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Salado Springs

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Jul 2019: I had worst experience here. This apartment is not worth the rent they are charging. Airplane noise is worst and no staff would tell you that. I moved in and decided to move out within 3 days but they still charged me lease breakage fee of one month. Initially Magaly said they have a policy if within 14 days i decide to move i can do that but when the time came they backed out. not recommended for families because of the area. AC units are bad. I moved out on 1st july and still have not received my deposit back. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Love this place! Good location and the staff is amazing! Very friendly and professional!
Jun 2018: Overall living here is very convenient for the price and the location. Staff has accused my girlfriends dog leaving its droppings behind when in fact they confused me with another tenant. Review from Google
Jun 2018: I am giving 5 stars because Salado Spring increased my rent by $300 (I was given a transfer option from classic to renovated one) and kind of forced me to move out. I am NOT being sarcastic. This helped me find my current renovated apartment which is 200 sq ft bigger than previous one (911 sq ft) with large master bedroom/bathroom, huge kitchen, a big enough patio for my son to play, and most importantly a cool apartment with a lot of trees (i.e. no need for AC). This is all for a total of $1080 (water/trash/sewer/tax included). In Salado Spring, I paid as low as $1065 (because water/trash/sewer vary each month) in my one year stay. It cost me around $200 to move out and settle at new place (still less than $300/month). TRUE BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Thank you Salado! Review from Google
Feb 2018: This place is fantastic and the staff couldn't be more helpful. For the price and the location. Salad Springs is it. So close to everything and great for Families too. I've lived here for two months now and love it. Review from Google
Feb 2017: Good apartment for the price. Was 5 stars before the management change. Pam and Henry, the office and maintenance staff were both awesome! New management and staff are less efficient and not as friendly. Still not a bad place to live, but missing the old staff. Review from Google
Sep 2016: Nice family apartments with a pretty calm environment, grill, pool, and washers and dryers in each apartment. Review from 9/18/16 on Google
Sep 2016: Nice family apartments with a pretty calm enviroment, grill, pool, and washers and dryers in each apartment. Review from Google
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Jun 2015: It is one of the best apartments I've seen at Tempe (for this price). Very spacious and the best part is the management. Love the pool/hot water. They get things done in a blink of an eye! Pam is the best manager I've ever come across. It would be perfect if they could get a gym in there. Had to move out as it was far from my workplace. Would definitely recommend this apartment to anyone who's looking for a affordable apartment. Review from Google
Feb 2015: Great Place to Live. We recently just had to move out due to work. But wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Great place to live. So quiet and secluded felt like we lived in our own little separate world in Tempe. The staff is amazing, both office staff and maintenance are awesome. The grass is always green the pool is always empty. Just an awesome place to live, couldn't recommend it more. We had an AC that was a little iffy but still worked, the went ahead and replaced the whole thing. Review from Google
Jan 2011: My fondest memories came from my time at Salado Springs :) The complex is gated if you're in the back, the parking lot is covered. They have options whether or not you want furnished or without. The office really work with you and the ladies in there are soooo nice! I wish I didn't move away after my second lease was up because I miss Salado Springs so after I left. The surrounding is terrible so you wouldn't think you'd find a good place, but SS is an oasis in the desert. thumbs up! I had a few gathering while living here but no complaints. i had my own little patio and washer and dryer so it was home away from home. I would highly recommend this place for students who work and go to school at the same time because it is very quiet. A more serious crowd lives here. Review from 1-6-2011 on Yelp

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