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Jan 2019: Beware before signing lease. They’ll Charge you $300 cleaning fees even though you cleaned the apartment for 3 days. If you don’t pay it, Collecting Agencies will ruin your life and particularly, your credit history. not worth staying here if you’re sane. Shady leasing company! Review from Google
Jan 2019: Let me tel you all about my wonderful experience with the shitiest apartment complex in all of Tempe. This place is a total scam and not worth the cost at all, you would be better living out of a trailer park than in this over priced trash 1/2 working building they except people to pay almost a grand a month to live in. Not only was I charged a ridiculous amount to live here but it was for a room the size of a walk in closet. I had issues with things such as renters insurance covering damages from my neighbors to which the leasing office responded with (we changed management so sorry we operate differently than the original owners) and refused to help with anything. The leasing office rarely answers phones and can almost never give you clear answers on questions you have, or even better yet will give you white lies or incomplete answers to Review from Google
Dec 2018: This was the worst living experience of my college career. Rarely had WiFi, didn’t have water for days at a time, amenities frequently unusable because they were so dirty. Elevators always broken. Management doesn’t respond to emails or phone calls, the poor front desk people are stuck telling everyone that they’re “too busy” to deal with us. I specifically spent 2 days cleaning my room and apartment so that these people couldn’t charge me cleaning fees upon move out and guess what, they want $200 for “paint and cleaning fees”. I was present for my inspection and the inspector asked me how I got my room so clean! There was no mention of any damages anywhere. Management is scamming people out of money to offset the cost of maintaining the rest of the building. Thank god I took pictures of every inch of my immaculate apartment wh Review from Google
Dec 2018: I lived here last year and let me tell you it was one of the worst places I have ever lived. As soon as my roommate and I moved in, we had an issue where they had given my roommates room to another tenant who had signed a lease only a few weeks prior. To remedy this, they offered to put us in a two bedroom and offset the extra cost. What a joke, they changed management two weeks later and gave us several cash gift cards with the amount on them. Get this, there's a $30 service fee to use the gift cards every time! When I called to ask about it, they said they can't do anything because they use a system other than their own to have people make payments. Also, like everyone else has said, there were multiple days where we went without ANY water on several occasions. I have friends who live here now and say the same thing happens. When I wanted t Review from Google
Nov 2018: Management and ownership are top notch con artists. Be careful not to get a scratch on the wall or else they’ll charge you $300 when you move out. Also, the rooms are smaller than a port-a-potty Review from Google
Nov 2018: Staff is very understanding and helpful. Place is reguraly cleant and gym is amazing.As compared to other apartment complexes this apartment complex is balanced between studying and having a good time. Mr. Jule Rich is amazing and always understands the situation and helps out in any way possible. Review from Google
Oct 2018: So far the experience has been good for our daughter. There has been maintenance issues but they were handled as expected. All incentives for signing lease were honored, etc... great amenities and location. Review from Google
Jun 2018: My first complaint is Rise on Apache manager Jule Rich. Speaking to him is equivalent to speaking to a robot. He does not care about the residents, and is purely in his position as a money grub. His responses seem automated, he is uncompromising and rude, and will appear nice and kind only to get you to sign. Once he has you on contract, he does not care about anyone but himself and his job security via his quota of fees he can asses to his residents. On another note, multiple water outages, very slow WiFi with multiple outages, outrageous guest wristband policy allowing only 2 guests to use amenities with a resident, must go across the street to the District for security after hours, outrageous fees for lock outs, tiny box rooms with very cheap materials and legit paper doors, everything will end up breaking as did in my room, very cheap toil Review from Google
Jun 2018: The WORST place to possibly live. It looks nice from the outside, but everything they promised and said was a lie. “Luxury living” is not true. Water is on and off, security is here for 5 minutes at night then they go and all hang out talking outside another apartment complex, wifi barely works, rooms look NOTHING like the models or the pictures online (way smaller and cramped, like living in a shoebox), the place was so rushed and poorly made they really just picked the cheapest materials to make this place. Management does nothing to help you, they pretend to listen then just try to take more money from you. Maintenance requests are NEVER fulfilled, my friend had black mold in her bathroom for weeks because there was a leak in the bathroom above her that was never fixed and she was constantly calling and going down to the office to ask t Review from Google
Jun 2018: Let me start off by saying that this complex is a very nice one but for the price, it is not worth it. My experience with this apartment is not what I expected. It gets very noisy and also I requested for something to be done about the weight slamming in the gym and nothing was done. I asked three times so if you are below the gym, expect to wake up at 3 in the morning and several times throughout the night since the gym is 24/7. There was a water shut off more than once and had to shower at a local LA fitness which was very inconvenient. My toilet was not in service and I had to wait 4 days for someone to come and fix it. There was a recent change to their visitor policy. Only two visitors are allowed if you plan to use their pool or any other amenity this complex offers which is very upsetting. Like I said in the beginning, it is very nice b Review from Google
Apr 2018: Rise on Apache is the very best place to live! The staff is so knowledgeable, and is always willing to help! I love living here! Review from Google
Mar 2018: TOTAL SCAM PLACE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. There are many other better apartment complexes near ASU. Oh well, where do I start with the Cons: Dirty Hallways, Smaller Units, Cheap Furniture, AC & Water Outages, Bikes Get Stolen, Noisy Neighbors, and most importantly POOR MANAGEMENT. Please do your self or your parents a favor, DO NOT SIGN A LEASE. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Please do not move to Rise on Apache. I'm the mother of a former resident. I've been lied to on more than one occasion. This place is truly a scam and we are stuck paying for a place my child no longer lives in. I am now being told it's my responsibility to find someone to take over the lease, but was told the complex will assist in finding someone. All lies. They have moved people into the empty apartments and still taking my money. They have not attempted to find someone to takeover this lease. Then I'm threaten with you signed the lease and you are responsible. ALL PARENTS KEEP YOUR CHILD AWAY FROM RISE ON APACHE! And yes, my child did experience all of the plumbing issues and all other issues previously discussed in these reviews. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have been trying to get a call or email back from CA Ventures for 3 weeks to no avail. However, they could find the time to contract a survey firm to ask me if negative online reviews would affect my future leasing decision at Rise on Apache. I didn't think the customer service could get worse but it has and you just can't make up how tone deaf this company is. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Do not live here! Management doesn’t care about the health and safety of residents. Whole building has been evacuated before during the middle of the night too. Water has been shut off numerous times along with AC and WiFi. After all these issues the managers have the audacity to try to get current residents to renew with a HIGHER price. That’s right, they’re raising rent! Compensations need to be given, it’s time and long overdue with the amount of money residents pay for this “luxury” apartment. Review from Google
Jan 2018: If I could give this place zero stars I would. From the day that residents were allowed to move in, the staff have been nothing but incompetent and unprepared. There have been multiple consecutive days on different occasions where water, air conditioning, WiFi, or any combination of the three have been shut off. There has been no compensation to residents, and when the office is called they “don’t know” when amenities will become available again. Considering this is supposed to be a “luxury” apartment and rent is near $1000, I wouldn’t waste your money here. I will not recommend the Rise to anyone. Review from Google
Jan 2018: My son was very excited to move into The Rise as it was a brand new "luxury" property. He was studying abroad Fall 2017 but heard from other classmates that the property was having some issues upon opening in August 2017. After a semester, one would expect these issues to have been worked out. Well he has now moved in January 2018 and the property is a HUGE disappointment! Not only were his room and bathroom not cleaned after the previous tenant vacated, the bathroom was disgusting and the toilet was clogged. Now I hear the water main has burst for the property and there is no water in the entire building. The rooms are not fully painted, the "super-fast" wifi is spotty at best. I would like to know exactly what value there is for $945/mo rent? The Rise should be crediting tenants for every day there is no water and reduce rents for semi-fi Review from Google
Dec 2017: don't sign a lease to this place. It's a scam you can find a place better than this.You can delete my post over and over and over. But either way it’s not okay when someone stuff is stolen and there no answer to it. Even when going to the leasing office to check the security cameras it was under maintenance. I have had on multiple occasions tried to reach out to official management for here. And I will be sure to put an amazing name out for rise on Apache if I don’t get any of my request for my place. I have kindly tried to talk to the people down at office and no one able to help. If anything I think it be much better to file for lawsuit. • • I have also asked for requests for logical things in here like mirrors in the parking garage. Nearly got hit while taking in groceries. I have asked for a no smoking area. Someone on my floor ke Review from Google
Dec 2017: DEC 2017: Although there were many mistakes made by the complex during the first 3 months, Rise on Apache has changed administration, and there have been few issues since then (between the months of October - December). To me, the amenities, and status of Rise make it worth living here, within walking distance from the CVS on Apache, and because it's neighbors with District and 922, my friends who live there are much more accessible (I had to walk a mile my freshman year to see my friends who live there)
Sep 2017: Complete mess. Toilets do not have water after flushing, air conditioner doesn't work, electricity off and does noting. Call the Arizona Tenant Advocate Dept in AZ numerous people are in the process. I give it a D.
Aug 2017: It might look nice but it sucks, AC does not work, lost electric 3 times, water been turn of 4 times dryer don't work,No one know how to fix nothing, hire young kids that don't care.You would think you would want good reviews I give this place a C at best
May 2017: So excited to move in in august! Staff and management is fantastic! All the amenities look top of the line. The rise looks like a fantastic living arrangement for people in the Tempe area. Review from 5/24/17 on Google
May 2017: About to move in this August, the staff has been extremely helpful through calls and emails. I am an international student, so my process to sign a lease is a little bit more difficult, however with the help of the staff everything got completed with no question marks left on my head. Too excited to move in! Review from 5/17/17 on Google

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