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Holleman Crossing

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Dec 2018: Lived here from January 2017 to July 2018. The one bedroom unit is small in square footage but it's open which I really liked. Nothing worse than small square footage with a floorplan with tons of walls separating everything. We had to call for maintenance a couple times, once we had a leak from the ceiling in the bathroom and it took a few maintenance requests to fix it. Once just because the ac wasn't working, it was spring so we didn't need it too bad but it was still a little warm and after a few days with no response on our maintenance request I just asked one of the guys when I saw them and they apologized a lot for it taking so long, they hadn't gotten the request or it had gotten lost and they came right over. Overall I thought all of the staff was pretty friendly, just sometimes you have to gotta go talk to them a few times if you nee Review from Google
Nov 2018: I’ve lived her for a few months and I really like the apartment complex. The clubhouse is a great place to study and the gym is small but has the basic equipment I need. It’s a fairly quiet complex and the parking lot is well lit so I never feel unsafe. My only complaint is that my dryer broke at the beginning of the semester and it took them 16 days (and me sending emails to the office about it) for them to finally send somebody out to fix it. But other than that, it’s been a great place to live! Review from Google
Oct 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. If I could leave zero stars, I would. The staff is extremely rude, unorganized, disrespectful, unhelpful, and unprofessional. If you email them, don’t expect a response. If you call the office, don’t expect them to answer. If you go to the office, don’t expect to be treated like a valued resident. If you have a problem or issue, don’t expect to be helped in a timely manner or without being persistent. The one exception to this is that not the entire staff is this terrible, as I have not had to interact with them and seem to keep having to talk to the same two staff members who are only ever disrespectful. There are also many car accidents in the parking lot of this complex due to lack of stop signs and speed bumps. We have consistently had issues with our internet since moving in and since internet is under a bulk acc Review from Google
Sep 2018: I have lived here for two months, and while I love my apartment, dealing with the office and maintenance staff has been very frustrating. In late August my fridge stopped working, and rendered itself unusable. I submitted two maintenance requests in person and a third through the online portal over the course of two weeks with no response. I was extremely frustrated that I couldn't use my own refrigerator and had to store my food at a friend's apartment because no one would come to my unit! I had to watch Youtube videos to learn quick fixes to make fridge somewhat functional because Holleman Crossing refused to. Even though the staff told me that it was "an urgent request", it wasn't until a week later, three weeks after my initial maintenance request, that a maintenance worker visited my unit. This is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for Review from Google
Sep 2018: They have been so accommodating, especially Dawan, to see that we have a great experience! I, and my roommates, are super grateful for that. Review from Google
May 2018: SUCH A GREAT PLACE! There was a transition of management when I moved in, so there were natural growing pains as the new management worked to improve the complex. However, the staff have been VERY attentive to my concerns and have fixed things in a timely manner. They communicate effectively and always have the resident's best interest in mind. I 100% recommend living here if you're looking for a place! :) Review from Google
Mar 2018: I absolutely love this apartment complex. You only pay $30 for pest control, water, and trash. And electricity separately. And in fall you will only pay for electricity which is awesome! I have had no problems moving in and everyone is so nice. They keep the place very clean as well. definitely recommend living here! Review from Google
Feb 2018: We have heard what our residents have been saying about utilities. We value your opinions and have changed how we do utilities now! In August 2018 all that residents will be responsible for is rent and electricity. Holleman Crossing will absorb the other utilities like water, sewer, trash, and pest control. We want to make living here as simple and as enjoyable as possible. Review from Google
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Jan 2018: The water is cutting off without any notice. The office said it would be fine after 5pm but is NOT. it’s 10pm now. And I will write back tomorrow. Let’s see. plus. water is leaking from somewhere outside my building but I can not see anybody fixing it. Review from Google
Dec 2017: This place has been great. Close to where I need to be, good sized apartments, and I like the study rooms in the clubhouse when I need a change of surroundings. Also, the staff has always been helpful when I went to talk to them. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody!! ONLY plus: It's a brand new place (Jan. 2017) and everything MUST work fine (if it doesn't, don't expect them to fix it any time soon). If you move in here, you'll get these issues for sure: - Super high random water fees (ranging from $54 to $80). - Apparently new residents pay electricity directly to management and get charged super high fees (I pay it through BTU). - Appliances are not high quality (as advertised by them), they are the cheapest kenmore model. Dryer always takes two cycles to dry a half full load (I do clean the lint filter). - If you read "Walk-In Closets" on their website. Well, take about 90% of that out. It's only about 2 feet deep, so it's just a regular closet. - Trash compactor room is always full of trash bags all over the place because apparently they never collect the Review from Google
Oct 2017: Holleman Crossing is nice and I love my apartment ( YES, I do understand that this place is new and trying to figure things out). Since day one, I was put in an apartment that was not move in ready ( I have photos for proof) and the people in the front were not even aware of the condition of the room until I showed them. They did move me into another building that was move in ready. But, they all should know what they are sending their paying customers into. They should know if said room is ready or not. Since then, I have had issues with my rent because they have me in the first building that i was assigned to and have yet to change that I am in a whole different building. I have been proactive and spoke to several people in the front office, management, and even corporate. No one has fixed my rent fees and now I have an outstanding balance Review from Google
Aug 2017: I moved here when it first opened. There have been a few issues but they were all resolved within the same day. I love it here and Paula and Madison are the best management team I have dealt with! Thanks for the opportunity to live at such a wonderful, clean apartment complex. Review from Google
Mar 2017: I live here.. Its nice. Review from 3/16/17 on Google

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