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Gateway at College Station

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Mar 2021: A summary of my time here at Gateway for those who do not want to read the paragraphs below. The management is awful and full of college students who have no idea what they are doing, lack communication with residents and each other, and are unmotivated to do any work unless constantly pestered in person. Maintenance team just drives around in golf carts all day and also is composed of college students who can only manage a temporary fix in maybe 3 weeks of maintenance requests. The apartments are filthy upon move in and the infrastructure of the building, electrical and plumbing, is actually hazardous, I would know since I was there when the ceiling and drywalls were torn out because of mold. Please note there is absolutely no security here, no cameras and barely any light at night. I want people to know that I was out of an apartment for two weeks.
Jul 2019: I was in a 4 person two-bedroom meaning I had to share a room with someone. When I moved in August they had not found anyone to fill the other bed so I got the room to myself until finals week of December. The day before one of my hardest finals I come home to my room being completely destroyed. Papers I needed for the final the next day were torn up, everything was shoved onto my bed so I couldn't even sleep without spending time getting everything off of my bed. I went into the office to ask what had happened since I didn't receive a warning and all I got was a college kid telling me I shouldn't have had stuff on the other side of the room since I wasn't paying for it. They told me someone was going to fill the room by the next day and that's why they did it (Again, with absolutely no notice. Other roommates didn't even know someone had been in the place), but no one showed up until a week and a half later Review from Google
Jul 2019: I enjoy the staff, the amenities, and the events. I always get a quick response from the staff which is a huge plus. I also feel like I am always getting the most fair rate. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Victor and Bailey were both very generous. They answer all of the questions we had and explained the papers that needed to be signed. They are a great group of team working together and very funny. Review from Google
May 2019: Absolutely the most lackadaisical staff. No routine maintenance. Sink and washer were broken upon arrival. Air filter had about half and inch of grime. AC unit from the 90's (like legit Mercury spiral) . Pool was cool. It was clean enough, but really just go somewhere else, it's just one thing after another with this management company. Oh and also my roommate had his car broken into, and sometimes there would be burnt couches and broken cars just chilling in the lot!!! A few people have had thier stuff stolen. Review from Google
May 2019: At first I thought this place was pretty chill. Rent was at a fair price, it was a good location (except on game days they block off the road), staff was super friendly, pool was nice and clean. What sucked about living there was that the security was horrible and that the people that lived there were obnoxious. My car was broken into and I had a lot of money and personal belongings stolen. There was nothing gateway could do because they didn't have any cameras around the apartment buildings which I think is ridiculous not to have. All I could do was file a police report about it and have it be never solved or justified. That ties to the people that live there. Most of them are nice and friendly but there are a lot of loud careless immature people. Every night there would be some type of ruckus going on outside and because the walls are so thin you can hear everything thats going on. There was this one instance where a drunk driver was in the parking lot and decided to hit a bunch of cars parked outside late at night Review from Google
Mar 2019: John from the maintenance team is awesome, every time I put in a work order he's been there in less than an hour. Super knowledgable guy and great at his job! Review from Google
Mar 2019: My boyfriend and his friends live here now and they have had great experiences. I decided to sign a lease for a 2 bedroom. The amenities seem super nice and all of the leasing agents are so helpful. I love the pool! They walked me through how to sign a lease step by step and answered all the questions i had. They always seem to have fun events for their residents and it's super close to campus which is a plus. The appliances are older but the price is great! I do wish they had a model unit for each floor plan so i could see what my floorplan would look like. I also wish the move in date was earlier since it is super late in august despite the fact that we pay rent August first. Overall, I'm excited to live here in the fall. Review from Google
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Feb 2019: The Front Office/Maintenance Crew makes this place worth living at, it has a great community and creates a relaxed environment.
Feb 2019: I have lived here for two years and I have had a pretty good experience. It’s nice being close to campus and feeling safe in the community. would recommend because of the price point and the amenities! Theirs roommate matching service also worked in my favour so that’s always a plus :)
Dec 2018: I lived here during the 2017/2018 school year in a three bedroom, three bathroom apartment. On move in day my apartment was filthy and clearly had not been cleaned from the previous residents. While living there our upstairs neighbors flooded our apartment causing us to move to a different unit until the apartment could be properly cleaned. So they say. The flooded apartment was never cleaned or repaired properly and they never even bothered to contact us after they "finished" the job. Only a portion of the flooded drywall was replaced and to me this screams MOLD. Even worse, they charged us for the mess they made during the flood repairs. I am highly dissatisfied with this apartment complex and their staff. DO NOT LIVE HERE! Review from Google
Dec 2018: I wish i could give them no stars. Me and my roommate were forced into leases and they have two account under my name when i called to cancel our application they stated that they record all calls and when they pulled it they couldn’t find it. How convenient. They stated that we had to pay 1200 each to get out of leases that we never signed. When we went up there and pulled up the online portals that we created it stated that we still needed to continue with the lease process. They then shows us leases that had generated signatures for the both of us. After we made a complaint with peak Campus they told us if we didn’t want to live there then pay the 1200 each or they will send it to collections. They were trying to force us to pay them money. So we moved in and the apartment was trashed and my air conditioner was broken it took them 2 wee Review from Google
Nov 2018: Generally speaking, I enjoy living in this place because the bedroom is spacious in any demension. However, it brings me concern that they have to sign two leases with me for a single bedroom, which means that I have to pay my rent through two different accounts every month and for each account there will be an additional charge for making the payment. The worse thing is that I am charged for a late fee for both accounts with each of them cost $35 (Total $70) once when I paid my rent 1 day late. And they won't bother to remove the fee from any of the account. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I was a little worried about living here from some of the reviews, but it has been just fine! A few things were broken or damaged, but so far they've completed all my service requests within 24 hours. The only problem is that the buses can be really inconsistent since we're on the other side of the railroad tracks. Gateway is great for the price. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I will be honest and say that you get what you pay for. If you come here expecting to be waited on hand and foot and a flawless apartment then your expectations are unrealistic. However, in college its a dang good price to pay so it is worth it in my opinion. While I have had my share of issues with management, I will say that they have improved and try to accommodate your concerns in a timely manner. When they can't, they do their best to reach out and explain. The office staff is friendly and willing to help when they can, but majority of the time my issues have been out of their control so I bypass straight to management. Maintenance is one of the best parts of this complex. They are friendly, timely, and are always willing to help a resident. All in all, if you want the luxury treatment/living this won't be a good fit for you but if you ar Review from Google
Sep 2018: Living at Gateway has been a breeze! The location is perfect - right next to a bus stop that takes you straight to campus & only a few minutes from everything cstat has to offer. Our favorite part is the pool!! Gateway feels safe, & it looks great, too. The office staff has been friendly since day one. All the office workers have been so incredibly helpful to us. When it comes to service requests in our apartment, Cameron is the best! He makes sure maintenance takes care of our issues. The maintenance guys are always great, willing to look at any & everything I have questions about & have always been super fast fixing things around our apartment. The environment is always clean, which is a huge plus. I love living at Gateway!! Review from Google
Jun 2018: A wonderful, affordable place to live. Excellent gym and pool, plus it's close to a park and campus! The staff is super friendly, especially Cielo, and they have fun events for residents! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Cheapest place to live as a student, and its really nice too, nice pool, study rooms, computer room, and especially gym! Its also nice that their is a park near by. They also have activities hosted by the apartments that give free food! Do recomend really great price here for everything youre getting, as opposed to many other apartments. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Pretty good place. Neat, friendly staff , and quite affordable for an apartment that close to school. Only downside was the train noise Review from Google
May 2018: Gateway is an awesome place to live, my overall experience has been so pleasant; the staff is super friendly and helpful, maintenance always promptly, social events, safe environment, high speed internet, and close to bus route 36. I like the single bill format which is easily payable online, and the price is cheap, very cost effective. I am only moving out because I need a change of floor plan to 1B/1B, and their price for 1B/1B is kind of expensive for me. Otherwise I would live here until I graduate. Review from Google
May 2018: This place is so beautiful and i really recommended. The lady that show me the place is call ruby and she treated me with a smile always and was able to answer all my questions. Guys this is super good Review from Google
May 2018: Lived here for two semesters now, pretty good experience overall. There is a train that passes by but that's never bothered me. A good place for a student to live. Review from Google
May 2018: Overall pleasant experience. Safe bet to live here. I do. And asides from a legal obligation to live here, I have no reason to move. 😁 Review from Google
May 2018: Really great apartments for the price! Rooms are spacious and so are the bathrooms. The staff is always really friendly. The train is the only negative about it, it is really loud Review from Google
Apr 2018: Friendly leasing and maintenance staff! The location is close to campus and the bus route is fairly close. I am renewing this next year and I plan to stay as long as so can until so graduate! They give awesome discounts for renewals as well! Parking is great and I love that they don't require permits. Review from Google

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