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Mar 2019: The people at SOL are so kind and on top of everything! Had to change my lease, they remembered my name, and were so understanding and helpful with the whole process. can't wait to live there! It looks so nice. :) Review from Google
Mar 2019: The leasing process has been easy! When I first went to check the place out I was a bit skeptical because of the price. But, after searching everywhere around Tempe, this place grew to the top with all the amenities included. I toured a total of three times and each time we were given answers to the questions we needed. I can't wait to live here! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I’m so glad I have found SoL, this is a great place to live. Office staff is amazing, The units are great and nice. This is highly recommended for student living. I been living here sense fall 2018 and still loving this place!!
Mar 2019: I have seen so many different reviews about SoL, but in my opinion, I love it here! The management is amazing and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The trolley is so helpful with getting to and from campus. I recommend this place to all my friends!
Mar 2019: SoL is awesome! I’ve only lived here for about a year but I love it here! The amenities are always clean and they’re always doing maintenance and replacing things to make sure things are always up to par for the residents. Rob (the manager) was super helpful when I was having roommate issues. Everyone that works here is always really nice and are always ready to help. I like living here so much that I renewed my lease!
Mar 2019: I appreciate the upgrades Sol has made over the past few months. As a community, it has come a long way. The facility is beautiful because we have some of the best amenities in Tempe. The management really works hard to keep residents informed and prepared for everything. I just renewed for a studio apartment for the fall, so I'm very excited to make my new living space home away from home :)
Feb 2019: I am so glad my friends and I found an amazing place to live next year! Every time I walk in I am greeted with a warm smile and a greeting. The rooms are an amazing size and it is a great place for student living! I can not wait until I am moved in and living there! Review from Google
Feb 2019: I have found my happy place! From the very start of the application process Aaliyah was available and accommodating, so friendly, personable and understanding. The property has everything a student needs. The on site amenities are awesome. Great quiet space for study...and the furnished units make moving in simple and stress free. LIVE AT SOL! - it helps that I am also only a 32 minute walk to Cubs spring training games too! Review from Google
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Feb 2019: Tried to wait as long as possible to leave a review but honestly feel like I need to warn people who are looking into living here next semester. If you are a light sleeper or are planning on depending on the shuttle DO NOT sign a lease here. There have been way too many times where I go to wait for the shuttle and it’s not even running. Also, there’s supposed to be 2 shuttles running at a time and there’s almost always only one shuttle running at a time. When the shuttles actually DO run, they also sit on campus for about 30-40 minutes waiting for the shuttle to fill up (because they only have 1 running) so your total commute time is about an HOUR when the complex is 10 minutes away from campus. There’s never a consistent driver, it always changes. This place is just a mess. The rent is cheaper compared to most places but after living Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love living at SoL! No matter what questions I may have, everyone is always so eager to help me out. Best home away from home!!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: This place has been great to me and my roommates thus far! The complex is absolutely beautiful and well-maintained. I love how I pay one flat fee for unlimited electricity, water, trash, parking, etc. along with rent. The staff is super personable and helpful. I renewed my lease for next year too! I would recommend this to anybody, you won't regret it! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great apartment complex! The utility package with all amenities included was a huge factor in decided to move here. Management is great, and I have enjoyed living here thus far. I would highly recommend this complex to anyone, and already have to many of my friends. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I visited a friend to study, and was blown away by the facility. Very clean, modern, and comfortable conditions defined my experience while at Sol. Kayla was the one who showed me around, and was a very warm and welcoming personality. Would definitely recommend to a friend, and I am currently thinking of signing a lease once my lease is up. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I love living in this apartment. It has great amenities, is well kept, and is a great home away from home. The staff is very caring and always willing to help. One of the community assistants, Kara, is always readily available to assist the residents. She’s so nice when I come down to get packages and is knowledgeable when it comes to any questions I have. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Very professional and caring staff. Everyone was always helpful and had a welcoming smile. I would often call maintenance for a range of issues and they have always gotten to the problem and fixed it within 24 hours. Rent price was great considering all utilities and electric was included. On top of that, the complex provided a shuttle to and from campus which saved quite a decent amount. Complex was ideal for students. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I really liked this complex a lot, my friend lives here and I thought it was a great place. It was always really clean and the amenities are the coolest I’ve seen by far. I think it’s really nice that they have a shuttle that takes them to and from campus during the week, not a lot of places have shuttles and they have two which is so nice. Definitely one of the best places to live on a budget, just wish I’d chosen to live here too. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Met with Jessica for a tour of the property. She was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. She was able to demonstrate all the property had to offer and she sold us! We are extremely happy with our decision to lease at SoL. The rate is reasonable and the amenities are excellent. SoL takes pride in the appearance and the cleanliness of the property. I see the staff doing rounds hourly and keeping the common areas clean. The workout room and study areas are roomy and very accessible. My daughter feels safe and has easy access to food, transportation, and supplies due to its great location and shuttle. There are many social things to do on the property like BBQ, sand volleyball, and the pool. It’s a great place to entertain and it’s a quiet environment given its size. It has been a great choice for our daughter and I would highly re Review from Google
Jun 2018: I am writing this review to help new students choose a place. I am living here for 10 months now and everything is great, I was lucky I got good roommates and the apartment amenities and services compared to the price is the best in town. I love the gym, study rooms, and the free Starbucks coffee. The management is good and the maintenance people are amazing, they will be at your door in moments. If you sign a lease with a good promotion (I got a $500 gift card) you will get the best price in town. If you get a poolside apartment, it wont be as quiet as the volleyball side, and the best is to get one on the east side where you will have the beautiful sunrise in the morning. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've lived here in a studio for 9 months and I wouldn't recommend this place for students who are in a STEM major or a major that requires consistent, quiet studying. However, if you're in a major where you can party a lot and still get your degree, this may be a good fit for you. The STAFF hosted a party last weekend (the weekend before finals) where they brought in a DJ with ridiculously massive speakers and blasted music all day Saturday. It was so loud that I went into my bathroom in an attempt to try to get to a quieter area but it was so loud outside, the music was literally coming through the vents in the bathroom ceiling as if there were a speaker mounted there. I tried ear plugs as well, which did nothing to help and I wear hearing aids for hearing loss from serving in the military. They could have had their party (SOL-chella) with Review from Google
Apr 2018: First few months were ok. The longer I lived there the more I wanted to leave. Staff were not the most helpful. I felt like they put the needs of the company before the residents. Kitchen drawers broke constantly and fixes never lasted very long. WiFi can be unreliable. Several times it shut down in situations that were less that ideal. They have a shuttle that goes to and from campus but the shuttles are non efficient. I can’t count how many times I had to wait up to 40 minutes on campus because the bus couldn’t even fit 20+ people. AC in the buses didn’t always work and that is not ok in Arizona. Moving out next year and can’t wait. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Lived here for two years and moved out last May just didn’t get around to writing a review. Judging by what other reviews are saying nothing changed but I did however was forced to pay a cleaning fee even though I moved out in May and the random roommate was still there and trashed the place, I was charged not the random they placed me with and when I asked for pictures of the damages and trash they said they would get it to me but never got them. The college kids who work in the front office are arrogant thinking they have some sort of power, and to top it all of I was paying 850 a month in a three bedroom so were my roommates for 2550 a month you can get a house that you can’t hear everything outside. Best advice I can give is live literally anywhere else there’s a reason this place keeps changing management. Review from Google
Feb 2018: This is the third year living here. I’m very satisfied here when I moved in first year. It’s awful since the management changed. I don’t think is a reasonable price for residents. Firstly, the rate of renew is moving fast. When I missed the first promotion, the stuff told me price doesn’t come back. And then they said the another promotion is good price with $100 gift cards to the first 25 people. The monthly rate is $53 higher than current rate. Alright I agree to sign. In just a week and half, they send me a new promotion. It’s lower than $75. Seriously, It’s ridiculous. I ask them to match my price, they always say sorry. They cannot do this. I’m so mad with their attitude. It’s not a concrete solution. It’s not fair to residents who renewed earlier. Secondly, the shuttle policy is unrealistic. They post new policy that th Review from Google
Jan 2018: Used to be called regents on university. The management is still awful and the amenities really aren’t that good. You can even use their dog park, it’s more of a pee spot with dirt. The grills are always dirty and the cops get called all the times for noise and drugs. Don’t move here! It would be cheaper to just rent a room from someone. Try Craigslist or a roommate app. Sol (regents) is waaaay over priced!! The gates never work and cops are called all the time for break ins as well. $1500 worth of my BF’s stuff was stole from his car the day we moved in and his bike chain was busted and bike stolen as well. This place is a s*** hole! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If you're into the party and loud scene then this is the place for you. This complex is filled with people who are inconsiderate of other people and blast their music all the time. Walls are so thin, you can hear your neighbors close their doors or my personal favorite, the monologue coming from their TV or the lyrics to their music. If you live facing the pool, people are there late nights blasting their music as well. Calling the courtesy patrol hardly ever helps and letting the office know doesn't help, either. When I first moved in, the floors were so dirty even though they say they had people clean them. It probably took me mopping 3-4 times to get the black off of the floor. We didn't have the sectional piece like they say comes with the apartment from the model, we got some 3 seater couch. However, they replaced the couch with the sec Review from Google
Nov 2017: This has been a great place to live. Really enjoy the out door volleyball area and outdoor lounge. Gym options and updates have been great. I normally don't write reviews, But after seeing all these horrible reviews about where I live I had to give my opinion. This place is awesome place to live! Management has recently changed which has made a huge difference on the managerial side. Review from Google

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