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Park West

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Apr 2019: Do not live here, the staff is just as awful as the parking. The building appears nice but is made very cheaply. Our bathroom floor has been coming up for over a year and all they do is paint over it..... that just adds more paint to start coming up. It’s to the point where they said they can’t fix it and to just leave it. They also will enter without notice, this has happened several times and since it’s just girls in our apartment we didn’t feel comfortable with that. When asking them to start giving us notice they stated they can enter whenever they want. Also everyone who pays for a parking pass in the garage has been paying for it all year and the doors have been broken since the fall. We also lived here last year so we have been here since they opened and it’s the same deal. When we asked to stop paying 25$ a month for the garage parking since it’s broke and everyone is parking up there they said they can’t do that Review from Google
Mar 2019: I really like park west community. With the coffee shop and the convenience store in the tower helps me all the time. And the study room in either the tower and hillside is always a good spot for me to study. It’s wonderful. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Not that bad of a place to live your first few years. I think the location is very convenient. I live in the towers and don't really have many complaints. Its normally quiet and almost so quiet I don't even know most of my neighbors. Parking is much more convenient when you live in the tower because of the garage. The location is very populated and very new so I understand the problems that arise. Almost all apartment complexes in college station have the same problems we do, wether its broken locks, parking, or elevators. I think the amenities are awesome and I love the resident events the staff puts on for us. Overall I have enjoyed living here, I think my apartment is very cute and modern. The grounds are very clean and everything here is made for your convenience.
Jan 2019: Please please please do NOT live here. This is literally the worst place to live and if I could give 0 stars I would. I don't even know where to begin on all the issues I've had. When I first moved in last year (Fall 2017) there was mold in my bathroom which is crazy since this place opened in fall 2017 and I was the first person in that unit. I also got locked in the trash room for half an hour! Things are falling apart left and right, everything is built so cheaply. All my appliances have broken down multiple times and it takes weeks on end for someone to come fix anything. The walls all have cracks and holes in them and have not been fixed for months. They advertise that a juice bar will be coming soon on the rooftop, but that was in 2017 and it's 2019 now with still no juice bar. don't even get me started on the parking. It's insane! I pay Review from Google
Jan 2019: Park West has honestly been a great place to live at. The floor plans are modern and spacious, the community events are fun (and free), and the staff are attentive and knowledgable. Most importantly the rent is affordable with utilities included. There have been issues this past semester with parking but they are adding over 200 spots that will be available in the fall. I'm very pleased and happy that I decided to live at Park West. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I absolutely love living a Park West! It is such a convince to get to campus with the awesome bus routes around the complex and has such a great rate! All inclusive! Park West has made me feel so safe and secure in my apartment by having security at night and the key fobs on the doors. It is very upscale and clean a environment. One of my favorite things about Park West is the quiet study rooms. I take great advantage of these when it comes to doing homework. Also there are awesome amenities like a roof top gym, hot tub, and pool. such a great and relaxing place to live! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Park West is a great place to live and walking distance from campus which is convenient for beating game day traffic. I have lived here for over a year already and I can't see myself living anywhere else. The amenities are outstanding, the staff is super helpful, and they do a great job on answering any questions. The property is beautiful and has everything you need. There are enough bus routes to take you pretty much anywhere on campus and there are great places to study if the library isn't your thing. You can also go downstairs in the tower to grab a snack or some coffee to refuel which I find extremely helpful around finals. I would recommend checking out Park West if you're looking for a place to call home. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I have been living at Park West for over a year now and I can genuinely say that it has been the best experience I've had with an apartment complex. Maintenance is very reliable, the custodians do an excellent job and I constantly see people working outside to keep the surrounding areas clean. Any issue that I have had always gets resolved within the same day I report it or the following day. I have actually called the office around 11 pm before and I was able to get my question answered right away! Overall, the condition that they keep their property in is a reflection of the way the residents are treated and cared for. Honestly, I have been able to make some of my best memories here and I am confident that I will continue to do so until I graduate! Review from Google
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Jan 2019: Horrible parking, unfriendly staff, managers are nowhere to be found, doors broken, trash buildup is an issue. Package office has lost or thrown away my mail on several occasions. Park West mail staff are super incompetent and will actually open mail. Front desk staff are just as incompetent and can’t answer basic questions about anything. They will actually hang up on you if you call about a question and they don’t have an answer. There was some kind of wastewater leak which caused slime buildup on the sidewalk on penberthy RIGHT NEXT TO THE BUS STOP. This caused a lot of people to slip and fall and caused a couple serious injuries (that I know of). This problem has kinda been resolved now but took the complex weeks to acknowledge and several months to actually fix. I had no power to my unit for my first few days and no water to my bath Review from Google
Jan 2019: Had an issue with the fire alarms lasting all day, but after learning what was really going on, I understand. Theplace isn't bad to live at all and they're constantly working to fix the issues that they do have. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I'd give zero stars if I could. Today they ran the fire alarms doing "maintenence" for SEVEN FREAKING Hours with the only heads up being obscured in an email over two weeks ago titled "Before you leave for the holidays" Who's going to read through that entire email if you AREN"T leaving. A whole group of us sat outside for nearly an hour before I messaged my CA to ask about it. What kind of living establishment does that with no warning what so ever? Review from Google
Dec 2018: Its a beautiful property but the experience of living here is ruined by the incompetent staff. Workers at the front desk never know answers to basic questions and anyone higher up will openly refuse to meet with any resident so getting information is extremely difficult. To get a work order done I've had to put the same request in 4 times as they just come in, look around, and leave without doing anything. They also for some reason built the property with not nearly enough parking for every resident so trucks end up on the grass and cars are left without anywhere to park. Would not recommend living here. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Find another place to live. The parking and transportation situation is abysmal. They asked each resident if they would be bringing a car to the apartments before we moved in. Despite this, they were still unprepared to accommodate the cars for residents despite being notified beforehand of how many cars to anticipate. This resulted in either having to park several hundred yards from your building or having to park in the median area which further inconveniences other moving cars in the lot. Every game day you are essentially locked into staying at your apartment since almost every road leaving the apartments is blocked off for game day traffic. Traffic in the area on George Bush is also so bad it is recommended that you don't drive on these roads from around 4 PM to 8 PM unless you want to add 25 minutes of traffic to your trip just Review from Google
Sep 2018: This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived at. There is only enough parking for 85% of the residents here, so you can’t leave after 5pm. They refuse to put any mail in the outdoor mailboxes that we have access to. So, it takes an extra 1-2 days to receive packages after they’ve been delivered to the mail room (that were small and would have been able to fit in my mailbox)!! We have a broken dryer that has not gotten fixed. Parents/other guests are not allowed to come visit you, they will get towed!!! The bus routes are terrible and five buses will drive past the stop before you can actually get on, so plan on leaving for class an hour earlier than you normally would! The location is terrible because of the traffic on George Bush Drive and the train. All the 5 star reviews left on here are obviously fake. Overall, I had a much be Review from Google
Sep 2018: Please rethink signing a lease here. I have submitted 3 work orders in 2 weeks and only one has been resolved. First, the garbage disposal broke on the second day of move-in, and now the dishwasher has had stagnant water in it for a week that management still hasn't taken care of. I also just tried to wash my clothes and now the washer won't open or turn on. Parking is ATROCIOUS. There are not enough spaces for free surface parking and garage parking costs $30 per month. I counted 22 cars parked on the grass the other night. People are having to park in fire lanes. I highly recommend you sign a lease somewhere else. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I had a great experience here last year so I resigned my lease. Now I regret it. It's a struggle to find a parking space. People park in front of fire lanes and in the grass because they can't find a spot. What's frustrating is no one seems to be doing anything. There's a parking garage, but people don't want to pay bc it's expensive. My roommate has also gotten locked in the trash room before. When moving into my new unit, I didn't have hot water for several days. Staff blew off the issue until I went to the office every day to check on the work order. It was also a handicap accessible room. My roommates and I were not informed of this prior to move in or given an option and had to purchase shelves because there was even less storage space than a normal room. Review from Google
Jun 2018: So far I am not impressed with the management. My daughter hasn’t even moved in yet. They have not lived up to their commitments to us when we signed a lease. Now they won’t return emails or calls. Very disappointed with them so far. Review from Google
May 2018: Overall a great experience and a great place to live! I have no complaints! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I will start to move in from Fall. The place is incredibly amazing and beautiful, and I cannot wait to move in. However, some of the staff are very irresponsible and difficult to talk to. I signed my lease very early last year, and I was assigned a room that time, but it seems that no one remembered this except me myself. The staff who signed the lease with me is avoiding all responsibilities and replied me some non-sense emails. Hope this will be improved to make this place more pleasant. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Out of all the places I've lived as a college student this has been my favorite and the most affordable! I was worried how move in would be but they handled everything as organized as they could. They let us come in the garage and provided dollies for us to use. My favorite part about living here is the staff. While renewing my lease, I missed the model that I wanted. Staff here gave me options of other models and guided me through the whole process. The Starbucks staff is also great! They always provide specials and always make sure that the customer is satisfied. The convenient store downstairs is also great during emergencies especially when sick. They have everything you need when you really can't go anywhere else. Another thing that I loved about living here is the multiple bus stops. This allowed me to get to my classes faster instead of Review from Google
Feb 2018: Good location but Bed and couch are as hard as a rock, always smells like weed, thin walls can hear my neighbor, sat on my island counter and it wasnt even attached to the cabinets. All in all this place is cheap and not finished appropriately. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Ehh not the worst place to live... Firstly, i would say that Park West is very average. It has a great location. It’s located within a short bike ride to west campus classrooms and the rec. Inside the Tower is pretty nice they usally keep it clean and stuff. my apartment feels very cheap tho. Cheap appliances that break often. VERY cheap and uncomfortable furniture, almost unusable. Does NOT come with a Tv either. Management is somewhat responsive. The people working the front desk are typically in a good mood and professional. Review from Google
Feb 2018: It’s alright, the shutters I guess on the outside make noise constantly when the wind picks up, not enough drawer space, and the WiFi sucks idk it never works and Idk if they’ll ever fix it Review from Google
Feb 2018: I went here to see if I wanted to get an apartment and the ladies at the front desk were very rude and snapped at me. When I asked why they were being rude they just rolled their eyes. Was not impressed especially because I was asking for help. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The amenities are insane, especially the big gym. Also not having to deal with college station utilities is really great Review from Google

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