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Rise at Northgate

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Sep 2017: The management is so friendly and really tries to help out their residents in whatever way they can. When signing my lease, the leasing manager answered all my questions respectfully and worked with me on some of the details of the contract. As a resident, I am always greeted when I enter the building and the staff is always willing to help me with whatever I need. The bedroom is small, but sufficient for any student. My BIGGEST problem is the lack of drawers in the bedroom. The closet is a nice size, but I need someone to put my folded clothes. Like other reviews have expressed, there are not many spots for guest parking, which can definitely be annoying. The amenities are nice and easily accessible. The location is perfect for any STEM major. Overall everything has been great so far and I really enjoy living here. (-: Review from Google
Sep 2017: My child is a resident at The Rise. Recently, when Hurricane Harvey caused an enormous amount of rainfall, her apartment experienced some water leaks as I'm sure did many others. The management at the Rise had fans out on the property, drying out walls. They didn't just dry it out and call it good. They pulled wallboard where necessary and have been fixing the damage. I am thankful that they care enough about their property to not allow for mold growth. They have updated us and handled it appropriately. Let's face it, no one wants water damage. I think they are resolving everything correctly as well as pretty quickly and I think it's a great sign of good property management. Aside from that, my daughter has been more than happy with her choice of apartment. It has a great location and from what she has said on her floor is pretty quiet. Review from Google
Aug 2017: For the second year now, The Rise has botched my living assignment due to "miscommunication". Was given the incorrect floor and room, and was told I had not signed for parking despite my doing so. The "leasing agents" are mostly slacker undergrads who lack the most basic communication skills.
Jul 2017: This is a REAL review, not one of those fake 5 star reviews. This is an awful place to live. The most unorganized management I've ever seen. I know many rooms went unfilled this year because of the lack of discipline and respect the staff has. Most of this is directed towards the staff and the maintenance. Maintenance is rude and leaves behind HUGE messes for the residents to clean up. If you call the managers about it, they won't do anything. I was promised TWO YEARS ago that they would get guest parking (they only had THREE spots for the ENTIRE building). They lied. Every promise they make is a lie. Took them 9 months to do a 3 month pool renovation which made the whole outer deck off limits and the residents were NOT reimbursed at all for the lack of use. Horrible management. The ceiling to my whole apartment looks ghetto and unfinished. He Review from Google
May 2017: Living at the Rise has given me hope for the rest of my college career. My first year here, I was really broken down due to a poor living situation and didn't expect much from the Rise. I was really surprised. They have gone over and beyond what I expected. The managers especially have been super kind to me. Any time I had any kind of problem, the leasing manager let me cry in her office until it was worked out. The staff is so incredibly caring about their residents which I can definitely say isn't always the case elsewhere. If you're new to college station and A&M, I highly suggest you consider the Rise due to its safety and comforts of home. Review from 5/20/17 on Google
May 2017: I came here to look for a one bedroom today. I walked into the office and both employees had their back turned to me, and did not turn around and greet me when I can through the doors. Nobody had even asked me if they could help me with anything. After standing in silence for about a minute, I finally spoke up and said I am interested in taking a tour. They made it seem like it was too big of a deal, so I finally just asked if I could have pricing. There was a dog in the office roaming free, and all the attention seemed to be on the dog rather than a potential tenant. The other leasing agent continued to spin in circles and play with his rubix cube. Review from 5/16/17 on Google
May 2017: The staff here is really nice, I feel really safe living here, and the location is awesome, but there are a couple bad things about living here. For one, the noise is absolutely terrible. I live on the 15th floor (out of 17) and the noise from the street below (University Drive) is so loud that sometimes if I am watching tv I cannot even hear it over the loud trucks and motorcycles that drive by. Not even just the loud ones though, I can here the traffic driving by all day and I can also hear people talking on the street when they are walking by at night. Another thing is the elevators are terribly slow, especially during the busy hours of school days. The manual close door buttons in the elevators do not work so it takes forever for the door to close after someone gets off on their floor. Review from 5/9/17 on Google
May 2017: It is thoroughly disappointing that we have not been able to use to pool for this entire spring semester. In addition, it is upsetting that the studio on the 6th floor is yet to be finished. It was exciting to get the email about the possibility of using other facilities while the Rise is under construction, but nothing came of it. Review from 5/3/17 on Google
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Feb 2017: ABSOLUTELY terrible and outrageous. This is my second year at the rise. I signed my lease again because I enjoyed my stay the first go-around. Let me tell you, this place is HORRIBLE. If you like to take afternoon naps or go for a swim on a hot day, look elsewhere.Construction starts as early as 3a.m and lasts ALL DAY, even on the weekends. For paying over a thousand dollars per month, you would think we would at least have working amenities or be compensated for the extremely disturbing construction next door. DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE BY SIGNING HERE. Review from 2/24/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I am very unhappy with my experience at The Rise at Northgate! I was scheduled to move in at the beginning of February. My first night there my dishwasher clogged, and I called the front desk and got absolutely no help whatsoever!! I was on hold with the front desk person for over 15 minutes! My experience was so bad here that I literally called my dad and he came back the next day to move me out. This place has caused me undue stress and anxiety that I do not need! I hate this place with a passion! Do not move here! Review from 2/13/17 on Google
Nov 2016: Pros: Closest to campus you'll get without actually living on campus Personal spot in the parking garage On site maintainance staff Views from the upper levels are pretty much the best you'll get in a city like college station Extremely safe with controlled access through out the entire building, doors that lock automatically, and cops that sit at the front desk at night Cons: This is a party atmosphere no doubt about it. How loud your neighbors are really is just a matter of luck. I've lived here two years and the first year sucked in terms of noise. I'm on the 16th floor and the person directly above me the first year would throw huge parties nightly and I had many sleepless nights. It's much better this year so this can vary, but in general it's a party atmosphere. Review from 11/13/16 on Google
May 2016: It has a great location near engineering department but it is obviously overpriced. Considering of its price, the room is really small. Another thing is the rude management. Once you signed the contract, the apartment office do nothing to keep their promise. For exam, The penthouse is a total scam. You can not imagine how different between the picture and real room size. Review from 5/20/16 on Google
May 2016: Internet is absolutely horrible. Despite stating in the lease and advertisements that the top floors get "High-speed Internet", in fact we use the same as everyone else (only one example of such false advertising), which as of currently is at an amazingly bad 0.02Mbs upload speed. I might as well be paying $900 a month for dial-up. Review from 5/14/16 on Google
Mar 2016: I enjoy living at the Rise. The maintenance staff is very good and will answer you calls within 24 hours or less. I also enjoy the convenience of the CVS and the positive and helpful front desk staff. Review from 3/24/16 on Google
Jan 2016: The Rise is very upscale; the amenities are wonderful, the management is always very competent and helpful, and there is a CVS on the first floor. The building hosts various events almost every weekend along with awesome giveaways. They had free breakfast and dinner every day of finals!
Nov 2015: The rise is a great place to live. The apartments arent bad, there are a lot of great amenities(even if they arent always working), and its super close to campus. Rent is pretty high tho Review from 11/2/15 on Google
Sep 2015: THE WIFI IS ABSOLUTY TERRIBLE! I have to log on to the stacks wifi to get anything done or just go on campus. It use to be insanely fast, now it is as bad as dial up speed back in 2001. Review from 9/28/15 on Google
Jul 2015: I am going on year three of living at Rise. Its definitely a hate love relationship. With living here long enough I know all the goods and the bads but for the most part this place is like a vacation in a urban city. Pros: *Best wifi in college station. (people pay 500+ a month for these speed if you had an awesome router and live on the boosted floors.) *A gym with ever thing you need to become a "monster" or a "cardio queen" *Huge study rooms & free coffee *A volleyball court, pool, hot tub that's the size of your room, bbq grills, game room. *MAIL DOORS THAT ACTUALLY MATCH YOUR ROOM NUMBER *Free events almost every week Review from 7/6/15 on Google
Aug 2014: The customer service at the rise is wonderful. Issues are addressed quickly. The study areas are bright, well organized, and the white board walls are extremely helpful. (resident reviews from apartment site 8/20/2014)
May 2014: There has been a lot of improvement in the management and organization. I think the future plans will look promising, but it's been a little bit of a rough start, which is understandable because it's the first year. (resident reviews from apartment site 5/20/2014)
Apr 2014: The Rise at Northgate is a great place to live. The amenities are top-notch and the location is fantastic. It is conveniently close to Texas A&M and Northgate.(resident reviews from apartment site 4/14/2014)

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