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Skywater at Town Lake

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Nov 2019: I love Skywater! It is perfect for "young professionals" in their early 20s that graduated from college and working full time, but aren't married or looking to settle down. This is exactly what we were looking for when we moved from Minnesota. My husband and I are both 24 and recently got married, but we plan to stay here until we want to settle down and buy a house. We love being able to walk to all the fun things on Mill and being able to take our little wiener dog on walks along the lake. There's so much to do in this area and I will honestly miss it whenever we have to move and settle down. Review from Google
Aug 2019: Lived here for a year but moved to be in a better situation for my pup. That being said, it is a dog friendly community and I was appreciative of that. The staff was great! I always dealt with Brigh, Megan, and Courtney - they were all wonderful and helped where they could. I even made it a daily thing to stop by the office with my pup just to say hello to everyone. If it were a better living situation for my pup, I would have stayed. The location was super convenient and an overall good living experience. Review from Google
Aug 2019: I've lived here for a year and I really enjoyed my time here! The staff was amazing, friendly and always so good to me. All my requests were handled promptly and never had any problems living here. They have monthly events in the clubhouse and offer so many amenities. I would stay longer if I wasn't moving into a house but I recommend SkyWater for anyone looking to move into an apartment! An amazing community Review from Google
Jul 2019: The pool is amazing to hangout by especially for the AZ weather. Very clean and well kept as well. The leasing office staff is wonderful and always so helpful. Jacqueline can help you with anything, ask for her! Review from Google
Jun 2019: Skywater is a very well managed community. My company leased an apartment here for myself and other employees to use while in Tempe. I am the most frequent occupant and dealt with management during lease signing and move in. The gym is open 24 hours, which is a huge plus for people like me who tend to burn the midnight oil. The pools are always clean, there is nearly always a nice outdoor grill available for use, and parking is ample. Of course, being in Arizona and on the lake, the views are stunning and never get old. Walking outside and across the parkway gives direct access to the lake and it's walking trails which I make regular use of. The best part about Skywater is the staff. Jacqueline is especially fantastic. She's kind, caring, responsive, and remembers everyone's name. The only time that we've needed maintenance was for a clogged drain; It was completed less than 2 hours after submitting online Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have to say this is the worst apartment complex I have ever stayed in, and well, I've lived in Dallas, Houston, Tennessee, South America, West Africa, and now Phoenix. don't do it! First of all, these are the worst neighbors you will EVER have. Loud and disgusting. Basically, people who think they are in an overpriced dorm building, with their parents paying their rent. People who don't understand what the "No loud noise after 10 pm rule." Also, the whole structure is designed to where noises echo, so loud drunk people at 2 am....all night long! Next, the apartment management doesn't seem to have their stuff together at all....for example, I moved out on Sunday April 6 and on Monday April, 7, I have this huge bill that I'm apparently supposed to pay when I had already paid my rent for April 1-6 (days that I'm there for April)...and to make it worse, when I handed in the keys yesterday, the apartment's front desk guy said absolutely nothing about ANY bill, gave zero move-out documentation, AND it says that this charge was reported on my credit Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have lived at Skywater for two years. The front office staff is rude, everything in the apartment looks nice, but breaks. Seriously, you pull out a drawer and the bottom falls out. The complex smells of dog pee. DON"T LIVE HERE Review from Google
Feb 2019: After all the reviews that my husband pointed out to me I am giving this place a 3 to be fair based only on the reviews that I have to go by! I was so eagerly to make the move and inquiry within, HOWEVER!!!! There has been a ton of complaints about just two issues!..? My question to this facility is... why don't you keep this fairly new apartment luxury living up on the upkeep that cost quite a bit?!! I see the office and owner reply's back but are you truly concerned or sincere? Nah! This is my concern to the management! My family and I are looking to relocate temporarily but it won't be here! Too bad! This place sounded really nice from a far! Review from Google
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Dec 2018: It took Skywater 4 months after I moved out to get my deposit. It wasn't a big amount of money, but it just ridiculous to see how the front office acted TOTALLY different before you move in and after you move out. With the rent they charges the residents and the fact that so many new apartment complexes are being built, I don't see the reason for people to move in to Skywater. Was Review from Google
Oct 2018: Very happy living here since moving in July 2018. Staff is always polite/nice and accommodating, amenities are good, and my 2-bdrm apartment layout with patio is perfect. Great location far enough away from campus, yet close enough to bike to class. Close to walking/bike paths, water activity, 202 freeway, airport, and shopping is 10 minutes away. Don’t mind the airplanes above. Neighbors are quiet. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I am leaving a one-star review because Skywater put $50.45 in collections even though I paid for it. Before moving out, I paid the entire balance on my online renters account on their website. Then, after moving out I received an email saying that I had an outstanding balance of $50.45 due to my final utility bill. Okay. The email then said I had to resolve the balance with the apartment community within 30 days of the letter or it would be shown as a negative action on my credit. 8 days after receiving the email, I gave them a money order for $50.45. Now, almost 3 months later, there is a negative mark on my credit. Skywater should have never sent the amount to collections before giving me an opportunity to pay. I never received the bill! They have engaged in a horrible business practice. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Great community feel - residents and staff alike are very neighborly and familiar, an aspect of the property very much promoted by the events the complex does. There's a free fitness class every week to which staff encourages you to bring your friends (even if they don't live here). In addition to that, every month or so, the complex does resident events. SO MUCH FUN. The last one was a pool party. They had a blow up movie screen and projector - we watched Step Brothers. The event was catered with popcorn and open bar. Staff brought out floaties of all shapes and sizes including my favorite, a giant peacock. Special thanks to management staff Jacqueline, Megan and Courtney for helping create such a great atmosphere. Review from Google
Jul 2018: Very cool property with awesome views of Tempe Town Lake and incredible amenities!! Sarah is an absolutely fantastic leasing manager who combines genuine enthusiasm with amazing property knowledge and a real concern for the individual. I was really impressed with the upgraded, luxurious 1 bedroom flats and the open floor plan creates a very livable environment. Unfortunately, my limited personal timeline and Skywater's apartment availability are not likely a match this time, but I certainly won't forget this super property and the professionalism and personality of Sarah when I select my next apartment! I can't recommend Skywater at Town Lake more highly!!! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Love living here! The property is always clean. The staff is great and very helpful. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I just toured Skywater with Sarah and it was by far the best apartment tour I’ve ever been on. The property is beautiful, has great amenities, and a cool vibe. But on top of that Sarah was extremely helpful, kind and knowledgeable. I have been on many apartment tours in my life and she was by far the best and most impressive. @ Skywater, don’t ever lose her — she’s the best leasing office employee I’ve ever come across! Review from Google
May 2018: I have enjoyed the living experience at Skywater @ Townlake. The fitness center is modern, the other amenities are great, the staff is friendly, and the complex is relatively quiet. I have decided to renew my lease for another year. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've lived here for about 8 months now. Skywater has a great location, near the Tempe Town Lake and within a short walking distance to downtown Tempe. The staff seem to care about the residents, and they have been understanding when weird billing mistakes occurred on my account. My main complaint is with the behavior of some of the other residents. Though I think it is only a minority, some residents act irresponsibly when it comes to shared resources. For example, some dog owners let their dogs pee or poop on the courtyard turf grass (some of whom don't even clean up after their dog), and of the folks who do take their dog to the designated area outside, there are several who don't clean up after their dog. There were issues with trash being left outside of the trash chutes, but that seems to be resolved. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Moved in here in December of 2017. While the initial move in was good and we were excited about the amenities and the appartment, I DO not recommend moving in here. I do not typically write reviews, but in this case I felt it necessary. First and foremost, this is NOT a secure building. Half of the outside doors DO NOT work, which causes residents to prop open the doors and then causes them to break. Currently as of 4/2/2018, 3 exterior doors are broken, have been since we moved in, and are in no hurry to fix. Next, they claim to have all of these amenities. Which they appear to have. However, only 1 tv works in the common area (where there are 4) and even that one doesn't work most of the time. When asking for assistance to get them working (MULTIPLE TIMES) they give an attitude and act like we are a problem while not fixing the is Review from Google
Feb 2018: Friend lives here. She’s too polite and good of a person to say anything. Every time I come here, a darn security door is BROKEN. Anyone can walk in. It’s all fun and games until you try to get in the hot tub after 10:30pm to soak your darn muscles that you’re using to serve our country. Idk say what you want, but a pool and hot tub that’s not 24 hr access (as well as other amenities?) and they bother to call you out on the intercom “ladies again, you are trespassing” they dare to say to the “lady” who pays a ton to live here expecting security and comfort, goes to bed without either bc it’s more of a priority to get Marine Corps officers out of the hot tub at night than to get the security doors fixed. The one to the pool and entire complex from the back were broken for about 3-5 months. @ me, skywater. Also, each staircase Review from Google
Jan 2018: Let me start by saying, this place is amazing. I moved to Tempe from Los Angeles and there is no way i would ever get a place this nice for the price i am paying. I love the amenities, my apartment is spacious, and everyone has been so helpful and kind. When i was apartment searching, Skywater was one of the first of about 30 apartments that i visited. It was a pleasant experience and the my tour guide, Courtney, was fun and bubbly and showed me all the right things. I found with most apartment tours that they were dull and almost gave me a feeling that they hated their jobs, not here! When i chose Skywater, Hector helped me sign all the paperwork and filled me in on all the good radio stations, bars, and fun activities around my new home; very helpful and those stations are programmed into my car now! As a side note, Skywater is in a ve Review from Google
Dec 2017: I absolutely loved my experience living at Skywater at Tempe Town Lake. The customer service was top notch and NOT racist. Sarah always bent over backwards to make sure our experience was pleasant and was incredibly considerate when he had to leave earlier than expected due to the passing of my mother in law. It was incredibly clean, well maintained, and well designed. They have countless amenities such as mini golf, a pool table, rental bikes at no extra charge, a cart that can be borrowed during business hours for moving your for moving furniture, free yoga and pilates once a week. The views are breathtaking across the complex whether you're look out your apartment window or walking throughout the complex. The views from the pool and gym are just drop dead gorgeous. If your a fan of photography you'll love the photos you take here, espec Review from Google
Sep 2017: I lived here last year and it was a great experi nice. There is a younger generation vibe but great neighbors. I love the Maintaince Team and the owners treated me nicely. As a young lady I felt comfortable and happy living here. Thank you for the great service. Review from Google
Aug 2017: It was a terrible experience that the time I lived at skywater apartments. Officers are really rude and they never keep their promises. I remember there is once that we lost something in the apartment and we want the help to find it, officer tells us that it not their responsibly at all to help us they don't have the time. Also, he is really rude and said that, if he is not sitting in the office talk with us then it will be different story, I really want to ask him, so if he is off work, does it means he is going to beat me up or something. Always find excuses and never helped. Good place, HOWEVER, HORRIBLE OFFICERS. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Skywater will promise you the world, but deliver next to nothing you thought you were signing up for. When I first signed my lease, I was very excited for what seemed like a long list of amenities and a fairly friendly staff. Boy was I wrong. Amentities? The pool is not 24 hour access as promised. Those nice grills outlining said pool? None of them work properly. Want to hit the gym? No problem, but they've removed 50% of the equipment. (gym was a large reason I moved in). At least they have a nice gated garage you can feel comfortable with, right? Wrong. The gates on both side of the garage were broken for most of the year(the elevators as well!), in which time period my roommates motorcycle was stolen. All in all this place is awful, and became even worse when they switched management. If you think you are entitled to customer service and co Review from Google
Jun 2017: I love this place, I have been living here for a two years and all the bad comments are about the old management and the new management are doing a great job Review from 6/6/17 on Google

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