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The Mark

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Jul 2019: Beware, most of the 5 star reviews are people that work in the office. This complex is terrible. The pool was closed for the first half of summer. The AC in the rooms does not work well and it’s always hot and miserable. My room is 85-87 every night. They turned off the water for like 4 days to fix a pipe without letting us know. Their elevators are sketchy and slow and their gym gave me ringworm. DISGUSTING! They also post electric bills after rent is due and then try to charge you extra if you don’t pay it within 3 days. The laundry rooms don’t work most the time too. Also parking is not part of your rent. If you don’t want to pay extra for parking get used to parking in the nearby street. Everyone leaves their trash outside so it’s always smelly and gross. Bad lighting in apartments too unless you buy additional lighting. In my apartment the maintenance that I’ve had done is always super iffy Review from Google
Jul 2019: DO NOT LIVE HERE. don't trust the recent positive reviews: Heather and Shannon are both EMPLOYED by The Mark Tempe working in front office. It is 87 degrees in my apartment right now becuase the AC is broken for the second time this month There are bed bugs and cockroaches in many units, the AC, heat, electric, and water constantly go out for days at a time the laundry rooms almost never work. It seems like there is always a new horrible problem to deal with. This place is absolutely miserable but not only that they lock you in to your lease which clears them of fault for literally everything. This place is run by a big money hungry corporation. They go out of there way to give ridiculous hidden fees every month and have 0 compassion about there actual residents. This complex has changed management and lost employees more often than anywhere I have ever seen and the current people in charge are the worst by far Review from Google
Jun 2019: I just signed my lease for the second year here. The staff really cares about everyone they work with and are always trying their best to make sure the residents are having a blast. I love that they're pet friendly and actually love when you bring your dogs into the office. My pup loves going in and getting treats from staff. Will stay here as long as I can :) Review from Google
Jun 2019: Living here for my 3rd year now. First off, I have had no roach problems... ZERO roaches in my two apartments that I've stayed in since renting here. But even if I did, they offer all their residents free, weekly pest control. The pool is consistently open and quite the hidden gem if you ask me, I love the beach front entry. I have never had a problem with maintenance or management not responding in a timely manner. My rent is one of the lowest amongst my friends and my bedroom is one of the biggest. The location is unbeatable, I'm only .3 miles from ASU Tempe campus, down the street from the greek village, light rail and metro/orbit bus route stops walking distance... tbh not sure why everybody hates on this complex. Review from Google
May 2019: I’m not sure why the reviews are one stars because as of right now they’re not a one star apartment. I’d honestly give them 5 stars, I was really impressed by the thoughtfullness of the amenities. From the large pool/lazy river to the water slide. Very impressive for the overall cheap price to live there. Secondly, the atmosphere is very professional and clean. The people at the office are extremely good at communicating and explaining your lease so you know exactly what you’ll be paying aside from obvious taxes. Also, the home amenities like the kitchens and bathroom sinks are extremely modern and very attractive, I was shocked when I saw the kitchens for the price point. Not to mention the office also communicates with residents through instagram with food/ events to make it more of a reason to live there. Maintenance is incredible, everything I needed fixed got fixed. I’m not sure what issues people were complaining about years ago but those are definitely not current ones Review from Google
May 2019: If I could give this apartment complex less than 1 star, I would. I understand this is a desert and there are bugs. However, calling The Mark a roach hotel is an understatement. It does not matter how clean you are, how often you spray, or how often you mist/bug bomb. I've requested maintenance to spray about 6 times in 6 months and still countless roaches. Overall a very disgusting place to live. Pay the same money and live somewhere clean. Last and not least, roach infestation is not an excused reason to exit your lease. If you sign a lease, be prepared for dozens of extra crawling roommates for the next 12 months. AVOID AT ALL COST. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I’m not sure how to post a picture of my thermostat and I have multiple pictures..but it’s a solid 85• in here day and night, for the past month. Some advice for this apt complex: I get that you turn off the AC for 6 months, for winter, but when it starts getting to 85 outside (which is usually in March) that’s when you should turn the AC back on. Review from Google
Mar 2019: It’s 85 degrees in my apt right now and has been the whole month of March. Can’t open the windows to “feel the breeze” because sketchy people look in my apt and it makes me feel uneasy. TURN ON THE AC!!! PLEASE! Review from Google
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Feb 2019: *****DO NOT LIVE HERE***** I currently live here. I paid my lease out. I am saying this as a person who understands the frustration of moving across the country. I moved here in August, yet I signed my lease in July. Though I was hesitant to, I signed it. The building is a catfish. On move in day, I was told I needed to pay a city tax, which was like 14 dollars, so I did. Then, when I was getting my keys to move in, I was told that I needed to pay $30 a month to park my car or I would be able to park on the dirt lot for free. Within the first moments of opening the door, I noticed the room had a ginormous gap in between the floor and the door (2 inches). Again, I disregarded it and began moving into my new home. I put my stuff down and notice that there is trash in the corners as well as dirt in the "cracks" of the wall. I have lived in Texas in a Student Living
Feb 2019: I am saying this as a person who understands the frustration of moving across the country. I moved here in August, yet I signed my lease in July. Though I was hesitant to, I signed it. Within the first moments of opening the door, I noticed the room had a ginormous gap in between the floor and the door (2 inches). Again, I disregarded it and began moving into my new home. I put my stuff down and notice that there is trash in the corners. I have lived in plenty of apartments and this is the first one that I would leave a bad review for. Also, the tow truck driver hardly comes. I also received a bill for 102 dollars from August, it is what month? It is February. The staff seems okay but obviously does not care about things that involve the people that pay to live here. Also, about half the people here are not in college. I have lived here for si Review from Google
Feb 2019: Probably the worst place to live as a student in Tempe. If you're looking to save money(which students should be doing) don't be fooled by the low rates. The Nelson Brothers Property Management find every way to screw you over. Your rent taxes aren't shown until the after the 1st and they tell you in the office to pay by the first or you'll be fined but you get fined anyways. They also told us that we could either pay for parking in the paved lot, or we could park in the dirt lot (which was the guest parking lot as well) for free. But now they're renting out the dirt lot to the construction workers from the City of Tempe(more money for them) so they told us a day in advance to pay for parking or get towed. There's not even enough parking spaces for the amount of people that live here. And there's only 4 guest parking spots. We have had several Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’ve moved here from Texas in August 2018. I had not seen the apartment ahead of time but I was told that it was luxury student living. I had my own condo in Texas that I paid $680 a month. I moved in on move in day, I noticed the dirt lot and the majority of people were moving in. Some people moving in were in their 40’s or 50’s. I was told that upwind move in, I had to pay a total month of rent because nothing was prorated. Whatever, so I move in to my apartment and I notice that the floors were dirty. They had lots of dirt and roaches. I had a roommate that was horrible and dirty, didn’t care, just clean up after it. Then, there was water leaks, water outages, and many other problems. Water outage meant we weren’t allowed to use anything with water for 2-3 days. Pool is never open, no the pool is not heated and the people are gros Review from Google
Oct 2018: This is the worse place to live! The energy here is so toxic. They sale you with promotions and that water slide. I lived there 5 months and 3 people overdose. One of the best managers there quit and went to a different company. The 2 ladies there now are completely not good people. They’re nice when they’re signing you up but after that you’re on your own! For 850- I’m sure you can find a much cleaner nicer property. U have to pay $35 for parking otherwise you have to park in the gravel full of glass and trash hoping your tires don’t get messed up because you’re on your own! If your absolutely desperate for a place to live - still reconsider your decision. Don’t be fooled by the ads. It’s truly an illusion. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Ive only been living here a couple months and its been god awful. Firstly the motel style complex is ridiculous. Not only does it feel like your paying half price down at the jersey shore, but good luck to anyone living above the second floor with no elevator. You will be told A/C is free, however they completely monitor and put limits on it. If i put my thermostat as low as it goes it will only reach 72, on a colder day. Also, if you accidentally park in a "future resident" parking spot (in the middle of the year even when there are no future residents for example) they will place a bright orange permanent sticker on the windshield of your car right in front of the drivers seat. When I asked about this the lady in the front office was extremely rude. The location is seedy and further from campus then it may seem. OH! did i forget to mention t Review from Google
Sep 2018: Great apartment. Awesome amenities. And a very awesome staff. Review from Google
Jul 2018: The place is great I would give 5 stars but people smoke weed and cigarettes it's really annoying the other than that management has really changed that are really trying to get things done and up-to-date a lot of the people here are very friendly but again I thought I got rid of the weed and cigarettes smell as well as problem then I would rate this a five-star Review from Google
Jul 2018: Been very helpful from the start and address any concern, no matter how small as fast as possible. Recommend to everyone to check it out. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I just paid my last rent at this apartment complex after 2 years living at it. I have to say I am very disappointed the unprofessionallity of the stuff has been what this place lacks of and even when they could show that they are better the don't. The first year I arrived I was told that there would be a new pool and better amenities after 6 month; which never happened until 1 year and a half later. This is the least of the kind of things this apartment complex promised. As another example is that when it was time to renew the lease the new management at that time (because there have been 4 different management in 2 years) promised a 400$ gift card if us residents would refer new people to sign a lease there. As always promises without any real value because 1 month passed by and the management changed, at this point us residents were told to Review from Google
Jun 2018: I moved in November 2017, there has been ups and downs. New office staff, overall amazing, Property Manager and Leasing Manager and the C.A.'s. It's very difficult to work with the cooperate office (Nelson Brothers). Great Regional Manager, able to assist when he can. For some reason, it's difficult to work with the Area Manager, I believe that is her title. She will give you something, you assuming she is following policy just to throw it in your face later that she did you a "favor", not a great thing to do. My bike was stolen from the property. Many random people on the property often, the office handles it or calls the police. Once I had to call the police regarding people sleeping near the mailboxes. Parking overall is not well thought out, they are currently working on it though. The overall cost value for the apartment is bett Review from Google
Mar 2018: Living here has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had, and my lease isn't even up yet. When I first began to look for one bedrooms back in May 2017, I found The Mark. I came and a man named Robert gave me a tour. He was really nice about everything. He told me the new pool would be done by the end of July. And the new renovations looked nice. That's where the good part ends. Two weeks before I moved in, I came by to make sure everything was in order. I have an emotional support service cat, which I told them about. I filled out ALL of the paperwork they gave me for him, and returned it before I moved in to a woman named Patricia, because apparently, Robert didn't work there anymore. Also, I was told that I had to pay an entire first month's rent on move In day, which was August 15th. Nothing is prorated. So basically you're paying Review from Google
Feb 2018: My friend and I were interested in The Mark Tempe, so we went to take a tour of the complex. Their hours are 10 am - 6 pm during the week, we showed up at 1:40. But when we arrived there was a sign saying they wouldn't be back in the office until 1:30 pm, there was a bunch of people in the office, but the doors were still locked. We called to ask if we were supposed to make an appointment beforehand and they said no it was fine we can just walk in. We waited till 1:55 wish and tried again, the doors were still locked. We called again and asked why the doors were locked and when they were going to open back up and they said they had no idea when. We waited till 2:00 pm until we left. Overall, The Mark Tempe was off to a bad start before we even signed a lease. Review from Google
Feb 2018: It's absolutely ridiculous that I signed a lease in July 2017 to pay at most 714 for each room in 2bd Utilities included. Now that utilities aren't included, mind you still on my lease from July, rent shot up to 815. That's 1,630 for a 2bd. Its unaffordable for a place that doesnt have anything to offer. Seems like they take more than they give. Will not be recommending this place to anyone. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Friendly, helpful and attentive staff, chill tenants- coming from Brooklyn, NY this place is a clean, great space with nice amenities- only thing is 3 days after I signed a lease for $750 (11/1) for a studio they started renting studios at $700 (11/3) without offering me the new rate so double check their social media and ask thoroughly about the rates before signing. Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is by far the worst renting experience I have ever had and I cannot wait until my lease is up. To be fair, I'll list some pros before I get into the extensive list of cons. Pros: -large bedrooms -new pool looks nice Cons: -the management is awful, with the exception of Kandida, the young woman who works at the desk. The property manager, Lisa has no care for the tenants besides how much money they can get out of us. They do the bare minimum that is considered legal as far as customer service goes. -I have to put a stack of books over the holes in my floor so bugs don't get in. -front door is not sealed (you can literally see through the cracks) -heat doesn't work correctly, I haven't been able to get it over 70 degrees for a couple months now. (It completely broke down at one point and it took them a week and a half to fix it. My apar Review from Google
Jan 2018: Easily the worst management I've ever dealt with at an apartment complex. They lie to you to get you locked into a lease and then switch everything around. I don't recommend signing with them. Review from Google

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