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The Lofts at Wolf Pen Creek

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Feb 2019: Do NOT Live here I am warning you . First off let me say this is the worst living experience I’ve had in College station . The first day we moved in the townhomes located at the lofts we didn’t receive a mail box key which was fine at first but 6 months in we didn’t receive anything and heard nothing from the front management so I went and asked if we will ever get them and they said they won’t be giving them out this year , which is very inconvenient because I don’t know who is sorting through my mail and most importantly they lost a very important document that had sensitive information and nobody knew where it was . Also there is no garbage dumpster in this area so they just let trash build up right in front of your door which is filthy . Maintenance takes forever to complete your request . And they can never seem to find your packages either which is just very frustrating at times when you have been waiting for a while Review from Google
Feb 2019: Spacious apartments with average quality. Okay management compared to most. Be hesitant to live here if you have a nice vehicle as someone attempted to steal my motorcycle first few weeks of living here and apartment lacks adequate security cameras in parking garage. They do follow through with events.
Feb 2019: DO NOT LIVE HERE! Reviews are fake- which is illegal- and they bait people by offering them gift cards and food- which they don't follow up on. My roommates and I were offered a $200 gift card TWO years ago when she signed, and we never received them, even after multiple trips to the front office. Management is EXTREMELY RUDE, incompetent and have bad attitudes. They really need to work on hiring people who don't roll their eyes at you. They constantly lose your packages and accuse you of having already picked them up. The wifi breaks down all the time, and the water in the shower gets cold after 5 minutes. It's a dirty, old, and run down place to live with really bad employees. Review from Google
Jan 2019: My best friend and I signed our lease a year ago today, and we renewed our lease for another year in November! Madison at the front desk is always so sweet and welcoming to us whenever we need a package or anything at all really. The managers, Carl and Mallory, are so hardworking and truly care about everyone's experience here. We know that we can always count on them to help us if we ever have any problems. The maintenance guys, like Victor, are also EXTREMELY helpful and have saved us from our smoke detectors more than once! We love the people here and have definitely found a home at The Lofts. :) Review from Google
Jan 2019: The Lofts At Wolf Pen Creek is literally the best place away from home, they have a friendly staff and everyone treats you with respect. while living at the lofts I have been helped tremendously by the staff especially Nikki Barnett, she has a great attitude and always keeps a smile on her face. Nikki has also been a great LISTENER, she always keeps in contact and makes sure everything is going smoothly if you do hit a bump in the road most likely she will find a solution. all in all, I just want to say thank you to the staff including the maintenance KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I just recently moved into The Lofts and I love it! I especially appreciated the help I received from Avery!! She was prompt and extremely helpful in resolving my issue. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I recently moved into the lofts and so far my experience has been wonderful. The best part of the experience is definitely Madison and Bridget, two very nice girls at the front desk. They are always very helpful, easy to talk to, and care about your experience. Madison gave me a tour of the place. She is very nice and helpful, and makes the Lofts feel like a resort; I fell in love with the property after just a few minutes. Its very homey, not loud at all, has many great ammenities, has its own bus stop, and the staff is great. Sign at The Lofts. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I've lived here at The Lofts for about 2 years now and I love it! The staff is very helpful, and they go above and beyond to help out their residents. Madison has helped me out tremendously this year to ensure that I've had good living experience and I can't thank her enough! Love the location, it is very convenient and you can get just about anywhere within 10 minutes! Also having a bus route really helps out too! Amazing amenities, gym is well kept up, and in the summertime the pool is incredible! I will definitely recommend The Lofts to my friends! Review from Google
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Dec 2018: I absolutely love my experience at the lofts! They have came a long ways and the new managers are great. I was having issues, and Nikki and Dathan were very prompt to get it fixed! Best place to live, you’re not just a money sign to these people!!! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Living at the Lofts has given me the chance to be able to grow as an adult. It is just the right distance from school and basically anything in the College Station / Bryan area. The access to a bus onto campus helps a lot with finances. The staff is wonderful! They are the most energetic, kind, and all around great people you could meet. Madison, Carl, Wes, Bree, and Courtney are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Glad I am renewing for the third time with the Lofts.👍 Review from Google
Oct 2018: If you want honesty from management and good customer service, someone you can trust, this place is not it. They are very deceptive and would not recommend living here. There is way better places to live than at the lofts. don't fall for their trap, sign elsewhere! Review from Google
Sep 2018: Management and leasing staff are very friendly and attentive, as well as the prompt maintenance staff! I've enjoyed my time living here and would highly recommend it for students. They're very accommodating, provide wonderful amenities, and are happy to work with any requests. There's a lot of events and opportunities to meet others, along with plenty of activities to make you feel at home. The parking garage is a huge plus, and the complex feels very secure. Love The Lofts! Review from Google
Sep 2018: The management has been very helpful and any maintenance requests were handled quickly. They have a lot of events for residents and the amenities are a nice bonus. They are very cooperative with any issues you have and try their best to solve them. Also the staff is very personable and remembers your name. The location is also ideal for my needs as a student. The trash service is very efficient and come every day at 8pm. They also have a bus route that runs right next to the apartments which makes transportation a breeze. The area has plenty of restaurants, parks, and even a mall. I would recommend living at the lofts of Wolf Pen Creek. Review from Google
Aug 2018: To be honest, my experience with the lofts was terrible, the management is just a never-ending bunch of clowns, the attrition rate is amazing with a new face every week. The manager hides in the office doesn't want to engage with people. Communication is zero. STAY well away from this shambles you won't regret it.
May 2018: The place is decent but management is terrible! I’ve only been here for four months as a subleaser and I’ve yet to have a good experience with them. They charge you for things unexpectedly and without much detail. Working with the staff was impossible. I’ve never had calls or emails returned, and I hear something different every time I attempt to contact them. The only manager that worked with me quit because of the disorganization. They will jip you however they can. Heed the reviewers’ warnings. Review from Google
May 2018: Overall is just ok. Good location and convenient furnished apartment. However, there are many problems about the system and management. For example, I got the problem with my reserved parking fee. I called, emailed, and stopped by the leasing office for at least 10 times. Until now, there is still incorrect balance due shows in my account. We are students and we have many things worth to do at this time, but definitely not worth to spend that much time to do what the managers should do. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Overall I like these apartments, the staff is friendly especially Stephani she is kind and helpful. I live in the 2 Bed 2 Bath it is a good size the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that when we first moved in the apartment was dirty, which we didn't like because the whole point of someone moving in mid August and paying for the whole month was so the apartment could get clean. But after we told the staff that it must be clean they immediately got to it. The staff has never let me down they are always ready and kind. The lofts are in the process of remodeling certain areas like the gym and also the computer lab which was one of the reason why I decided to live here again. The lofts are always giving free food which is a bonus. Wi-fi is good, bus route is great, and residents are friendly. It's a good place and good price. Review from Google
Mar 2018: The rates are a good but electricity is not included. The location of the apartments is a big bonus since there is a lot of stores like HEB, Target and the mall are near it along with the fact that the bus take you to HEB itself but the location also seems to affect your cellular providers signal. I have Verizon, being one of the top cellular companies, and still have bad signal. The wifi is good enough once you're connected but your device sometimes randomly disconnects or takes a while to connect automatically. A lot of parking spaces are reserved and therefore it is sometimes difficult to find a convenient parking space at night. Overall, its a good place to stay its pretty calm, the rooms are a good size the maintenance service is great the living room and kitchen are a good size and well furnished as well. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Overall The Lofts is a great place to live. The staff is extremely nice and answers any questions you have right away. Maintenance calls are answered quickly and repairs are usually done within the same day or next day, unless there is a lot of calls which happened during move in but is understandable. Prices are on the higher end but its a good place to live. Review from Google
Mar 2018: The lofts is a wonderful place to live! I lived there my freshman and sophomore year. Having a bus route that quickly gets you to campus is a great luxury! Being close to the park is also great for people who like to run! I also enjoyed having covered parking for my car. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I’m definitely renewing here at The Lofts! Great customer service and the new management is superb! All maintenance requests are tended to in a timely manner. Hallways are being cleaned regularly and looking much better! The gym is being remodeled and I love not having to leave the propert to go to another gym or pay for a membership. I love the new free Starbucks machine and free printing as well. I am very pleased with this apartment complex. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Thank you so much for the review! We love having you as a resident!
Jun 2017: I think these are absolutely gorgeous apartments & as well Lofts. I think the minute you move in you feel as if you are living at a resort to the beautiful swimming pool & nice quietness that they take pride on here. I also love the Theater Room, Computer Room, Gym, Parking Garage. I think the staff is absolutely amazing & so helpful with anything you need. The Loft itself is absolutely breathtaking it's very nice & definitely a great price. I would recommend anyone to live here, it's the best decision you could make. Whoop!! Gig Em!! Review from 6/2/17 on Google
May 2017: DIRTY: there's been vomit in the stairway for two months now, there is often broken glass in the parking garage that stays there for months. We keep our apartment clean but we still get roaches. We had an ant infestation (on the 2nd floor, because they live in the floor and walls.) Maintenance Requests: take forever SECURITY: SUCKS! The gates and doors are often broken, things get stolen, people who don't live there use the gym and pool. Bad part of town. NOISE: The fire alarm system is screwed up so it goes off all the time, often at 3am. Review from 5/30/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I'm not sure why there is so much negativity but I would highly recommend The Lofts at Wolf Pen Creek. We have the larger 2-2 with rooms on opposite end of the apartment with the sitting area and the kitchen in the middle. I've never had problems getting results from management. The location is convenient to shopping, bus routes and the Universities, A&M and Blinn.

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