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Apr 2019: Water shutoffs have become a constant issue. I understand that there are some plumbing issues but that doesn't mean that it continues for 3 months. Most of the times there were emails a day in advance about water shut off timings but there were times when I did not received any email and just found out water was shut off while getting ready for work in the morning. Review from Google
Mar 2019: If you enjoy constant maintance issues and staff who don't know what theyre doing or do not want to help you then come on down to College Towm Tempe or better known now as Sakara. They finally realized they're so terrible they renamed themselves to try and start over. Well Tylock is here to stop that. Definitely ask to see the unit before moving in. Do not let them show you the showroom which is unit 110. That is a lie used to decieve new renters into thinking this place is great when in reality it should be shut down for how they manage that place. I myself asked to see the unit but was shown the showroom, when i complained about this they said you can request to see the unit itself. Now doesn't that sound funny? They say ask to see the unit but when you do they show you the showroom anyway. Very shady people. And it's not just me this has happened to. If you look through the reviews you'll find more people who have had this happened to Review from Google
Mar 2019: Honestly, I really like the apartment complex so far. My boyfriend and I subletted and have been living in a 1 bed 1 bath for about 2 months. The complex is under new management, so construction is pretty consistent, but they do a good job of not being loud in the mornings. All the girls in the office are so sweet, and we love the maintenance guy because he actually explains the issues to us so we can understand the situation. My boyfriend and I pay an extra $200 a month to live together, which is a little pricey . . . but it's something I let slide because their prices for single occupants are great, so it's not too much extra in the long run. My favorite part about this complex is that it is a good mix of people and it's in a good location. Some college students live here mixed with young adults so it's never too noisy and everyone pretty much respects one another. Though it's an older building I really do recommend living here! Review from Google
Dec 2018: sometimes when i realize i have to live here i feel an insatiable urge to staple my hands to these cracked walls with terrible insulation, or maybe even digitally stimulate water infested with legionella pneumophila. on that note, the water is always being shut off so if youre someone who is opposed to bathing, this property is the place for you! if you enjoy the beautiful and aromatic scent of molten heroin, this place would be your nirvana. perhaps the best part is the laughable climate control where you are freezing in the winter, or rapidly expelling sweat in the summer. if you’re looking to move in here, you’re better off looking at public housing— at least the local government can effectively manage properties! :D Review from Google
Nov 2018: Living here has been a Nightmare to say the least when I first toured here I was told only thing that was going to be different t from the model was the “ bar style “ kitchen which the leasing office agreed that was the ONLY difference prior to me signing lease and after. A week before moving in I asked could I see apartment they told me no I wouldn’t know what it looked like until the day of move in. The day of move in my apartment looked NOTHING as what I was told things here where super dirty holes splatters and things on the wall and ROACHES since I’ve been here it’s been a living hell I have a newborn daughter and it makes me feel bad as a parent having her live here in these roach infested apartments to which neighbors are also saying they have the problem after having pest control come out 3 times to the problem still not bein Review from Google
Nov 2018: If you are looking for an apartment where administration listen to residents request don't even think about College town..with multiple requests too they are not turning heater on when it's 6-8degree celcius outside.... terrible customer service Review from Google
Aug 2018: The management here is utterly irresponsible and arrogant. They put some intern teenagers at the front-desk (who keep changing every month) who do not even have the brains to manage and address unit issues. When I moved in, the washrooms were broken, the front door lock knob damaged, and when you complain, they seem to be so casual about it. The front-desk people do not have the courtesy to talk properly and address the issues. The apartments in general are old and rusty (they don't spend much on renovation although they claim to). Such a waste of money!! Review from Google
Jul 2018: WARNING: While living here, I got bedbugs from an adjacent apartment. It took the pest control company months to properly address the issue. Thankfully, College Town Tempe allowed me out of my lease early, but the whole situation was still stressful and time-consuming. Make sure to check your apartment carefully for bedbugs before moving in!
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Jul 2018: Do not rent. After successfully subleasing and filling out all proper paperwork, the office tried to force me to continue paying rent because the new tenant had a dog. As if it is my job to screen the applicant and not theirs. I had to hire an attorney to call their bluff. Disrespectful, think they can take advantage of students. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Old and broken appliances, broken gate outside of my room, drug dealers/users living throughout the property, the a/c and heat are both iffy and bugs appear frequently. These are only a few issues with this place. The staff is kind, but that only goes so far with a living space. I would not recommend whatsoever. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I'm a PhD student who moved here last fall and this was the most affordable option in the area. Rent coveres use of all facilities, internet, and all utilities. We've had minimal issues with bugs and noise and overall i can say its one of the more comforable living arrangements. Being as close to campus as it is was really what made this worth it to me, but honestly i've never had any major complaints that weren't addressed. my biggest peeve has been noise from construction this last year but they're wrapping it up and the noise is almost non-existent now. There's a good chance i'll renew in the fall if I can't find a more private living arrangement, but overall this has been a decent crossover between dorm living and apartment living. the final verdict is: best quality for the price. it's the safest least expensive option in the area.
Apr 2018: this place is garbage. The best thing about this place is the Maintenance man and you’ll become very familiar with him because you’ll be calling him a lot. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Be very careful before choosing this apartment. Apparently, the management has no fixed policy for renewal rates. They would say this is a lowest price, renew your apartment or you'll lose it. Once you renew, they will provide a lower rate to keep more customers. Review from Google
Jan 2018: College town is a great apartment, especially for the price. It's walking distance to campus and there's plenty of space. The wifi can be slow at times and you can tell they are older apartments, but overall its a great place. And the office is always helpful whenever problems come up. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Great space and amenities for the price. I live in a one-bedroom on the first floor. There's a walk-in closet and my bedroom is big enough for a couple queen sized beds and the regular bedroom furniture. My internet has always been fast. I've had my sink drain clogged, but it was fixed within the next day. The maintenance and management people are really nice. I always feel safe here and everyone I've met that's lived here have been really friendly. Not too loud; if people have parties I can't hear it. I could hear people coming in at 3 AM and the light-rail but I've gotten used to it. I've never had a problem with cockroaches or any pests and I was worried about that before leasing after reading some reviews. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is because it kind of smells old or like the previous tenant had smoked in the apart Review from Google
Nov 2017: Sarah was amazing to deal with! She answered all my questions and was so wonderful and pleasant to talk to. I would highly recommend Sarah. Review from Google
Sep 2017: updated from a rant in early august. Everything so far has been good. I'm very satisfied with the property and it's been acceptably clean and secure. I do wish there weren't construction right across the parking lot since it's very loud in the mornings, but everything else is tolerable. Move in was pretty easy, progressive was the only provider of renters insurance I was able to find who seemed reliable for the location. I'm still pretty grumpy about the way my lease was handled but it never turned into an issue and the front desk people have been very helpful and professional since I got here. I do recommend keeping in mind that you do have negotiating power and if a lease is signed by both parties and they try to force you to change the terms you are more than justified to request an amount (20-50) off of your rent. addressing some of my Review from Google
Jun 2017: I had several Email conversations prior to meeting Jared. Setting up an apartment for my daughter in AZ while were in CA. JARED was just great. Made an appointment and met with JARED, things could not have been any smother. set the apartment up in a flash. The complex is clean, over the top nice, lots of extras......Thank you again Jared. Review from Google
May 2017: BED BUGS. They attempted to fix the problem twice, but unsuccessful so I was offered out of my lease. Out of date appliances, poorly maintained and no hot water. 10/10 do not recommend. However, XXXX is very cooperative and accommodating, 10/10 thumbs up for management. Review from 5/26/17 on Google
May 2017: Let me just start off by saying the towel racks weren't even done right. I literally put my towel on it and it fell out the wall. The doors do not seal and thus letting in all sorts of bugs and dust. The internet is booty juice. My sink and my neighbors sink literally flooded our apartment the first week. They show you a nice remodeled one. don't buy the pitch. Now I must mention the fact it feels like a prison and the gates are poorly constructed. Does not protect a thing. I'd show you a picture of my screen in my bedroom that's on the wrong side. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
Feb 2017: The place is conveniently close to campus, and the environment isn't too bad. However, any maintenance issue you have will never be tended to and the apartment you get will look nothing like the one actually shown. It's tolerable for the price, because it is a roof with all you utilities included, but I highly recommend anyone interested in moving in to inspect the available unit you would ACTUALLY move into before signing your lease. Review from 2/27/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I lived at College Town and The Link for almost two years now and have had an amazing experience. The staff have always been helpful and kind to me no matter what my concern was. Of course there are always going to be problems with living in an older building, but the maintenance has always been on top of it. I would definitely recommend this place to college kids looking for an affordable place to live. Review fro 2/24/17 on Google
Jan 2017: I am not a ASU student, although I have lived at College Town Tempe in 2015. I moved out because I moved home to Seattle, but I am moving back to Tempe and I will be moving back into College Town Tempe again. I absolutely love College Town Tempe's apartments and staff. The apartments are right on the light rail line, so it's very convenient. there is a pool and a barbecue area, that is always kept clean and neat by maintenance supervisor Jose and his crew. If you have a maintenance emergency, they show up immediately. Staff has always been great and I have never had an issue. Let me address bugs....You live in AZ, there is going to be some bugs. Review from 1/4/17 on Google
Apr 2016: Pros: 1. Good location 2. Good price, and all utilities included in monthly rent 3. Good office management and facilities management Cons: 1. Rooms and bathrooms are old 2. Bedbugs nest in the walls, floors and ceilings. Had to throw away lots of furniture 3. Some residents are drug users/dealers 4. Bikes will be stolen from bike racks 5. Apartment can be burgled at around 6 AM if your door is unlocked and if you are drunk/passed out in the bedroom Review from 4/2/16 on Google
Mar 2016: Make sure you know who your roommate is! Make sure you guys are compatible! Seriously! I'm a 21 year old female with a cat and they ended up sticking me in a apartment with someone almost 15 years older then me with a dog! Horrible situation! Other then that with the right roommate it's a pretty good deal. Big open living rooms and bedrooms, location is great. Mostly friendly staff. I haven't seen many roaches or bugs at all and I moved in in July. I agree the bug problem is probably more of a personal problem. Wifi does suck! It stops working at least once a day. Hot water also sucks! When I say sucks I mean really sucks. It's been shut off 8 times since October it's February now. Review from 3/6/16 on Google

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