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Sterling 920 Terrace

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Feb 2019: Seams to be no enforcement of rules, have filed multiple noise complaints on the same apartment, but there has been no disciplinary actions taken. Additionally they use an electronic lock system that is constantly down, so I have gotten used to being locked out. I would definitely live here if you like getting no sleep and always being locked out of you room.
Feb 2019: Literally a luxurious apartment. Fav place ever! Renewed my lease for another year 😍😍 Review from Google
Jan 2019: Really enjoy living at Sterling 920! It is very obvious they thought a lot about the residents when designing. The amenities are great and well looked after. The staff are very friendly and helpful. 4 stars because I don’t really see much recycling going on even with the green living. Awesome location too! Review from Google
Jan 2019: This apartment building is amazing and the leasing staff are courteous and very helpful! I highly recommend a visit! Review from Google
Dec 2018: The apartment is new this year and the staff keeps the common areas clean. It is close to campus and greek housing. This complex is lower density compared to some of the other high-rise apartment available near the ASU campus. This makes for less noise and disruptive guests. Access is limited to the building and parking garage, which enhances safety. Sterling has great fitness facilities and common areas for study groups. As a father, I am very pleased with this apartment for my daughter. Review from Google
Dec 2018: I hate it!
Nov 2018: Great apartment, really nice staff and facilities! You have to pay a compulsory $10 / month for valet service, but the service is pretty slipshod and the valet service forgets clearing the trash pretty often. It'd be great if we could do it ourselves, but management insists on the $10 fee even though the service is non-existent. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Moved to here for while.Highly recommend this place for student who wanna live next to campus. 1,Very close distance to Metro station and Campus. 2,Price is no cheap surely.but compare with most of housing near the campus its reasonable. 3,the stuff here are really friendly.✌🏻😊. However there still have two points you need to consider before moving here. 1.The location is very near the Greek leadership community,often time they come to the pool roommates doesn’t like them that much. 2.There always have a lot of activities which could be fun but could be loud at same time. (I could hear people playing the music outside at 2AM if I open the window. But overall it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all,I will still highly recommend this complex.😊 Review from Google
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Sep 2018: Amazing place to live in Tempe if you’re looking for premium student housing. Staff could not be more friendly and will go out of their way to satisfy all tenants. The only complaint I have is that their Maintence crew takes forever to get a move on fixing things. This is understandable obviously since it’s brand new and there are of course growing pains to be had, and from what I understand they have hired more people to the Maintence crew which should speed things up a bit. would recommend to anyone, this is a much better option to the rise or 922. Review from Google
Aug 2018: These apartments are super nice no doubt about it ! The staff has been super friendly and gets back to me about any issues super quick. The only reasons I put 4 stars is because of the noise at the pool (which has gotten better but some nights it’s bad) and that I was suppose to get a gift card and it’s been about a month living there and still haven’t received it. Great place for college kids though! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Great amenities, friendly staff. Easily my fav college apartment so far Review from Google
Aug 2018: There are just too many things wrong with this place. Everything here is brand new and it was just built so I get that there will be some problems at first, but there’s just too many. At first the apartment will seem perfect and flawless, but after being here over a week it’s like a new issue everyday. We’ve found way too many dents and scratches throughout the apartment to count, which I’m not understanding as it’s brand new.. still can’t connect to the wifi in the unit even after contacting the company, there’s no connection other than the guest wifi. the AC was out in half the rooms, the water has dirt in it and smells like chemicals certain times then will get better for a while, then returns to dirt water. Some of the outlets don’t work either. Maintenance will sometimes take days to come after saying they’ll be there th Review from Google
Jul 2018: the staff are so friendly and so excited to live there. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Finally a place in Tempe that's pet friendly!! I bring my pup into the leasing office because they always have dog treats and toys for him and they also have a dog park with a dog washing station in the complex! Staff is so nice and seems to really care about future residents Review from Google
Dec 2017: Very friendly staff! Love how they're always keeping me updated through all of their social media accounts, can't wait to move in to my new apartment in August! Review from Google

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