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The Arbors at Wolf Pen Creek

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Aug 2019: I’ve been living here a few months now and never had an issue. Everyone has been super helpful. Never had a maintenance issue. Incredible staff and very quick to address any issues. Very accommodating and helpful. Review from Google
Aug 2019: From the first time we looked at apartments , we chooses an apartment and moving in, we have had great experiences. Really recommend for all others. Thank You! Review from Google
Aug 2019: Apartment looks brand new! I got a really good deal on my lease and I'm very pleased so far. Everyone has been super friendly and the grounds are kept so nice and green!!!!! Review from Google
Jul 2019: new residents, beware. PROTECT YOURSELVES!!!!!!! When you move in, check the serial number etc. on the modem in your unit!!! Confirm the modem info with the office!!! I just moved out, and they charged me $150 for a modem. They insisted that the one I left in the unit after moving out was not the one they registered!!! Unfortunately, I didn't have a record of the modem when I moved in. That means even if I did leave the same modem in the unit, I can't prove it!!! If this is bad when I move out, it was worse when I was a resident here. This spring (2019), they suddenly decided to change the floor, all cabinets in the kitchen and toilet, and all the doors in one day! While we are living in there! We have to move all our belongings elsewhere for them to do the renovation work! It was really inconvenient!! Not to mention the toxic odor after the renovation. I used an air quality monitor and it says the formaldehyde level was way above the safety level Review from Google
Jun 2019: If you're happy sharing your home with an absurdly large population cockroaches the size of small cats, constantly not having access to running water, and the absolute worst management you could dream up, this is your place. If any part of that sounds like a deal breaker, look elsewhere because these are non-negotiable if you live at the arbors. I will say though, the maintenance team is fabulous. Outside of that, you couldn't pay me to renew. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Best apartment in the area. Everything looks brand new, I'm told they did renovations, which are stunning, and the price is definitely right. Staff is extremely friendly, and I'm super happy with my new apartment. Review from Google
Jun 2019: The price of the apartment here is expensive and the management is not friendly. The only thing they care about is whether their mission is to pass, and then try their best to disgust the tenants. Let's talk about the actual. The gym here is small and about the size of a dog cage. The weeder wakes me up on time every Thursday morning. If there are other construction matters, then you don't want to sleep late. If the rent is late, they will try their best to contact you, but when you find that you have troubles and need to be reminded, they will not be so enthusiastic. There are many ways to contact, but they only like to make phone calls. Even if the phone doesn't work, they still have to call every day, pretending to have notified you, and the mail is just a perfunctory one. Their managers can't understand English, and an email name should be repeated more than 5 times. They often do not notify the user, do not ask the user for permission to enter the room for repair, will only send you an email after completion, they just want to keep the house in good condition, so that the next time to sell a good price Review from Google
Apr 2019: Definitely had a pleasant time living here. Location was great, everything was minutes away. Very clean and well kept and I even got the first month free. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: DON’T LIVE HERE!!!! It should be no star for the apartment. There are so many problems with the apartment. The office doesn’t care about residents at all. As long as you sign the lease, they will totally ignore your rights. We renew the lease for an early bird offer. However it turns out to be the worst decision we made last year. After we renew the lease, the office doubled the discount to new residents, that’s so unfair to residents accepted this ‘early bird’ offer, we should become a late bird. However that‘s just the beginning of our horrible experience. At the beginning of the year, they decided to remodel the apartment while we still leave here. We are asked to remove everything in the living room, bathroom and part of living room. That’s almost moving for us. We had to pack and unpack everything, and clear the mess after construction. It’s not just troublesome but harmful to health Review from Google
Apr 2019: The experience living in the arbors is the worst one ever. The water pipe in my restroom burst after only 8 days after I move in. Everything in my bedroom was experiencing hot shower rain at that time. They upgraded the apartments even when we still live there with no discount. The smell was so bad that I believe it’s harmful for my health. My friend’s belongings inside the car has been stolen when she park in the lot. When she goes to the leasing office and tell them about this, they didn’t take it seriously. I will leave the arbors this year and so as many of my friends. Don’t live here. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have lived here for more than a year and recently they started to remodel the units without giving proper notice or assistance. It is pretty annoying since they asked us tenants to move our belongings and furniture out and in BY OURSELVES (they are going to replace the floor). I am not sure who got time for that but I certainly do not especially during the busy mid-semester. What disappoints me the most is the staff in the leasing office. THEY ARE SO RUDE AND THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSY SCHOOL SCHEDULE. They just want to do the remodeling so they can raise your rent. Even if you are not going to live here for the next year they still force you to do this. DO NOT LIVE HERE! IT IS not worth THE MONEY. The remodeling of the whole apartment takes less than one day, you can imagine how "good" quality it could be. Review from Google
Mar 2019: There is no star…. the only thing I would say is DO NOT LIVE HERE. Water shut-off, internet off and A/C problems were too often. They recently started the renovation for every unit, but it turned out to be worse. Now the service is horrible. The absolute WORST thing about living here is that you CANNOT communicate with management at all. Very poor support and they don’t care about your complaints once you signed up a lease. If you are looking for an apartment, I would say it’s not worth it! The rent is too damn high. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I lived here for half a year. The maintenance is really fast and sweet, they left some candies several times.. The location, the washer/dryer/big windows for sunshine are really nice. The price is fine considering the good above advantages. Although recently there are the remodels for our home, there are some noisy in the morning, and there are some odor, but the staff have a really good preparation for us and always answered my questions patiently. Hope the remodeling for our home can go smoothly....and looking forward to a refurnished home.
Feb 2019: I would say this is definitely the worst rental experience for me so far. The staff and manager are extremely rude and DOES NOT care about the current tenants at all. They started to remodel the apartments in January. The toxic smell after the remodeling caused me a headache and cough. We complained about it but the manager said it was our problems and did nothing. We measured the formaldehyde levels (can cause cancer) and it was unqualified. I did some research and doubt the smell would go away within one year. We brought the issue up to their parent company. Unfortunately, the manager of the parent company was very condescending and decided to do nothing. To sum up, If my friends want to rent this apartment, I will never recommend. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I have lived here nearly a year I can honestly say that this is one of the best places to live!! It is so close to EVERYTHING, management and maintenance are always so quick to fix any issue we may have (which has not been the case with the many other places I have lived). Not to mention the fact that they are always super nice, and actually renovated our ENTIRE apartment in less than 12 hours! Can’t say enough good things! Review from Google
Jan 2019: We have lived here for about a year. Since moving in, we have absolutely loved it. The apartment location is amazing and close to a lot of stuff. The maintenance crew is so awesome and fast to quick ANYTHING. The office staff is really nice and welcoming. We are actually renewing our lease in 2 months, which is something we have never done. (Because I am very picky...) Review from Google
Jan 2019: Since we moved in November to be closer to our jobs, we are overjoyed with the personalized service of the staff. This is a wonderful place to live. They have just updated apartments here. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Review from Google
Jan 2019: They've recently renovated the grounds and apartments, and it looks AMAZING. I was lucky enough to get one of the new finished apartments, and I feel this place is a high value. Review from Google
Sep 2018: If you are ok to deal with ignorant leasing office, you can consider the apartment. The leasing office never take responsibility for their fault. They will put up the amount of rent you need to pay on the day that is late and charge you a late penalty. They will deny their offers for residence who renewed. They will always say there is nothing they can do and the fact that you know there is something they can do for sure. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The water outage happened too often. The staff isn’t very kind. Review from Google
May 2018: I have lived here for about a year now. The apartments are clean, and I like the fact that we have a balcony and storage in the apartment. The maintenance here is perfect, for example, we had an issue with the washer, and they came with a new one right after. In general, I would recommend living here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I don't even know where to begin. The management is terrible and strongly biased against international student. JUST DONT LIVE THERE. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I would say this is definitely the worst rental experience for me so for. The staff and manager only care about you if you are a potential customer. Once you've signed the lease, they don't really care about your requests and your benefits. I would definitely not recommend any of my friends to live here. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have lived at The Arbors for 2 years now and love it. The rent is slightly less than comparable places that I looked, since they offer your first month of rent for free. You can either just skip that payment or have 1 month worth of free rent distributed across every monthly payment. It is mostly graduate students who live here, so it is very quiet, even on the weekend. The location is convenient, too. It is a 3 minute drive or about a 10 minute walk to HEB and Target. For school, TAMU Bus Route 27 picks up in front of the apartment complex, so it only takes about 10 minutes to get to the main part of A&M's campus. They are pet friendly, and even have stations with doggie bags and trash cans. The pet deposit is around $200 (I think) with no recurring payments. It is within walking distance to Wolf Pen Creek Park, so it offers a Review from Google
Aug 2017: I lived at The Arbors for 2 years until I graduated, and I absolutely adored everything about it. I loved the location where it's close to everything (especially wolf pen creek), the quiet neighbors, and the staff. Whenever we put in a maintenance request, they were there that day to fix it. The apartments are well maintained, clean, and homey. I love the tall ceilings and spacious living rooms too. I just moved to a different state, and I already miss The Arbors! Review from Google

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