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University Park Apartments

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Sep 2018: The caretaker Natalie is terrible. All the maintenance and cleaning we asked for hasn't been done even after we have paid for all the services. Half of the times, the caretaker Natalie is not available during the office hours. The carpet repair asked for has not been fixed and we are having to pay for repair charges. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The location is pretty good, if you go to ASU. But the apartment is old and not so maintained. Infused with roaches and bedbugs ! However management is friendly. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Rent is high because of locality. But good administration and management. They reach out immediately for service . Decent place to live for student.It is close to university and apartments are also spacious.Lived for 5 months, no bed bugs or roaches ever encountered. Review from Google
Jun 2017: Very much suitable place for students. Very near to campus. Good apartments, helpful management and a decent place to live. It would have been great if it had a club house / playroom or something. Review from 5/26//17 on Google
May 2017: Stayed for almost 2 years since August '15. Fortunately, our flat was good on 3rd floor with nice balcony facing East. Had a bed bug problem once but the landlady got the flat treated and no problem since. haven't faced any issues mostly. Its great and affordable for students. Rent in 2015-16 was around $1k for 2-bedroom. The only major downside is that bikes are stolen if kept outside (even if locked on bike racks). Review from 5/18/17 on Google
Sep 2016: This place is a good option if you are looking for places nearby the campus. It is very close to almost all public transport options viz. Light Rail, Orbit & Valley Metro. There are places to eat at walking distance. All in all its a good option to consider. There are problems of bed bugs that we faced but the treatment was very effective. A personal opinion, I would avoid the apartments in the ground floor as there is hardly any sunlight that enters the room. Review from Google
Oct 2015: Just moved in this past summer. This apartment complex is about as close as you can get to ASU, which makes commuting very easy. The complex is always kept clean. The office staff is friendly and easy to reach whether in person or via email. Review from 10/9/15 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: I lived here for a year (two, six-month leases) from March 2014 to Feb 2014. Upon first moving in, the carpets were cleaned, the counter tops were replaced and I got a new dish washer. Throughout the year, I only had a couple repairs needed and they were all taken care of within a day or two. The buildings are pretty old so you're going to get some creaking if you have heavy footed upstairs neighbors. Nothing can be done about that. One of the secret nice things about this place is the insane amount of parking. You will never feel like you can't find a place. Near the end of my lease, construction began in the lot behind the complex and it got pretty loud sometimes. Review from 3/16/15 on Apartment Ratings
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Mar 2015: I recently move in this summer. I really enjoy the location because it is close to ASU and the public transit system. The property is small and very quiet. Review from 3/10/15 on Apartment Ratings
May 2013: I loved living at this apartment complex. It helped that I had an awesome roommate as well. It is very close to the ASU campus and I felt very safe walking to and from campus just because the complex is on a major road. Next to a storage facility and walking distance to -----'s Advocate, Greek, Indian, Viet, and Thai food, smoke shop. 5 minutes walking to comedy club, Buff Wild Wings, art store, sushi, lots of places! 20 minute walk from apartment to design building (Mill Ave). I lived there last year for my senior year at ASU. My roommate is in the same year as me, but she went on to get her masters and she actually renewed her lease for another year (2012-2013). Review from 5-27-2013 on Apartment Ratings

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