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University House

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Apr 2019: The management and the regional management for this place is awful. Money comes first, and the residents come last. They have conducted two inspections on our apartment. The first resulted in a “biased” smoking view that we got refunded because they were incorrect (which they admitted). I had to spend hours of meetings and phone calls to get this reversed. This meetings or phone calls were never easy and always frustrating because like i said they are focused on money. The second was about a week ago where they just glanced around maybe for 5 minutes or less. This resulted in a 60 dollar charge each for replacing the carpets that they gave to us FILTHY. A roommate talked to management and they claimed this is a discounted fee for replacing the carpet every four years. If you live here you will get stuck with fees like this probably with every inspection. When confronting the management or even the scion group about this, they just refer you to people who never get in contact with you Review from Google
Apr 2019: don't live here. It's just that simple. All the reviews that say anything positive about the ridiculously aged management team must be written by themselves while they're supposedly working. The only thing that's great about this place is the one and only model room they show prospective clients, every other room is on the edge of just completely falling apart. Save your money because they will find a way to maliciously steal yours through rent. 1b1b that was supposed to cost 1200 a month suddenly changed to 1500 with little to no explanation other than it is what is it.
Feb 2019: This 5 star rating is for the management team. The GM is very helpful and always adamant to solving any problems for residents. Upon her takeover, a big turnaround has been observed by the UH community.
Feb 2019: Going on a week now with multiple things broken since the start when I moved in here. My garbage disposal does not work, the sink is leaking water into the cabinets underneath, the dishwasher started flooding the floor the first time I ran it, and the heat exhaust tube coming out of the back of the dryer is nearly torn in half. My apartment is beginning to smell terrible from food sitting in the sink, and I can’t do my laundry with a broken dryer. I was told maintenance would fix these things yet they’re nowhere to be found and I haven’t heard squat from management. Absolutely horrible experience to start my time at this place. Safe to say I will not be paying my rent until these issues are fixed as my contract requires WORKING appliances that I’m paying for. Edit: Since UH has begun charging me almost $30 extra a month out of nowhere Review from Google
Jan 2019: Honestly, one of the best off campus housing! The people on the front desk would honestly do anything and everything they possibly can to help you at ANYTIME! Love THIS PLACE! 💛 Home away from home :) Review from Google
Jan 2019: My friends live here and I am so jealous at how nice the pool area is. The area where you can tan and lay half way in the water is perfect for arizona since it gets soooo hot here!! Also, whenever I am there, there is always free food downstairs which is a plus :D Review from Google
Oct 2018: I seriously can not believe ASU would move me out of one of the newest dorms (freshman first), and put me into one of the crappiest apartments on campus. Seriously, the whole building reeks like something died and its been like this since day 1. You're better off taking the stairs 99% of the time since elevators take 20 minutes to get to you. Management is laughable, the gym is a joke, and it is EXTREMELY noisy here but no one cares about you here so its all good :) Review from Google
Oct 2018: I wouldn't sign a lease here. Not only will you overplaying to live in a giant, loud, frat house, when you move out they'll hit you with a crazy amount of charges for no reason. They tried to charge my roommates and I for not turning in my keys. That would have been expensive, if only I hadn't turned in every one of my keys on time. Conveniently they found them and removed that charged. They wont tell you that you needed to have your kitchen PROFESSIONALLY cleaned until after you move out. So expect to be charged for that. But hey, at least they took off the other charges that should have never been there in the first place. Sean was a better manager. He was reasonable and kind. I'm so glad I don't live there anymore to experience whatever new management is going on still hounding me for money 3 months after I've moved out. I liked my view and Review from Google
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Sep 2018: Terrible experience. Management is clueless. Corporate promises renewal deals but always scrambles in the end to fill up the building, and screws over the people who signed early. Building is always dirty and reeks. Internet used to work well but is constantly out. Bill, the maintenance guy might be the only thing this place has going for it, he does good work. Will not be returning to this place next year. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Also, the 5-star review below mine is by Ashley, one of the managers here. The review is fake and a blatant lie. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I have not even lived here for a full month yet, and I can already tell you this place is not worth a single penny. Upon arriving to the apartment, the place was completely filthy. (Hair in fridge, dirty floors, broken cabinets, chipped furniture, etc.) Have put in numerous requests to get these issues fixed, and nothing has been done because they must "handle priority maintenance issues first." Paying $30 extra for a "premium view," which is a view of a brick wall. Elevators take over 10 minutes always. Staff is completely unprofessional and not helpful. Internet goes out 2-3 times a week, and hot water goes out often too. Always noisy on weekends, and room sizes are incredibly small. The model apartment shown is completely different from the actual apartment you will receive. Keys occasionally malfunction and stop working. I am not one to le Review from Google
Aug 2018: One word, LOCATION. You can't get much better than University House! Being able to literally walk to class is just a perk! However, they do have their own private garage if you chose to go that route. The VIEWS are amazing. you can literally watch ASU football games from your bedroom depending on where you're located. UH truly cares about their residents. They are always willing to sit down to residents to address concerns and always get back in a timely manner. Hard works are employed by them, that's for sure! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Place seems nice. We were given a Tuesday move in date. Was told no move ins before then. Went there the Saturday before to check on some things and people were moving in. We drove from out of state. Had to get hotel room for 5 days. Cart my daughters stuff up to hotel room. Asked if I could at least carry her stuff up to room since people were moving in already so my daughter wouldn’t have to load her stuff back into car by herself since I have to fly back home because I actually have a job and can’t take off mid week. Nope sorry didn’t care about our situation. So she moves in mid week, mid month and we paid rent on the first as well. Hopefully, her living experience will be great, but this move in sucks. Gave a couple more stars. The movers that are provided did a good job according to my daughter. Her car was unloaded in literally Review from Google
Jun 2018: I love how close University House is to both campus and Mill Ave. The Staff is always so helpful and friendly. Great place to live! Review from Google
Jun 2018: Just moved in and have a killer view of the stadium! can't wait for football season to start! Also love the huge gym with a separate cardio and weights room! Easily the best place to live close to campus and Mill!! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I love how close they are to school and the football stadium. This helps me be safe coming and going to school. Which allows me to be involved in school. Great choice to live in! Review from Google
Jun 2018: The office does really seem to care about its residents. They are quick to get me what I need. The staff also went above and beyond for me and I think they have outstanding service. I've noticed the property is has a lot of projects right now... they repaired the gas BBQers, added more equipment to the gym, etc. I know they are renovating the steam room, and they just added a new yoga room with cute succulents. I think UH will be an even better place to live next year if you can be patient through the summer renovations. I know they replaced a ton of elevator parts and those are supposed to be running smoother in the future too. The staff give out free food a lot in the lobby which I love! The security team always says hello and does try to catch those who are not supposed to enter the building from coming in, so I see security as good! I see Review from Google
Jun 2018: Worst apartment complex I’ve ever seen ! I was in West 6th, San Travisa and 922 place all those three were amazing. But university house is detestable! You should wait the elevator for 10 minuets, although they have 4 elevators and only one is work ! The trash is being in the floors for days and nobody clean it . Worsssssst building 👎 Review from Google
Jun 2018: THEY WILL CONTROL HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU HAVE OVER. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS BROKEN. THE POOLS ARE DRAINED LIKE EVERY OTHER WEEK. THEY CLOSE THE POOL AT 10:30. RUN FAR AWAY. They literally have police officers at the door some days that will check your ID and make your friends wear wrist band -.- I was so excited to move into this apartment complex because of all the times I had visited with my friends in the past. But as soon as I moved in everything changed. I moved into my apartment and it was literally dirty so I called and it took maintenance forever to get there, and when they had left it wasn't any better, which is weird because there was a team of them? Then came the nightmare roommate, I was assured that my roommates would only be college students yet they roomed me with someone who had already graduated and she was not okay with anything. Review from Google
Jun 2018: This apartment complex used to be amazing. When they changed out the staff for the 2016-2017 year everything went downhill. The management company won't fix any of the amenities (broken hot tub and exercise equipment, no lounge chairs by the pool) and the parking garage door has been broken for almost a year even though they keep saying they will fix it (I pay over $100 for parking so that's BS). The front desk staff is awful now too and don't want to do their jobs. The worst part -- I had two roommates that broke the rules of the lease every day by smoking cigarettes in our apartment where the windows barely crack open. Did management care? Nope, not until they stopped paying rent because "they would handle it". Pay the $1000/month rent elsewhere, the Hub/University House has had it's run as the top apartment, but it definitely isn't a Review from Google
Jun 2018: Let me start of by saying this is the worst building at this price level within the area so please choose elsewhere. This building does not provide a safe environment for its residents and is completely unhelpful regarding any situation. The building amenities are old and repeatedly broken. Pool is also closed all the time for various public safety issues. It took them up until this year to get a working garage door. My favorite example of this is the workout machines that still have Iphone chargers from the previous generation. Mail is a common issue among residents that management refuses to solve. Most situations are viewed through a lens of how much money they can get out of you instead of actually trying to help you. There are countless stories about this building and sadly all of them are true. Most positive reviews I have seen on the in Review from Google
May 2018: Drugs everywhere. My son was offered OxyContin and he met a group of girls in the elevator high on Molly from a concert. So many drugs at UH. Even the office workers do drugs so not even worth complaining. Right R? Right S?
Apr 2018: I’ve been completely mislead. I was told that I could get a four bedroom and four bath with my two roommates and I and now we’re all stuck in a lease where we can’t live together. I’ve called multiple times to close my account but I always get told I can’t. If I was told to begin with that we couldn’t live together then I wouldn’t have signed. Until I get out of my lease because it wasn’t what I signed up for, this deserves less than a star. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Plain awful. I wouldn’t even recommend my enemies to live here, that’s how awful this place is. Look at pictures online of the place. It’s a mess. It should be demolished because it’s a safety hazard. There’s 10 places just as close to ASU I can think of off the top of my head which won’t give you one tenth of the hassle university house will give you. The shill 5 stat reviews are clearly done by management. I’ve yet to meet someone here who actually enjoys it and plans on signing again. Just come to the property and ask any student living here how they like it. You’ll get “I hate it and regret” every single time. Heed my warning!! Take a gamble on this disgusting unsafe health hazard and you’ll wish you did!!
Apr 2018: ASU Football Player that moved here because close to facility for quicker access. Excellent Xbox internet if you call Cox to set it up for you with Ethernet . WiFi lags a bit . Review from Google
Apr 2018: I really enjoy living here at University House. My apartment was clean and in good condition when I moved in. I have been living here for about 7 months now. The front desk is very poliet, attentive, accommodating, and is always there to answer any questions you have, WiFi is almost always reliable, and I feel very safe here. I have not seen one bug or roach at all, it is a great walking distance from campus (5 mins.), and maintenance always responds in a timely fashion. Resident amenities are great. Some complaints that I do have is if it's game day, all the streets to get home are blocked off and you're going to be sitting in traffic for a good hour and a half maybe more, the hallways and carpet can use a good cleaning, the rooms are inconveniently small considering what you pay, and of course it is very expensive to live here. Being a coll Review from Google

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