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Green Leaf Tempe Station

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Jul 2019: Just moved out today. It started last year when we got ready to move in to a new unit, just days before we were going to move in they pushed back out move in date because the apartment wasn’t ready and the only reason we found this out was because we reached out to them there was zero communication from their end. Finally we move in but the carpets weren’t cleaned so with all our stuff in boxes but nothing un packed they clean the floors and also gave us another free carpet cleaning, which we never got. A few weeks in our dishwasher stops working. We put it in a maintainer request and they claimed to have fixed it a few months later. It was not fixed not once did the dishwasher work in that apartment. The issues got worse as the sink was clogged and when it did drain it drained onto the floor which of course ruined the floor boards. So we’re basically unable to do dishes. I even have records of putting in several requests to fix this issue Review from Google
Jul 2019: I’ve lived here since August of 2017. Over I really do like the complex, it’s centrally located to stores, the light rail and many highway accesses. While it’s a great location I have some major issues and safety concerns with the practices of the leasing office. My primary issues are lack of communication from the leasing office, the slow response to fix maintenance issues, and the lack of support to resolve roommate disputes caused by Greenleaf’s dorm style roommate matching. Now add mold that they refuse to remove, and an ability to complete reasonable maintenance requests I find it’s not particularly helpful that whenever I voice my concerns to the leasing office, their suggestion is for me to move so that tells me they don’t have confidence in their own ability to run things. The office does not often provide proper notice before entering your residence. And maintenance will not leave notes when they come in per a maintenance request, half the time the request was not completed or completed incorrectly Review from Google
Jun 2019: I have lived here for over 3 years and have no complaints.The complex is well run, fairly priced, has 2 pools and a gym. When something breaks they fix it in a timely manner. Great place to live. don't believe the negative reviews. Review from Google
Jun 2019: As a tenant for close to two years. I see a lot of bad reviews. I am assuming it’s due to many new renters. First off I do say it did take very long for the dryer I have hated for over a year to be replaced. However, with that being stated, I am lucky to have a dryer in my place. I assume many reviews on this apartment complex is due to kids who have never lived in many places, I have, and have to say even with some annoyances I have come across you can’t beat this price, you can’t beat the proximity to everything. But for those who give negative reviews I get your frustrations I too have some, but recently the complex has really upped their game on addressing issues with my apartment. Again, if this is one of your first apartments realize you can’t have it all and I have dealt with way worse places as living spaces. Best price for the amenities and location. Review from Google
Jun 2019: If you want to find a reputable apartment to live in, never choose here. I can say that all the people in this community are irresponsible and shirk their responsibilities. They only care about their own benefit. Review from Google
Jun 2019: If you want to find a reputable apartment to live in, never choose here. I can say that all the people in this community are irresponsible and shirk their responsibilities. They only care about their own benefit. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Worst living experience ever! Do not recommend!!! They cost much more your money than your expectations. They have a lot of reasons to let you pay for the fees and refuse to provide any service. Review from Google
Feb 2019: In short I paid $250 to get out of the lease but yet they want rent money every month as if I live there. What is the point of the $250 then? They have cockroaches, mold in units that they refuse to have a mold specialist look at, instead they have non-mold specialist like maintenance look at it. The apartment they said I was getting was like the pictures online only for me to move into a dirty apartment with ants! Most likely the management team will comment for me to reach out to them but I have and they only care about money, not the people that live there. I repeat DO NOT live there. Unless you are okay with filth, bugs, along with head of management not caring about your well-being.
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Feb 2019: I’ve been living with you for so long, and I can’t do it anymore ! As any property there are some basic services need to be provided to your residences ! Picking up packages it’s never a big deal and we all have things to do ( classes, work ..etc) its not fair to restrict me or others with a “Reciving time packages“ because you have a lot of international residences! Towing cares with no warnings, not closing the gate at night and during the day which makes people who don’t live in the complex to easily enters! Mostly who lives in are students and we have enough stress from school why would I live in a place that makes me more stress or distracted?
Feb 2019: Do NOT live here!!! They don’t care about their residents and just want your money!!! They had cockroaches when I lived there and bugs. I paid to get out of my lease and now after NOT living there send me a letter to evict me!!! I haven’t lived there and I returned the keys!!!! I repeat do NOT live there!!! They won’t show you the kind of place you will be getting because they suck that’s why I left. If you want to be stuck in a place that doesn’t truly care about you and wants your money then go ahead.
Jan 2019: 6 months ago I was trying to get my niece an apartment at Green Leaf, because on the outside it seems very nice and secure for an 18 year old girl. We filled out the application, went and spoke with a leasing agent, and paid the fee to hold the apartment. Well....later that week we called back to confirm that the apartment was still available (since we did not hear anything) and the same lady that told us there were a couple available said that they have not had any units available for the last couple months. The lady also told us that we would not be able to get our money back as well. She would not give us the corporate number, so we had to physically travel nearly 50 minutes to get it in person. Once we called the corporate office the lady reassured us that we would get our money back, and we did! Fast forward 6 months later, we went in to Review from Google
Jan 2019: Terrible living experience here! I cannot say what happened here since it is unbelievable for a resident. If I can I do not want to give them any star. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Can someone tell me is that happening to every apartment in tempe or just green leaf For those of you are want to move in please take a look about green leaf's new policy becase they do charge 250 USD for relet fee for each room so you ready the new policy and safe up to 500 dollars good job greenleaf # worst place to live in tempe # i love cockroach and bugs # green leaf is the best # package can only pick up 4-6# office are not helping at all Review from Google
Dec 2018: If there was 0 star option i would absolutely give it! At the time I moved in, the washer did not work at all. It took them 2 weeks to come to fix it (after I called for three times and visited the office twice). You cannot imagine how bad the pest control is!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY BUGS IN MY Whole LIFE (NO MATTER IN THE APARTMENT OR OUSIDE)!!! DO NOT CHOOSE THIS PLACE!!!! Unless you are a bug lover :) As an off campus living apartment associated with ASU, they do have CAs in the office. Do not expect they would help you because you are a ASU student. Some of the CAs should be reported to ASU since they have no respect of ASU code of conduct and laws. Review from Google
Dec 2018: These are apartments are trash! They look nothing like the model they show you. I moved -in my apartment July 28th 2018, which they wouldn't show us until we payed, and once we finally got to see the place nothing was cleaned. The air vents were dirty x3, underneath the bathroom sink was dirty and 85% of the outlets did not work. We put in a maintenance request July 29th when we officially moved in and they did not come until 3 months later to only fix the outlets. Over the past 4 months things have been falling apart door handles, dish washer, laundry door, door step, even the refrigerator was leaking. Everything has yet to get fixed. I went to the office to ask for cooperates number and Alex pretty much told me I can't run to cooperate before trying to work with them. I explained to him that I have come to them multiple times and nothing has Review from Google
Dec 2018: I love living here! So far no complaints however the front office staff don't have it all together but all in all great place to live and very spacious! I absolutely love how there are plenty of windows in every apartment. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Package only can be picked up from 4-6 I feel like im back to my high school dorm. Good job apache station. Review from Google
Nov 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!! I have been lived here for 6 months, for these days. It is really hard to express my feelings and experiences of living in this community. I chose here because it is an ASU community and it has a good location to get to my work. But it is not worth to choose them in order to save your time and energy. The maintenance service is bad, my window shield was broken and I submitted a work request before 1-2 months, for now, there is still no response with my window shield. When I open my windows, a lot of bugs can ruin into my room and there are really a lot of bugs in this places. I think they hired some Chinese student workers to help more Chinese residents better, however, they are very unprofessional. They said the bugs WILL NOT HARM TO HUMAN, so please ignore and leave them here. I cannot understand how can they break the Review from Google
Aug 2018: The management is horrible, they’re all young and inexperienced! They try to hold packages because they didn’t do THEIR job and “log it” in a timely matter. Telling me I should wait until I receive a notification from the front office (although the courier notifies me when it’s been delivered) that they have a package for me all the while every time I come in I see most sitting there on their phone. Sometimes I don’t even get their notification til the next day! That time being on your phone SHOULD be time spent doing your job and logging in package information. The ONLY person I prefer to deal with is Jonah, he seems the only logical, reasonable one there. Review from Google
Jun 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE THE NEW MANAGEMENT SUCKS ALMOST WORST THAN THE PREVIOUS OWNERS. And the only knowledge person in this office is Jonah. The other girl is an idiot and always confused, every time you call her it’s a different story. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Only taking off a star because our move-in was a mess, the place was not at all ready for us and there were several things that needed repair. Fortunately, Jeffrey helped us out so much! Maintenance was taking a long time to respond to our requests and Jeffrey came down from the front office and took care of everything himself! If you’re going to tour a place here, ask for him! He was so helpful and accommodating to us throughout this whole process! Review from Google
May 2018: Clean grounds, nice apartments. Need man gate at exit by park-n-ride to make it easier to get to the light rail. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Do NOT live here. I lived here a few years back and it was fantastic. Upon moving back into a new unit, the apartment I was given on move-in day was stained with animal urine so badly they had me vacate the apartment and relocate for a week in order to redo it. The tile was cracked, light bulbs out, no blinds. Neighbors are extremely disrespectful. My downstairs neighbor uses his apartment as a recording studio for his drums, and my car has been vandalized with $5,000 worth of damage by drunk college students throwing their furniture off balconies. After all of this, I still am not allowed out of my lease until it has ended. Save yourself the time and trouble and avoid this "luxury" place. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Come here if you want to share a room with about 2000 cockroaches. This place is completely infested and complaining to the office no longer even helps. Idk if they actually follow through with anything but nothing works and it's just a mess. The cockroaches are the biggest I have seen in my life. And they come from everywhere. It's DISGUSTING. Pay your money somewhere else and don't come here because of the cheap prices (Which is also going up all the time). DISGUSTING DISGUSTING DISGUSTING Review from Google

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