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College Edge

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Oct 2019: Don’t expect management to own up to any mistakes or promises made. Typical apartment hustle, I was charged 585 plus a $20 CC fee per month to live in a very small space. Idk if I’d ever recommend this place Review from Google
Sep 2019: my son, Blaine has lived there for 4 years. At the beginning there were a few issues, but it seems like they have gotten much better. Management is easy to work with. Great location. Plenty of parking. WE have no complaints. Review from Google
Sep 2019: Sad excuse of an apartment complex. Would not recommend to ANYONE. We had an ant problem for three months that they never came to fix. Had a birds nest in the dryer vent that caused a dead bird and eggs. This made our clothes and the room smell like dead bird, we had to run the dryer 4 times for the clothes to be decently dry. They never came to fix this either. Within 15 days the office workers have walked into my apartment FIVE times without knocking or letting us know they were about to come in. Two of the five times they walked in I didn’t have any clothes on. I have to lock the deadbolt now so they can’t unlock the regular lock and come in. I transferred from a 4 bedroom to a 1 bedroom for my second year at College Edge. On the day I moved I came back to the old apartment to move more things only to find that the office had came and threw ALL of my belongings outside the front door Review from Google
Jul 2019: DO NOT LIVE HERE. too many bad things to say about this apartment and the ONLY good thing is the location. i would honestly rather live 30 minutes away and waste gas and pay for parking everyday at Blinn then to live in this apartment. if i could give it a 0 i would. DONT LIVE HERE ,SAVE THE STRESS! Review from Google
Jun 2019: College Edge is a great apartment complex, I have been living here going on 2 years. I'm happy to be renewing my lease with them. Review from Google
Jun 2019: College Edge is a great apartment complex, I have been living here going on 2 years. I'm happy to be renewing my lease with them. Review from Google
Mar 2019: This is the worst college apartment you can find in the area. From the day that you move in. You have to ask for them to connect the internet for you even though it should come with it. They put a money trap sign at the gate. So many things went wrong and you don't ask, they don't fix it for you. You park your car there for 5 mins to ring the door bell to pick up your friend, your car will be towed. A decent college apartment complex will not do that. There will be students come and go to make quick visit. This is how they make quick money by trapping students. This is so wrong in many levels. There is no courtesy or friendliness to this kind of low quality low level apartment complex. Do not waste your money here.. Review from Google
Mar 2019: For the most part its usually quiet. The staff are nice, transportation is nice too, being right next to the school also makes it easier to catch the bus if you want to get food from somewhere...etc. The convenience store(s) is walking distance. People don't usually bother anyone. I like it, its nice and almost forgot to mention affordable.
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Feb 2019: College Edge has made my college experience one to remember. Literally steps from campus. So i get to sleep in late. Things I love about College Edge would be the cleanness of the property, Quick response to maintenance request ( When my A/C went out they were out with in the hour to fix the problem ) and the weekly/monthly events the staff holds such as ( Raffles, FREE FOOD, Grocery Bingo, Volleyball/Basketball Tournaments ). College Edge is renovating the Club House adding a study room with plenty of space for study groups, Game Room, and Updating there Gym. The staff here at College Edge makes you feel at home away from home, very Fun & Friendly atmosphere. College Edge Is a place I would recommend to anyone that is or plans on attending Blinn.
Feb 2019: Great place to live! Very convenient that Blinn is right next door! Staff is excellent and very friendly! And would definitely recommend someone to live here!!!
Feb 2019: The place was doomed from the start by building it as cheap as possible. And not only that, they do not check on anything so if something needs to be fixed its on US (The tenants) to tell somebody, which is a terrible way of keeping up with the place. PROs: Cheap rent, nice staff, nice amenities, Free parking and visitor parking, Quiet most of the time. All utility bills are included in rent except electricity. CONs: Most of my appliances broke or had issues while I lived here, Maintenance doesn't clean up after fixing things, Other tenants are sometimes obnoxious and it may bother you, Moving in was a nightmare(My room was not clean and my included furniture was not present at the time of move in). A bunch of street lights went out when I moved in so the place was creepy at nighttime. If they would keep up with the place then I would give it 5 stars. The problem is nobody is trying to keep the place functioning properly Review from Google
Jan 2019: if i could give this place 0 starts i would. the managing staff is HORRIBLE, and they are some of the most immature people i have met in my life. everything that is shown online like the gym, pool, club house etc. is basically not at use. the clubhouse has been shut down for like 6 months, the pool was so dirty you couldn’t even see the first step throughout the summer. maintenance is a joke. if you need something fixed, you better call someone else because it won’t get fixed by them. our a/c flooded my apartment and maintenance said they would come help and never did so my furniture got ruined. i am basically paying for a cardboard box. i recently moved all my things back home and i am still currently paying for this hole in the wall apartment. i have requested to talk to the owner multiple times and they say it is against company policy. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Overall the place is ok. Their are two big issues with the place though. #1 management is not consistent with good service, #2 is maintenance is such a pain. They take forever to fix anything, they are not consistent either. Disregarding the two issues above, I would easily say the place deserves 3 stars. They are not terrible, but they are also not really good either. The only reason i picked college edge was for cheap rent and the included amenities. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Parents and students PLEASE shop around. My daughter and I were both excited for her to stay at College Edge for her 1st year. However right after they told us one price they listed another price and refused to honor the lower price. Yes they most certainly did. When we asked why they came up with a disingenuous excuse that only works for them, and punishes the kids who signed up two weeks ago. SHAME! Things are starting off leaning towards ripping kids and parents off. We want to give them a try but I'm not even sure we should stay there with so many other options and places that actually do want to treat the students fairly. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Good place live in. staff is friendly and maintanance is good. Location is perfect because of bus stop and school literally next to you Review from Google
Apr 2018: I lived here my first year of college it was okay.... they aren’t the best deal you can get other than that if you go to school at BLINN it’s walking distance! Everything seems old and and when I moved in there was things that were already scratched and messed up and when I moved out they tried to charge me for it!! And the office staff is full of young people and college students that don’t really care about your apartment issues! I really don’t recommend for anybody! But the pool and basketball court were nice! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Someone was murdered here in 2009 by a maintenance worker and they didn’t tell us anything about it. They renamed the apartment building and renumbered the apartments. It was even featured on Forensic Files. The old apartment name was Autumn Woods. Don’t apply for the apartment either. They’re greedy and will lock you in and if you don’t pay for it then you’re rental history is screwed. Just find a different apartment complex and take the bus. This isn’t worth it. Review from Google
Dec 2017: The maintenance is really bad, and the office workers are rude, lazy, and don't know what they are doing. The apartments constantly have AC problems and aren't as nice as the show apartment. Crime is bad too with drugs and had someone that lived in the apartment complex scope out my car not realizing I was in it. Only plus is being so close to blinn and it's not worth it. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I just sub-leased my apartment yesterday Alright so management sucks they're rude and will put minimal effort in helping you . My closet doors broke first day I was there and my keys never worked EVER . The apartment model that they show you when you get there IS NOT THE SAME as you'll get with the 3X2 or 4X2. Counters are cheap and college edge tows like crazy. Yesterday a neighbor got his car towed and he had a valid parking sticker. I can't say I hated everything in college edge but I hated most of it Game and study room was nice also the outdoor activities . Review from Google
Oct 2017: If I was able to rate 0 stars, you bet I would. POOR management going on in the leasing office. Not so much a problem with the general manager Haley, she was as helpful as can be. I will not say the same for her staff. Morgan to be very clear. RUDE, not helpful, VERY under qualified. Condescending tone, makes you feel like you're a waste of her precious time and I don't know why she's working there. Not a problem with the apartments itself at all. Nice for the price and close to Blinn College. However, would never recommend to a friend or honestly to anybody. Save your money and spend it elsewhere. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Hated this place. My son spent his first year of college here.AC never worked right. Everything was old and banged up. Turns out we paid way over prices for college living. Then to top it off. His truck got towed when his permit had expired by 2 days. $200 dollars to get it back. This is how they treat their renters!!! They suck! Review from Google
Jun 2017: don't live here! Very sketchy place. Guns were pulled out by the volleyball court once. Someone got shot right up the street one night. Lots of drugs and drug dealers as well. 4 out of the 5 neighbors I hang out with have had their apt broken into. My friend from Houston got her truck got broken into too! A girl got murdered here as well by a maintenance worker, but since they they have new management. Still creepy though, especially since the maintenance workers come into your place without notification. Review from 6/13/17 on Google
Jun 2017: This had to be the worst apartment complex ever. They started off nice selling you this dream that they are the best place to live and ect. I quickly learned that wasn't true at all the apartments are older and things break down quicker then newer apartments, drugs are a really big problem in these apartments, they over charge for more then they're worth. The staff is rude and don't really do anything other then be messy and not handle bigger task at hand. Dog poop is all on the lawn and they will not fine if seen not clean it up. Gnats were also a big problem I asked them to handle which they didn't I had to go to Walmart just to fix the problem myself. Review from 6/12/17 on Google
May 2017: I would never recommend this place to anyone! The only positive thing is the proximity to Blinn. Other than that you get loud neighbors, burglaries and break-ins, drug dealers, sketchy people wandering around the property (who are not residents), drug busts, police raids and etc. Very unsafe environment. Staff is usually nice but the management constantly changes and they won''t help you if you have serious problems. Review from 5/28/17 on Google
Apr 2017: The staff is amazing and I really like the resident events. I also love the fact that the apartment complex is right next to Blinn College, because it only takes a few minutes to walk to and from class. Review from 4/18/17 on Google

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