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Alight Tempe

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Oct 2019: Lived here for 2 years. 1. In first half year, the club is under construction, so no chance to get access to the gym. 2. When I renewed my leasing contract for the 2nd year, they promise that would the “best price”. But it turned out that my new roommate got much lower monthly rate. The hot water system broke multiple times. 3. When I moved out, I did cleaned my room and they still charged me 260 dollars, claiming that they cleaned out 17 bags of garbage from my apartment. I sent an email to ask why but never get replied. Well done! 4. There is no signal inside my apartment. But still, the employees at the office is nice and helpful. Review from Google
Oct 2019: Literally live anywhere else. I'm in a 4x4 and one of my roommates is a crack dealer, have walked into several deals happening in the apartment. Management will not do anything despite an obvious security concern and risk. I've been charged double for parking for the last couple months and have been promised a credit but never received it. Incompetent staff, hallways are always dirty, maintence never shows up unless you constantly make a scene... save you money and live literally anywhere else in tempe!!!
Sep 2019: So far I have been living here for a few months and could not be more pleased! Everyone working is always very helpful and eager to do so. My favorite part about living here is the pool and gym! The pool is very relaxing and always clean, plus they have fun events on the weekends! I love the gym because there is a lot of equipment and a nice stretch room. If I wasn’t graduating I would for sure renew! Review from Google
Sep 2019: safety is poor I park my professional bike inside the building with lock. only resident can go through by a key. But it was stolen. I contract manger and no one can help you. They have CCTV inside the building but they dont even let me see what happen. I lost it on 1am but I let them know in the morning. It mean nothing, no one can told you or help you. This bike was stolen in the 1900BLVD building not in the street. This place is not safe. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I lived here a few years ago and never realized how well they treated me until I had lived at a few other placed so decided to write a belated review. The price was very fair, rooms were decent, especially for college students who want furnished rooms, and in addition to reasonably priced parking in the garage, they are right next to the light rail. The also have a very nice deposit system for students that don't have Co-signers to sign, or ones that cant qualify. They basically use the deposit for the last month and a half rent. I left my apartment clean, and when I received a cleaning charged, I called them and It was removed after review. Really great place for the price, I would recommend it to any student. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Loved my experience leasing here. Great housing, even better staff. Thank you Chase Hamersley for making the process so easy! Review from Google
Jul 2019: **RE: the response to this post by the owner: That absolutely is not true. I have the emails referring to a complete water outage that occurred during this year and I do not appreciate you trying to deny that. Do not live here. The issues stated below do indeed persist, despite the stated response. The rooms are fine but the conditions of the hallways, the stairs, and the lack of attention given to the doors make this place not worth staying at. Not to mention that all the things that could go wrong, have and will continue to go wrong. I've been here for almost a year and a half and I have not once felt safe. The door to my unit is never closed, as people are constantly leaving it open and sometimes it does not even lock when it is closed. The area with the 'dog park' is beyond disgusting and the smell is unavoidable. The staff is nice and accommodating but there are things that are out of their control and they do go awry constantly Review from Google
Jun 2019: THEY FIND WAYS TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. My granddaughter signed her lease through July 26, 2019. Mid June she moved out and turned in her keys. We knew there was no prorated rent from the time she left until the end of the lease and all was well. Until...her remaining roommate told her someone moved into her room. Her thoughts were "How can they charge me for rent and also someone else." She asked for for the prorated rent back. Surprise Surprise she was told that wasn't going to happen because she was transferred to another room. So let's get this straight..she was transferred to another room without being informed and no paperwork, so they could rent her original room to someone else. This sounds like a deceitful move to collect double rent. Why not move the new person into a different room. She was offered the option to come back for the month in anot
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Jun 2019: These are great apartments in a great area. The maintenance and office staff are always friendly and quick to respond to issues. Rooms are spacious. I have loved my time here and will always recommend it to others. Great place to live if you are going to college. The gym is never crowded and is open 24/7. Review from Google
Apr 2019: I have been living here since August 2018, and I love it. The pool scene is amazing, especially during summer weekends. Love the fact that I don’t have to go all the way to campus to work out too. Once the boilers in all the buildings were replaced and the hot water issue was resolved, I immediately renewed. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Two stars are given based on my living experience in BLVD 1900. The staff from the front office were pretty nice, and maintenance request were usually dealt with fairly fast. That’s where they deserved the two stars. However, the building has no ability to stop noise due to its material. Unfortunately there lived too many stupid people who played stupid shiiit music loudly almost everyday. And cars driving in the parking lot caused a lot noise. The quality of life is very low with that much noise. The hot water in our building broke five times in our building of BLVD 1900 during my two-years stay there. Hope they can fix it sooner. Edit: The after hour security works from 7 pm to 4 am (which did provide a safe environment). For the music played 9 am through 6 pm, nobody would come. I’m not saying the quality of renters is some fault caused by the office, I simply mean if someone wants to live without noise, this place is not a good choice. Review from Google
Feb 2019: Absolutely a pleasure to be accompanied by this lovely staff and gorgeous environment. The location is perfect, right next to the light rail which makes it extremely easy to commute and surrounded by great food spots. The maintenance up keep is impressive, never in my 4 years living in arizona have i seen such an incredible up keep of an apartment complex, love the smell of clean hallways every morning!
Feb 2019: Signed my lease for next year and I'm so stoked to live here! The clubhouse has a bunch of fun games like pool, ping pong, and shuffleboard and they have a pretty rad pool area. Also it's right next to the light rail so it's super easy to get to and from class. The living space itself is also really nice. Really excited to move in .
Feb 2019: Great facilities, quiet neighbors and friendly staff. What I was missing from old apartment complex was a decent gym and pool. They are both well kept in terms of cleanliness and can fit a lot of people at once without feeling too crowded which is nice. Overall a nice place to live.
Feb 2019: Originally was really mad at this place, but after working with staff and maintenance they upgraded my appliances and have resolved my issues! I love the staff they are very friendly and will work hard to make sure you are happy. Thanks Dustin, yillian, and Sid. Review from Google
Jan 2019: They have hot water issue several times per semester and they always have the excuses. Do u guys know that it's really annoying and terrible for the residents if there is a hot water problem? And, it happens again and again. As an apartment company, u guys cannot even meet the most basic requirements for the residents who live in your apartment. Does it violate the contract? U guys try the best to make sure that we follow the lease, such as paying the rent on time and pay the lease termination fee. Even the trash is $25 per bag for checking out. How do u guys allow the hot water issue happen again and again under the situation that you guys follow the contract so strictly? Shame on u. The conclusion is that u guys ask us to follow the lease strictly and obtaining the money on time meanwhile you guys do not want to be responsible for ur cust Review from Google
Jan 2019: No place is perfect, but you can't beat the price here at Boulevard 1900! They're constantly updating things and the new hallways look incredible. In addition, we have access to a fully equipped gym, study rooms with computers, and an entirely remodeled clubhouse with a rooftop deck! Overall, Boulevard 1900 works tremendously hard to make their residents happy and I have experienced the tremendous effort by management first hand throughout the years I have resided with Boulevard. Review from Google
Nov 2018: this apartment complex is not safe at all. don't feel safe living here and they don't keep up with cleaning around the apartment complex. don't live here! Review from Google
Nov 2018: Rude residents who yell,scream, and play their music at full volume every night in the public area only for making fun to bother other residents who want to sleep. This long period of screaming led to me nervous prostration. No enforcement to stop those people, call security is just a joke. Review from Google
Oct 2018: My best friend Cameron Sanders moved into this place. And wow. What a horrible excuse for a place to live. Vomit in the halls, horrible smells everywhere, disgusting apartments and absolute lack of competency from management. This place should be condemned, seriously. You can move in here thinking "oh it's student living I don't expect it to be great" and you will be appalled at how disgusting this place is. If I could rate lower I would. If you are considering moving here, I promise you, literally anywhere else in Tempe is better. Literally anywhere. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Management is TERRIBLE!!! When the manager Lindsey is faced with a problem she will choose to belittle you, talk over you, and not be helpful whatsoever. She was extremely disrespectful and unprofessional towards me and a family member. When I called Scion to have them acknowledged the situation, I never received a call back. It’s clear that the only thing they are interested in is taking advantage of naive college student and money. The apartments are subpar and are known for having insect issues. The only thing they are doing right is with their maintenance staff, those guys are great! Save yourself the trouble and don’t live here.
Sep 2018: I want to honor the team at 1900 Boulevard. My daughter Katie used to live there before she graduated at age 19 and is now working elsewhere. This review is about human compassion, tenacity and execution. Huge shout out to Jacob and Dustin. You see, I messed up. I ordered a significant package for my son. I sent it to my daughter's apartment who * hint * resided at the same complex years ago. Amazon could not intercept it . I rode Amazon and these stellar dudes like a stolen bicycle trying to get him his package. They did not fail. Whatsoever. They are personally delivering him his package. The support, followup and unbelievable execution of a simple mission of "finding" a package for my son was not over the top amazing, but one definitely worthy of a promotion. If I could hire them to be on my team, I would certainly do so. Review from Google
Aug 2018: The management here is actually pretty amazing. They are great at communicating and are the only student housing staff (or close to ASU office staff) who are personable. That's important! I only ever had to put in maintenance request once for the dryer, so that was great. The only downside was how long it took to do the clubhouse renovations and the demographics here... but I mean the upgrade looks great and what else can one expect from college students getting the luxury life that their parents are paying for? Review from Google
Jun 2018: First of all, the clubhouse is open 24/7. 'Nuff said. Also the staff is great and very patient. The gym is huge and they have a starbucks mahine. Definitely a five star place. Review from Google

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