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1221 Broadway

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Sep 2019: I love living here! My apartment is beautiful! Also management is super helpful and friendly. Review from Google
Aug 2019: I’ve been here for a few months and I have to say I really like it here. The amenities are great, the apartments are nice and it’s pretty quiet for the most part. The part that stands out to me the most though is the office staff, Lauren in particular. I had to pay my rent late due to having lost my job and she was willing to work with me. I’ve dealt with many office staff that were rude or lacked empathy in the past so I really appreciate her demeanor and kindness. Lastly, this location is amazing! Review from Google
Jul 2019: Beautiful apartment with amenities to match. The only reason I’m moving is because they don’t have any smaller apartments available. I’m really sad to go. The management and staff (Lauren and Britta) here are excellent. I really can’t say enough good things about them. Any time I have a question/concern or a work order is put in, it’s taken care of immediately!!! Every one is kind and the grounds are always kept up. Plus, free cold brew in the office. This place and the people that run it are awesome and take great care of their residents. And that’s what you want in any place you call home. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Thanks 1221! let me learn how to communicate with government departments. They also teach me how to find a good lawyer and how to survive when you can not sleep in your house. They practiced my patience and my grammar organization. For your future, do not rent house. If you do, just leave away the third floor. They will tell you everything you have to tolerate. What a joke in business. Review from Google
May 2019: Amazing Staff! Cindy, Miggy, and team have truly created a unique community experience that is unlike any other complex I have lived at. Review from Google
May 2019: We’ve had a great experience here. The complex is amazing and the facilities, including the pool, are great! The office staff are also very friendly and approachable. Highly recommended. Review from Google
May 2019: We’ve had a great experience here. The complex is amazing and the facilities, including the pool, are great! The office staff are also very friendly and approachable. Highly recommended. Review from Google
May 2019: The location of this property is amazing. The swimming pools are my Fav! We enjoyed the parade perfectly from this location. The costumer service by the staff and management is outstanding as well! Keep up the great work 1221!!!! Review from Google
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Mar 2019: Amazing, staff is friendly units are beautiful. would recommend to anyone! Review from Google
Feb 2019: I lived here 2017-2018, and I recommend this place. Pros: Beautiful apartment complex, not very noisy, nice pool area and gym, professional office people, wonderful location, etc. Cons: I agree that it’s not easy to park if you don’t spend some money every month to reserve. And valet trash wasn’t as convenient as I thought. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Unreserved parking spot is a rare commodity on this appartment Review from Google
Nov 2018: Extremely disappointed in the behavior of the property manager. Today, my husband’s bike was stolen from outside our front door. While I understand that the apartment complex isn’t responsible for missing property, we did choose to live in a “luxury, gated community” for the enhanced safety features. There was no empathy/cooperation whatsoever in resolving the issue, and upon further pressing, my husband was dismissively informed that the security camera system doesn’t even work! This is definitely not where I would want my children to be living while attending ASU, especially when there are so many other housing options. Other than this unfortunate mishandling by the property manager, I do want to mention that Britta in the office is a wonderful asset, and the maintenance team is also just phenomenal. It’s upsetting that all of t Review from Google
Oct 2018: Beautiful clean apartments with friendly and quiet residents. I love my apartment! Review from Google
Jul 2018: Tannins welcome sitting refreshment coffee and Cetera, bike repair shop, gorgeous clean swimming pool, manager and staff looking after tenant in daily basis. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The property is very well maintained and beautiful. It is always nice and peaceful which was a pleasant surprise considering how close it is to the college and the staff is all so wondeful.I can't say enough about how helpful and pleasant they have been since the day I moved in!! I have had zero issues since living here and am so happy to live here. Review from Google
Oct 2017: The staff here since I've moved in has been very helpful. I was out of town and had my house sitter lose my keys. They were more than helpful and accommodating. They have also notified me about ways to save on my rent with reworked leasing terms. My only complaint is that I wish they hosted more community events. Review from Google
Aug 2017: TERRRIBLE, RUN AND RUN FAST. Super unprofessional management, changed like three times in the course of a year being open. Upcharge for everything, and just not safe around the building. Waste of money and just not worth it. Whoever gives this place five stars, is working for them... I have not met anyone who has enjoyed living here. FRONT OFFICE is the worst, they made living at this place the worst. Worst apartment complex I have lived at in my life. Review from Google
Aug 2017: When these apartments were ran under a different management (formally known as Aura) they were so horrible since new management has taken over i absolutely enjoy living here. Management in the front office are so kind and show their willingness to assist with any problem. They communicate with us whenever there is a problem instead of finning us for everything like previous management just because. Before I stated I really regretted living here but now I take that back. I highly recommend living here just because of how well managed this place is. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Friday evening. Came back from work. Then I saw chairs soaking in the pool. Cool. Review from Google
Feb 2017: I moved in here about 3 months ago and wanted to wait to see how it all turned out before reviewing them. And I really love it here. The pool is awesome, the gym is convenient, and my apartment is just what I needed. I'm not sure what these other people are saying, but every time I talk to the girls in the office, they are always very helpful. I guess you just get treated the same way you treat others?? Review from Google

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