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Rise at Northgate

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Sep 2019: I love The Rise at Northgate! The staff has always been super professional and my problems are always solved quickly. Also, the 24 hr security makes me feel super comfortable, especially as a freshman moving there. Overall, I don’t have any negatives to say about The Rise. It’s affordable and all the rooms are spacious compared to other places which is why I chose it! Review from Google
Sep 2019: The Rise is a great place that allows you to feel at home. It is a very convenient place to live near campus and walking distance to many restaurants. There amenities are very nice including the pool/lounge area. I would definitely recommend living here. Review from Google
Sep 2019: I would recommend anyone to live here!! I love the convenience of having CVS right below me and it’s barely a 10 minute walk from all of my classes. The staff really care about you and are super helpful. I also love the variety of gym equipment they have along with their sauna!! Definitely resigning. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Being a student at A&M, The Rise is the perfect place to live! It's steps away from campus which makes going to class way easier. The staff is always willing to help and care about the people who live there. It's also super close to different restaurants and to Northgate. I highly recommend living here if you're coming to A&M, you won't regret it!! Review from Google
Sep 2019: Best place I’ve ever decided to live at! The closets are more than accommodating for my shoe addiction and the rooms are spacious. The gym has everything I needed and there’s a great view of campus from the study room. The staff is really nice too! Review from Google
May 2019: Great student living. So much to offer at a reasonable price right in front of the campus. Love it. Awesome services. Thanks Review from Google
May 2019: Amazing Customer service and helpful staff. definitely recommended. Review from Google
Mar 2019: The Rise is an awesome place to live. It is so close to my classes! The price is great for the convenience and everything that is included.
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Feb 2019: DO NOT SIGN WITH THE RISE! LEASING HERE IS A COMPLETE SCAM! The rates advertised at the rise are a complete fraud. The low rates they show on their website and on the contract you sign are subject to increase by as much as $60 per month! The management team is NOT upfront with you regarding all of these fees. They'll advertise a unit as being $575/month, for example, but the actual price you'll more than likely end up paying is $615-$635 due to premiums. (which adds up significantly over the course of your 12-month lease). Also, these rates DO NOT include free parking. So if you do want to park at The Rise, you can add another $50 to your monthly rent. Your new monthly rate of $685 is over a $100 more than what you initially considered paying.
Nov 2018: Awful experience with trying to signing early, first they sign too many people and then just decide to rescind a bunch of SIGNED leases. Then some people straight up cant sign leases even though they went through the entire application process and were told that they were going to get the apartment they wanted, and AFTER we (4 of us, as roommates) call them they have the audacity to say "none of you received a lease" while we are looking at emails essentially stating "heres your lease, sign it" Review from Google
Nov 2018: They sent a maintenance guy into our apartment at 1 AM in the middle of the week without giving notice to me or any of my roommates, so some stranger walks in while I'm sitting in my own home with no pants on in the middle of the night. I also noticed I was paying extra for the balcony we didn't even want but my roommates weren't paying extra, so I brought it up to the staff and then instead of lowering my rent they RAISED my roommate's rent. So now I'm the dude that caused my roommate's rent to go up. I don't even usually see the point in complaining online but slap a short haircut on me and call me Karen because "I want to speak to the manager." I also think it's dumb to anonymously hide behind a computer so my name is Madison Flesner and I wholeheartedly approve this message. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I moved into the Rise about a month ago and my experience so far have been great! The property is maintained well and the staff is very friendly. We had a little problem with our fridge when we moved in, but maintenance was very quick to respond and had the issue fixed in no time. The amenities are nice and are open 24/7. The apartments are modern and even, having 3 other roommates, there is still plenty of room. can't wait to live here for the rest of my time In Aggieland! Review from Google
Sep 2018: The rise is a great place to live, it’s affordable, and the staff is attentive to resident needs! I personally had issues with my lease only days before move in and the staff was able to rectify the issues and get everything prepared for me before I moved in. I’d recommend living here if you want to live off campus, be close to your classes, AND feel like a member of a positive community, not just a number Review from Google
Sep 2018: The Rise is the perfect place for any Texas A&M student, being right across from campus and especially the newly renovated Zachary Engineering Building. The Rise has a very attentive and caring staff. There are also many great restaurants surrounding the property. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Great place to live considering that it’s super close to campus, the management and staff care about everyone, the room sizes are superb, and to top it off FREE starbucks coffee machines in the building. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Great property. Very close to campus, also close to anywhere and everywhere you need to go in College Station. The amenties are amazing especially with the hot tub back up and running. The weight room having fresh weights being put in it. Most importantly the study room being on the 6th floor so i don't have to walk to Evans to get a study room. I never hear a sound in my apartment because the complex is well built so it makes it easy to sleep at night not hearing a single thing. Rooms are funished and amazing. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Parents beware, you will become frustrated with poor communication from management. Also , on move in I spent 6 hours cleaning the filthy apartment. Suffered thru leaks and no hot water Review from Google
May 2018: When we first moved in Maintenance would leave our door propped open with the deadbolt when we were not home despite several complaints being made to management about lack of security/ the ability for any passing person to have access to our apartment and our valuables. My roommates and I all established that we were each missing government controlled medications...? The security here is terrible. Amenities are frequently not up and running, printers are out of toner, tanning bed bulbs need to be changed ON BOTH BEDS, multiple cardio machines in the gym are out of order, the pool is often closed, the coffee machines never work etc. We had several days where the water was out (ONE OF WHICH WAS GRADUATION MORNING) and the rise offered residents zero compensation for the inconvenience. The wifi went out without any notice and on that given day th Review from Google
May 2018: very subpar, you pay for the close-ness to campus. The amenities are pretty basic when compared to the price. It also seems poorly managed. overall, its pretty expensive for a meh place thats really close to campus. The staff seems unprofessional and like they never want to actually do work. I once had 3 of them show up to fix one minute things, two of them sat around and joked and laughed making the whole experience very awkward. Dont believe all of the 5 star reviews, most of them are pretty much the same. By far this was one of the worst places ive ever lived in. The ceilings in the rooms looks like plywood was glued and painted, the appliances are the cheapest on the market and the unit looked nothing like the model. The model was bright, cheery and pleasant, in reality, the rooms are bland, tiny and poorly designed. Highly recommend some Review from Google
Apr 2018: The last thing on management's thoughts when it comes to making decisions is the actual residents. For example, they painted the study rooms right before finals. In addition, things can go broken for months on end without any comments from the staff. The hot tub has been broken all semester, the printer went weeks without working, the coffee machines rarely work, the pool sticks are broken, and the gym equipment is poorly maintained. God forbid you ever want to have guests over, as they will have nowhere to park. There are three guest spots for hundreds of residents, and they're usually taken by people for days at a time. The CA staff has a high turnover rate and seem to do all they can to avoid doing any work. When it comes to the rooms, expect your apartment to look nothing like the model, which was carefully built very recently. The roofs a Review from Google
Mar 2018: All of the amenities are constantly broken and the management does not get them fixed when you complain. The hot tub, the coffee machines, and some of the gym equipment have been broken all year. Also there is no parking for residents and I have been towed trying to unload groceries to my room. Very happy to be leaving. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Great property with great management! Great staff - love living here. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I've debated whether or not I would write this review due to the sheer number of problems I have with this place and the exhaustion it would cause me to list and describe them, but here we go anyway. On move-in day, the staff was not ready AT ALL for me (didn't have my keys, fob, etc.), even though I emailed twice that summer, making sure I was good to move in early. My room didn't have a bathtub, even though I was told I would have one, according to the floor plan that I was shown when I picked my room. I knew nothing could be done about it at that point, but I wanted to tell the staff about the mistake. I was told: "Oh, yeah, some rooms are different from the floor plans." Okay, well, thanks for telling me that when I signed my lease. You can hear the noise coming from 6th floor gym due to people dropping weights. (I lived on the 9th floor Review from Google
Jan 2018: When we moved in, the place was a mess. The fridge had slime and rotting food and was not cleaned for over 4 months since the last tenants were living here. The dishwasher had hair in it and congealed slime. All of this for the top floor "penthouse"? It's a scam, supported by the fact that college station has a gross lack of living accommodations. -zero visitor parking -false advertising (lack of amenities, furniture) -very small rooms, even for the "penthouse" tiers -loud. If your neighbors aren't waking you up because of the paper thin walls, then the construction will -ATROCIOUS internet. Internet speeds have been, in my experience, less than 1mbps the majority of the time, not to mention that outages are frequent. I've failed several online quizzes due to sudden "connection issues". To top all of this off, the Rise has not made amends Review from Google
Sep 2017: I wish I could give zero stars. The ONLY good thing about this place is the location. Other than that, it's absolutely terrible. My first year at A&M I had to live at this horrible place. The kitchen was tiny and had no pantry. My room was the size of a closet. The walls were paper thin. You can hear people in the gym on the 6th floor from every floor you live in. Not to mention the elevators take FOREVER to come down since there are only 3 and 17 floors of the building. On top of everything, I only had access to the "amentities" for a freaking month before they decide to do renovations that took the rest of the year. From October until I moved out they never finished them. I was paying a ridiculous amount to live in a closet with no amenities. They never even offered to give us a subscription to a gym or pool anywhere else. The staff was Review from Google

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