worked out super well! I highly suggest checking out The London!
Mar 2019: The London's staff is always super friendly. They go above and beyond to make sure you're happy. Even the maintenance team is friendly and quick!
Mar 2019: The London looks brand new. They always keep the place nice and clean!
Jan 2019: I recently moved into the two bedroom and I love it! It is affordable and functional. I also really love the clubhouse, it is a perfect escape to do get work done and to work out. Also, the coffee is my fave. I already renewed for August! Review from Google
Jan 2019: The place is absolutely horrible. Do not move here. The literally bribe and pay their residents to write good reviews on google. Their rating was under 2.5 stars on google and they offered to give out gift cards for reviews. Now they are up to a 4.0 rating. Coincidence? Definitely. They will harass you in the clubhouse if you post bad reviews
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Dec 2018: I’ve been at the London since January 2016 and it is by far the best and most reasonable apartment complex in college station. One thing that makes it best is the management. They are very understanding and helpful. The apartments all speak for themselves and the rent is beyond the most reasonable around Texas A&M campus and walking and biking distance from school within two miles. Highly recommend to everyone. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I’m gonna be honest, I love living here. The staff is terrific. As a young man, I love living here. I will say though, it’s not truly all “student” living as there are some families (some with children) living here. It’s very quiet at night here and I LOVE that. I highly recommend living here to anyone looking for a more adult with roommates living situation. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The London is a great place to live! The apartments are well keep. At first when I walked into the office I couldn't stop looking at the beautiful chandeliers and how beautiful the office is.
Dec 2018: I loved how well designed and the flow of the decor through out the new clubhouse. Its amenities are very convenient for personal parties and gatherings. The manager of the property made sure that all my questions were answered. Overall, staff as a whole seemed very well trained and versed as well. This has made it easier to choose where my daughter will live during her college stay. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The London is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The new remodeled clubhouse definitely makes this the best place to live in College Station!!! Love the 2x2 layout and the convenience of the multiple bus stops. The staff is so fantastic. They are always willing to help me out whenever I have a question! Review from Google
Nov 2018: The staff is super friendly and if I didn’t already have a place next year I would definitely sign up again. They’re so helpful and go out of their way to offer assistance. Rooms are decently sized and everyone gets their own bathroom. Pretty clean, and kitchen is pretty nice for the price. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I lived here all four years of college, mainly for the convenience. There were a few pros: * Close to campus. It is super convenient, especially if most of your classes are on West Campus. I had friends who lived close to campus (on the NG side) and paid $300-$400 more than what I paid here. *Layout: Common area is big, and you get your own bathroom *Bus stop: There's one on the side and at the front *Gym: One of the few renovations they've done that is actually super nice. It is a lot bigger and has a bunch of new equipment. *Furnished Cons: *It isn't really kept in the best condition. The net at the volleyball court is usually always broken. Pool is green half the time during the summer. I looked at a broken lamp post for almost a month from my bedroom before they had it fixed. Half the lights in my building do not work (and haven't w Review from Google
Jun 2018: I’ve had nothing but a positive experience living at the London! I think it’s the best place to live for students because the location is really close to campus and the prices are as good as it gets. The new management has definitely upped their game and the new updated clubhouse and gym are so nice and super cute! Everyone in the office that I’ve talked to has been really friendly and helpful!! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Contrary to the dismay many other reviews here seem to express, I have had nothing but a positive experience with this apartment complex throughout my year living here. The management has always been attentive and efficient concerning any problems I brought to their attention. Notably, one of their staff members named Emily has been of utmost assistance of a large majority of questions I had both during the leasing process and on. Highly recommend these apartments to any students who are looking for a convenient location near campus or just some looking for quality affordable apartments. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Signed my 12 month lease last fall and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every bit of it. The staff is friendly and maintenance is quick to respond. They have also renovated the club house which now provides residents with a coffee bar, fitness center, study area, and library. I would definitely recommend this complex to anyone in the College Station area. Review from Google
May 2018: I wish there was a way to give these guys a ZERO for stars. Here's a warning for anyone looking to live here: "don't do it!" As if having two airheads always working the front desk isn't bad enough, they reel you in with the "good deal prices," but never tell you how they slowly increase the rate, slipping in added fees that you aren't aware of because they think students are too lazy to check over everything. They'll even say, "Oh, that was a mistake! I'll call our manager about it and we'll give you a call back soon." And when they say "soon" they mean, never, unless you hound them consistently over the phone. Not to mention, the AC units always break (I know five other residents with this problem as we speak), and the inside of the rooms are filthy. Some of them may be a little doable with a bit of touching up, but things break very easily Review from Google
May 2018: Best place ever! I am living here since January, and probably will continue here for 4 years of PhD. This is the first place I live when coming to USA and I definitely love this awesome place! If not being so demanded then you can find those listed advantages of place bellow: Landscape is just beautiful, quiet (far away high speed roads), green (not feeling like living in a concrete box of room like other new resident areas). Room are spacious and fully furnished. Many amenities (modern and large fitness center, lovely large swimming pool with barbecue station, basket ball, beach volleyball, tennis, spacious library and 2 more quiet rooms for study, free coffee and chocolate, free printing and computer access, free high speech wifi, etc.) They're trying to improve and serve residents better day by day! Staffs are awesome, they remember nam Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived here for two years now and have had consistently unprofessional and frustrating experiences with the management. The two things this place has going for it are its proximity to campus and the floor plans of the actual apartments themselves, which are decent enough that we've suffered through all of the other issues. Maintenance is slow to come fix problems and the package pick-up system is a mess. Our A/C has been working poorly for the past two months and we have called maintenance out two to three times to fix it, and each time they have told us "there's nothing we can do". don't be fooled by the recent re-branding- they have only updated the clubhouse (with a ridiculous, gaudy and extravagant style, what a waste of money) and I have seen no improvements done to any of the actual apartment buildings. Most recently, they passed o Review from Google
Apr 2018: Filthy as soon as I moved in. And I tried to understand because its an old place and not too expensive. But once they decided to spend money to completely renovate the office instead of the actual apartments, I realized they really don't care about their residents. They would rather trick people into signing than actually make it a nicer place to live. Also like other reviews have said, they mislead me into thinking I was getting a good price, where one of my roommates that signed up a week before school started is now paying 150$ less a month than I am. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Better Double Check Your Lease Rate Once You Sign We signed a lease toward the end of February with them after completing a tour on a Saturday. I called again Sunday to confirm the rate of $379 per month for the 4 bedroom floor plan and completed the application the same day. By time they finalized the lease agreement, the rate had changed to $399. I know $20 does not seem like a lot of money, but to a full-time student who is working their way through college, that is four to six more hours of work on top of school and projects. Every hour and dollar matters. When I contacted the front office, I was told by the manager that this sometimes happens and the rates are higher once you complete your lease. POOR experience so far and most of the reviews are correct, poor management. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I told them I was only interested in a semester/6 month lease from the start and the guy said "okay, great" and proceeded to tour me around. The tour ended with an unwanted, too detailed, annoying 30 minute slideshow about how the company chose the place's designs and pictures of their other apartments around the world. SO POINTLESS and the biggest waste of my time. ON TOP OF THAT, at the end when we talk about signing, he FINALLY says, "Oh, we don't have any more semester/ 6 month leases, so you'll have to go with a full year." So basically, not only was the presentation a waste of time, but so was the whole stinkin' tour. Way to go District on Luther. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Under no circumstances should you ever consider living here. Horrible management. Apartments falling apart. I was displaced out of my apartment for over 3 weeks because of a massive ceiling leak and placed in a hotel. When i asked them to reduce my rent since i couldn’t live in my apartment for three weeks they responded with, “we believe the accommodations we are providing are more than adequate”. On top of that, the debris and trash the workers left when they were cutting out the water damaged walls and ceiling was ridiculous. When i asked for a cleaning crew to come and clean it out i was given a “sure! They’ll be out there on Friday”. No cleaning crew ever came and i ended up cleaning everything. Don’t fall for the cheap rent and renovated clubhouse. Save yourself time and anguish and live anywhere else than here. Review from Google

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