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Villas on Apache and Apache Terrace

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Apr 2019: One of the best parts about this apartment is when they tow your friends who are over at your apartment hanging out. They are awesome about that, it’s really cool. Review from Google
Apr 2019: One of the best parts about this apartment is when they tow your friends who are over at your apartment hanging out. They are awesome about that, it’s really cool. Review from Google
Feb 2019: This is a worst place to live.... If I could give 0 stars, I will. Till you sign the lease, management will do everything in their power to show that they are nice people. Do not fall into their trap. The units are very old and the A/C bill is very high. Pretty much every apartment is filled with cockroaches. During my stay I have complained many times about it... Once, you sign the lease they don't really care... Maintenance is very slow. Takes weeks...doesn't do a good job.. They advertise they have on-site maintenance for emergency, that's a joke. Nobody is there after the office is closed..... There were heavy marijuana users in my building (they smoke basically every day and are still living there); the ventilation system was not good and old; so when the people in the upstairs start smoking, your whole unit and the once closed by also start to smelling. I reported this several times but, management did nothing Review from Google
Jan 2019: Awesome staff, great price for the space you receive, free food at their holiday parties & right in the middle of Tempe! In addition, everything you need is in walking distance Review from Google
Oct 2018: Pleasant experience, Been living here for a little bit. Maintenance is quick, people at the front desk are nice. Two sinks in a bathroom, a dream come true, and nice size rooms. one star down because they aren't managing people who have pets well. Review from Google
Sep 2018: This is the worst place I have ever lived at and do not wish this experience upon even my worst enemy. The price is so low because you're jeopardizing your safety and your health. Upon move in there was mold in the bathroom, the door locks and AC didn't work, everything was absolutely filthy, and the dishwasher was completely filled with sewer water. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.... Save yourself the trouble and live somewhere else. Review from Google
Sep 2018: If you enjoy sleeping in or having hot water don’t live here. I’ve been here for a little less than a month and it’s already been one of the worst experiences of my life. I have not taken a hot shower since moving in, even after they replaced the hot water machine. On top of that you will be woken up around 7 am just about every single day. Between the garbage truck making literally the most noise ever made ever and then the maintenance people blowing leaves for 3 hours starting at 7, you will never get a good nights rest. Oh did I mention the blinds don’t work, so if there isn’t noise outside the sun will wake you up. Do not live here. Review from Google
Sep 2018: overall this is really nice, my roommates are all so sweet and amazing, the staff are chill and the place is affordable! Review from Google
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May 2018: This group is leasing double rooms but only one tenant is paying the rent and utilities. The "roommate" is really just family friend of the owner.... they live there for free. good luck getting the roommate to pay their share of the utilities! good luck getting the roommate to clean their space when you move out! The whole things is set up so that you get invoiced for the full amount of clean up. We have a signed inspection when my son moved out - but because the "roommate" did not clean their space - we had to pay the penalties. A real sham artist. don't lease here. I see your response. You held my son responsible for the entire cleaning - even with a signed walk through. We have photos of his room and clean bath - all in good order. The "roommate" moved out months later. You hit up my son for the complete cost of cleaning the roo Review from Google
Mar 2018: terrible service, gates don't work so hobos end up at your front door or at your bedroomwindow, car will be broken in to, my roommates was, and hobos shower in the hot tub wish i could give -10 stars Review from Google
Nov 2017: I had a great experience living here back in 2009 although my roommate was a troublemaker. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Great location and price! The staff was outstanding, especially Amber! We were in a bind and coming from out of state. Amber really took care of us, was extremely helpful and thorough! I'm very comfortable with my son living here. Go Devils!! Review from Google
Jul 2017: - Management is incredibly friendly and accommodating; maintenance fixes issues right away - Villas is essentially a small, quiet village where you don't have to worry about loud parties every night & can actually get studying done - Friendly people! Never had a negative encounter - Bedrooms are super spacious (king-size bed) and apartments are just a couple of blocks away from campus! One of the few quality apartments that doesn't charge an exorbitant amount. I've referred a few friends and 3 have moved in! - Only issue I've had is occasional cockroaches (most likely neighbors), but requesting and having pest control come over is quick and easy * Recommendation: add a recycling bin next to the trash! Review from Google
Jul 2017: I am currently in the process of moving in and it has been the best service I've ever been given! Super friendly, very laid back, enjoyed being there, I felt safe and they're truly beautiful rooms for such a good price, especially compared to anything else around the area! Two pools which is awesome, huge patio, rooms are both equally spacious with a living room and extra storage room you can use for anything, my roomate and I will be using it as an art room! Amber is an amazing host and member of the team alongside with her team of intelligent, helpful people! Really recommend!!!!! Review from Google
Apr 2017: The rooms are very large for two people and the bedrooms are spacious and overall decent. The kitchens are outdated, but that's what you expect living at an old apartment. I have had many problems with appliances and such in my apartment, but maintenance is awesome! Friendly staff who lives around the complex too so they understand the issues you might have. Villas is very quiet and allows for concentration while doing school work. Realistically, Living at villas is like driving a 1987 Honda civic. Sure it works, but it really unappealing. Lets start with the gym, weight rack has half the weights missing, the only "bench" in there is missing padding and screws which make it wobbly and unsafe. The machines are outdated and have not had the routine maintenance. The pool is very unsanitary, the pump is consistently broken, along with the connecte Review from Google
May 2016: Well, it's cheap. The parking lot is falling apart, and the college kids can be loud. I had some serious maintenance issues that kept me out of my apartment for several days while they very slowly fixed it - with no offers for rent credit, etc. despite the problem being due to their own negligence. But the water has always been hot enough, and the separate leases means you aren't worrying that your roommate will keep you from paying rent. For being close to campus, it's a pretty okay option for a student just learning to live on their own (outside of the dorms), but there are similarly priced and way nicer options just down the road for anyone willing to bike a little. Review from 5/4/16 on Google
Aug 2015: May be what you'd consider cheap apartments because others are a bit higher but you're not getting what you pay for. My apartment was filthy upon move in. Screen door broke, disgusting carpets and missing kitchen drawer. Maintenance never comes in on time and enters your home whenever they feel like it. One time i was getting dressed and i said hold on and THEY STILL CAME IN. Roaches... etc it's terrible. Please, PLEASE don't live here. You've been warned. Review from 8/22/15 on Google
Jul 2015: Only giving it one start because they are making me give it a star. This place is simply the worst, and all start with management. They are unresponsive and unhelpful, only worried about their bottom line. The staff is distant and unhelpful, often act as though we, as residents, are taking up their time. Even though I paid for a parking pass. I have gotten my vehicle towed multiple times without any remorse from the office. They speak it your fault for their shitty parking pass system, that relies on the owner of the vehicle to have zero human error when parking. You must, at all times parked, have a parking pass on the rear-view mirror, even though a name and car are on file and have \been for three years. AND, on top of towing my vehicle from spot, twice and making me pay, AND they took 2 months to fix a leak directly over my bed. THEY, they being the "brill
Jul 2012: Apparently I am not the only one who didn't have a good experience here. Here are my pros and cons: PROS: - It is super close to campus and to a light rail stop. - They have a pool and fitness center. - It's fully furnished, with huge beds and closets. CONS: - My refund check took nearly two months to come, which is ridiculous. - They close their "fitness center" at different hours each day so you never know if it will be open or not. - If you need something fixed, they will take forever come look at it or forget all together. (See below) - They don't have wifi. Instead you have to buy an ethernet cable. - Each resident pays their own rent, which is around $650 a person for a two-bedroom apartment. Review from 7-16-2012 on Yelp

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